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Transmission Fluid with Additive

chrysler96tcchrysler96tc Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Chrysler
Isn’t it a fact or true that if you use say a standard fluid with an additive used by such companies like say aamco, lucas, cottman and the like or use it yourself in a 1996 - 2008 Chrysler Town and Country it would or could over time and break down and overheat and cause damage to the transmission ?
How important is it to use the recommended ATF + 4 in a 1996 and above Chrysler Town & Country Lxi ?


  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 13,666
    I cannot say for sure, but I would certainly not put such a concoction in my vehicle. I would use the ATF +4 or a similar fluid rated for such applications. Given this transmission's tender disposition, my preference is to not give it a reason to fail.
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  • Does anyone know the answer for sure. Who would know ?
  • chrysler96tcchrysler96tc Posts: 3
    edited April 2010
    Welcome to the Chrysler ATF+4® Information Center!


    This website provides information about Chrysler LLC's trademarked ATF+4® automatic transmission fluid and its affiliated licensing program. The Center for Quality Assurance is the administrator of the Chrysler LLC ATF+4® Licensing Program.

    What Consumers Need to Know About ATF+4®

    In response to marketplace demands and evolving vehicle technology, Chrysler LLC established a licensing program for its advanced synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid, ATF+4® in 2005. This program allows ATF+4 to be made available at retail outlets and through independent repair facilities for Chrysler®, Jeep® and Dodge® vehicle automatic transmissions.

    ATF+4 is a high performance, synthetic fluid which provides significant reduction in component wear, superior temperature performance, consistent shift quality, and exceptional friction modifying properties for automatic transmissions in Chrysler®, Jeep® and Dodge® vehicles. The durability of ATF+4® has been successfully proven through more than one million miles of testing in severe environments and an intensive validation process.

    "Licensing our ATF+4 product allows the millions of Chrysler®, Jeep® and Dodge® owners with vehicles on the road to receive transmission fluid that is designed exactly for their vehicle," said Dennis Florkowski, Chrysler LLC Senior Specialist/Supervisor. "Using ATF+4 ensures a longer transmission life with regular servicing as described in the vehicle owner's manual."

    ATF+4® is approved for use in older transmissions and is currently utilized in newer Chrysler®, Jeep® and Dodge® vehicles. The previous MOPAR ATF+3® formulation was discontinued in 2005 and ATF+4® is recommended for all transmissions filled with ATF+3®. Only certified ATF+4® is recommended for service of Chrysler LLC vehicles. The use of automatic transmission fluids other than ATF+4®, including those claiming to be like ATF+4®, could result in lower levels of performance, jeopardize transmission life and void warranties.

    The ATF+4® Automatic Transmission Fluid formulation is exclusive to Chrysler LLC and ATF+4® is a registered trademark. The Center for Quality Assurance monitors and publishes licensed ATF+4® brands to assist consumers in making informed decisions when purchasing automatic transmission fluid for their Chrysler®, Jeep® and Dodge® vehicles

    Licensed ATF+4® Brand Names

    Remember, for best performance and vehicle warranty compliance select only licensed ATF+4® for your Chrysler®, Jeep® or Dodge® vehicle. Use of non-licensed ATF brands may damage your vehicle or void your warranty. Please contact us to report unauthorized use of the ATF+4® trademark by non-licensed brands.

    Advance Auto Parts ATF+4®
    Carquest ATF+4®
    Castrol ATF+4®
    Chevron ATF+4®
    Citgo Transgard ATF+4®
    Coastal ATF+4®
    Conklin ATF-Xtra Plus ATF+4®
    Formula Shell ATF+4®
    Great Wall ATF+4®
    Havoline ATF+4®

    MAG 1 ATF+4®
    Mobil ATF+4®
    Mobil Super ATF+4®
    Mopar ATF+4®
    MotoMaster ATF+4®
    NAPA ATF+4®
    Northland ATF+4®
    O’Reilly ATF+4®
    Parts Master ATF+4®
    Parts Plus ATF+4®

    Pennzoil ATF+4®
    Petro-Canada ATF+4®
    Quaker State ATF+4®
    Ravenol ATF+4®
    Sinopec ATF+4®
    Super Tech ATF+4®
    Texamatic DC ATF+4®
    Ultramax ATF+4®
    Valvoline ATF+4®
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