2003 Chevy Cavalier w/ Electric Problem on Driver's Side?

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I have a 2003 Chevy Cavalier LS. My headlight/daytime lights and the rear blinker/brake light on the driver's side go out too frequently, but it's a little tricky. I've replaced both bulbs about 5 times each now within the past few months using bulbs from AutoZone and the Chevy dealer.

They work for a few days, sometimes a couple of months if I'm lucky, and then the rear blinker/brake light blows out on the driver's side, and the headlight/daytime light on that side tend to go out and come on sometimes. Mostly, I can get the headlight/daytime to work, but I have to hit the lamp to knock it on. This is so frustrating, especially because I've never had any mechanical problems with my car, and it goes out when I'm driving at night, so I don't always feel safe to stop and knock it on, but I don't want a ticket either. The annoying and constant clicking sound in the inside when my (daytime) light is off really distracts me too because recently hitting it hasn't always worked, but I can't waste time or be late for class or work because my light's being stupid.

If this is a bigger electrical problem, what would a mechanic charge me? I don't want to be overcharged to fix this if that's the case. Or are there any other quick fix suggestions?


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    Did you ever find out what the issue was? My friend is having almost the same problem. Her headlights went out and when she took it to get looked at they told her that they could not find the problem and she should take it to a chevy dealer. I replaced bulbs and checked fuses but they still dont work. Also she has the clicking sound and the service light comes on.
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    I ended up having a mechanic at the Chevy dealership repair it. I was told the issue was due to a short in the sockets that hold the bulbs. Also, a non-Chevy manufacturer's part was used. I hope that helps.
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