98 legacy outback wheels and tires

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Hello, i have i 98 legacy outback. I plained on lowering it within a month with 04 wrx struts and lowering springs. My question is what size tire and wheel size should i run to lose the ugly wheel gap and not rub. Its a daily driver so it sees snow rain dirt. I plan on getting a 17'' rim. what do u guys recomend for wheel with and tire profile size?


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    The best place to get an answer is Tire Rack or Discount Tire. They have packages set up to replace the original tires and rims with upsized tires and rims - tires properly sized and wheels with proper offsets, etc.

    The only hiccup is going to be the lowering process. This is going to change the location of some of the components that are potential rubbing points. I suggest you find a forum of dedicated to your vehicle (not this one) and ask there.

    But again, start with someone who is knowledgeable about tires and wheels like TR or DTC. Some folks who populate vehicle specific web sites aren't tire experts - but they think they are!
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    It's the same wheel well as a Legacy, so anything that fits the Legacy should fit the OB. Including 2.5GT springs, if you want to stay OE.

    On snow/rain/dirt I'm not sure that I'd lower it AND go to lower profile tires, though.
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