labor cost for Front and Rear pads replacement

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I took my subaru wrx to Capitol Subaru, San Jose for the 75k Intermediate Service. The service personnel recommended I get the couple of additional things done. This is what they charge for labor and parts , is this reasonable?

1. Replacement of Front and Rear pads and machine all the rotors
Labor : $325.14
1 Pad Kit (Front): $114.51
1 Pad Kit (Rear): $102.45
2 Quiet Brake Kit: $37..90

2. Replacement of Both Front Inner CV Boots
Labor: $422.61
2 Nut Axle: $19.66
2 DOJ Boot: $39.56
2. BAND AXLE Boot: $20.84
1 BRAKE CLEAN: $12.95

Does this look reasonable? The car was in the service station for about 4hours.



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    Even at $100/hour looks like they charged you for about 7.5 hours of work. Were there 2 techs working on it?

    They usually use the book rates for jobs like this, i.e. they use the guidelines for the amount of time set by Subaru.

    Still, if it was one tech, I think it's reasonable to ask them for a discount given it was done in half the time.
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    WOW, some ones making a trip to Hawaii off ya. Send me half of that total, i'll do the parts and labor, kick ya in the nutz and call it even. I worked for a Ford dealership. Those mileage services are a joke!. The service writers make a commission off of those and they will sell you about anything. OEM parts are already marked up 200% plus are the boots even torn? if not ya dont need any of it. Brake pads are Do-it-yourself (get a manual).
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