2003 4x4 Suburban Needs Front Differential Replaced?

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Anyone else suffering from a failing front differentail at less than 95K? It's a 2003 4x4 Suburban

That seems to be my issue, according to the Chevy dealership.

I had the differential gear oil replaced at the 90K service and was called by the dealership to come back to the service area to "see what came out of your differential." When I arrived, I was greeted by the mechanic and the service manager holding a white styrofoam coffee cup full of dark (almost black) goo with metal shavings all through it. They said, "your front diff needs replaced and we do have one in stock as these fail all the time at under 100K." My initial reaction was... think I check my Edmunds forums before I do this. The price tag is about $2k for the replacement. He said that rebuilding these is more trouble than replacing it and it's about the same money.

BTW, I did check the forum and have seen a little bit of this, but not a lot as I am being told by my Chevy dealership. I had always followed the factory service guidelines. I have had the vehicle since new and use the 4 wheel drive occasionally on slick, snowy and icy roads or occasionally in mud, but never have driven the vehicle very hard.

Who else out there has had this happen? How did you deal with it? Does the diff REALLY need replaced?

Thanks in advanced to you all for passing along your thoughts or experiences.



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    Brad - I have a 2003 Chevy Tahoe w 64k. At the 60k service I had the fall the fluids changed becasue I tow a bunch in the summer. Same thing metal shavings. I had the front diff. rebuilt for $1100.00. Service manager mentioned the factory settings were not very robust. Of course I asked why Chevy didnt recall. Since GM went bankrupt, they really dont have an avenue for a recall now.
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    Thanks for the response. Much appreciated. I haven't had the replacement done yet as the dealership is telling me that I need to do it "soon" although not "now." Honestly, I am weighing my options. You paid about half of what I am being told I will have to pay.

    Did the $1,100 include labor?

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