Ford Freestyle won't start

gardener17gardener17 Member Posts: 2
Pulled our 06 Freestyle into the garage and turned off the ignition. Dash lights began flashing and making a clicking sound, and car won't start or even turn over. When ignition is turned, there is a clicking sound near the engine. Read other posts about the throttle body, could that be it? Any info is appreciated!


  • bruneau1bruneau1 Member Posts: 468
    Sounds as though your battery had a heart attack. The same happened to our 2005 Freestyle.
  • gardener17gardener17 Member Posts: 2
    So right you were. Thankful it was something simple.
  • loyds77loyds77 Member Posts: 2
    Once again my ford let me down. on the way home yesterday it just quit. got it towed to my machanic. no codes in computer.. no rpms on gauge. no fire to plugs no fuel being delivered. after sitting overnight wham it started. no repairs were done. after i showed up right back to no start. any ideas ???
  • vee625vee625 Member Posts: 1
    A few months ago I had this same problem. I changed the battery and got a new starter put in then the car started just fine. Now, about 3 months later I got a letter in the mail saying the throttle body had a recall on it and that deposits needed to be cleaned out. I took it in and had that done about a week ago. Several days later it will not start yet again! I have a brand new battery and starter and on top of that I had the throttle body issue addressed and repaired. I'm just wondering what on earth could it be? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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