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    Can you tell me the number for the investigation? I would like to look at it and also make a complaint. My Freestyle began "lurching" last September when the a/c was on and stopped over the winter. Once spring began and the a/c was being used, it started up again, resulting in the wrench light coming on. When I took it in last September, the mechanic couldn't figure out the problem, nor could he re-create it. So, I thought that it was just a hiccup and that we could ride it out. That is, until the engine light came on last Tuesday, stayed on the next morning, and the a/c quit working. The new mechanic that I've been using telephoned Friday to say he believes that it needs a new throttle body. Surprise! Anyway, I'd like to post. It's especially problematic and, additionally, I'm frightened that we will have an accident.
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    Until/if a recall is issued, in the meantime you need to try to have them clean your throttle body. Do fuel induction service. about $125-150. From what I have read and understand, the part is expensive ($800-900) and may not be available. It gets clogged and causes the lurching. Without a part redesign, cleaning probably should have been part of the regular maintenance on it. Our car is not lurching now that we had this done. I don't remember where I saw this on the site, but there was a suggestion for a less expensive repair on the ac that might work, too. I saw it, of course, after we had already replaced it.
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    I was having the same surging problems that many of you are having. After reading the post that I may have to replace the throttle body, I became really concerned about the cost. However, I found a mechanic that would takeoff the throttle body and clean the part. He did just that and we have not had any more problems. My car would even surge and shutdown. He did tell me that there was carbon build up and that the cleaning took care of the problem. I hope this works for you because $100 cleaning is better than spending $1000 to replace.
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    I am ha this same problem now wot y 2006 ford freetyle. Do you know if i relace the throttle when it be okay? It cuts off now and we have to start it agian while driving. Can you explain this to me? What should I do?
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    I am having this same problem. How do I get in contact with to make a complaint. This is ridiculous and they need to do somehting about it. i can not drive my car now becasue of this problem and we can not fix it becasue my husband got laid off. Please let me know who I can call.
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    I had my throttle body cleaned by a local mechanic. It was less that $100 and my car no longer surges. I would definetly give it a try before I replaced another one. My mechanic said there was carbon build-up in my throttle body.
    Hope this helps,
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    Are you still having problems with the TCL? Mine is on and been on for a year... it was intermittant at first and now is on all the time. Did a scan for a code but it is not registering anything. In the winter the AWD did not seem to be working well in the snow? Has anyone had this problem and what was the fix?
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    I just filed a complaint today with the NHTSA. I wasn't able to find the investigation that was mentioned. I'm having the throttle issues and water puddles in my car. I don't have a sun or moon roof.
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    Here is the website:

    Here is the info I just got from the NHTSA website. I opened a claim and then added this action number to the investigation: PE11018

    NHTSA Action Number: NHTSA Recall Campaign Number:
    PE11018 N/A
    Make: FORD Model: FREESTYLE
    Manufacturer : FORD MOTOR COMPANY
    Model Year : 2005
    Component(s) :
    Date Investigation Opened : May 11, 2011
    Date Investigation Closed : Open
    ODI has received 238 complaints alleging incidents of unexpected vehicle movement when the driver's foot is not on the accelerator in model year 2005 through 2007 Ford Freestyle vehicles. Complainants allege that the vehicle brakes are effective in either preventing or stopping the movement, but in some cases the vehicle has moved as much as 10 feet if the brake was not applied, lightly applied or applied late. The movement resulting from the unexpected idle speed increase, often described as a "lunge," is alleged to have resulted in 18 minor crashes. Reports allege that the lunging occurs when the driver's foot is not on the accelerator and either firmly on the brake pedal, lightly on the brake pedal, or hovering above the pedals (such as may occur when coasting under idle speed). Incidents occurring during firm brake application note increased engine rpm, but no vehicle movement. In incidents occurring when the brake is not applied or lightly applied, vehicle movement may result. Incidents have been reported in both forward and reverse gears. Complaints allege that the lunge is sudden and unexpected, and generally of brief duration. There is some indication that the condition may be made worse with during air-conditioning operation or when the steering wheel is turned a significant amount, as may occur during low-speed parking lot type maneuvers - conditions which are part of normal idle control strategy to compensate for increased engine load from cycling of the air-conditioning compressor or power steering pump. ODI has identified 18 minor crashes that may be related to the subject condition, none of which resulted in an airbag deployment. One crash involved a minor impact with a pedestrian in a residential driveway, resulting in a minor injury (bruised knee not requiring medical attention). A list of the specific ODI complaint identification numbers related to the Failure Report will be submitted as a separate memo to the investigation file. A Preliminary Evaluation
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    Here is the link for this investigation. You can also sign in and leave a complaint. I think the more they get the more inclined they will be to have Ford do a recall. ng
    You may have to copy and paste to your browser.
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    dont be scared, if you like your car keep it. the ford dealer tried to get me for almost a thousand dollars to replace the throttle body. all it needs is to be cleaned you can you tube how to do it or i can tell you myself. i save $995 dollars by purchasing a $5 dollar can of throttle body cleaner from autozone.
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    File a complaint @ AND directly with Ford
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    We have an '06 Freestyle that has the same problems that everyone else does, the lunging, lunging then stalling, accelerating on its own. We've replaced the throttle body two times, once at the dealership and the second time purchased the part from dealer and my husband replaced it. It's messing up it again, I urging everyone to submit a complaint so hopefully Ford will do the right thing before someone gets seriously injured. and with Ford directly

    Maybe the earlier posts about going to the news reporters might help.
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    I am so disappointed in Ford! I, too, have a 2006 Freestyle, we replaced the throttle body last February, just had it replaced again...yesterday! My mechanic did get it under warranty but the car still is not running right. The RPM's go up but car only moves sometimes....we had it towed today to a transmission place. I am hoping it is not the transmission!!!! I cannot believe Ford will not make good on this car...maybe someone should call the news channels! I will try to get someone to cover this story!!!
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    Can you tell me how to file a complaint with NHTSA ?...Ford dealer just called my transmission needs to be replaced! I am not putting 6500.00 into a car that has a blue book value of 3100.!!! I did the recommended service, replaced the throttle body 2 times...We just need to decide what to do as it is not even paid off!
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    Mine is doing the same thing :(
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    I guess I will join the club. I just purchased a nice used 2006 Freestyle Limited with 55,000 miles for my 85 year old mother. We brought it home and within 24 hours, it began to surge and stall. It only surged at low speeds, moving from park into reverse - like backing out of a parking space or pulling into a garage. We took it to the local Ford dealer and they said that the throttle body needed to be cleaned and the software needed to be reprogrammed. Well, they performed the repair and we have driven the car about 100 miles since and it seems to be fine. 55,000 miles, should this have happened at all? And if it happened at 55,000 miles will it happen again? And when? Quite frankly, even though the fix was quick and simple, Imwonder if it should have happened at all and if it does not require a more permanent fix. I would be pleased to share this experience with your NHTSA investigator.
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    I had my cleaned about 5,000 miles ago and it still a good fix. I have 88k on mine.

    Angie Foran
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    My '99 Quest gets a sticky throttle like that, every 30 or 40,000 miles. It's never lurched like a banshee though; just doesn't take off smoothly from a stop sign or red light when it happens. A five minute cleaning of the throttle body with some cleaner and a rag or toothbrush does the trick.

    My old Quest was assembled by Ford with some Ford parts. Hm.
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    find a mechanic that wil do Fuel Induction System cleaning on it. I did it a couple of years ago instead of replacing the throttle body. have not had ONE surge since. That's been 40k ago. If it should happen again, i'll have the same service done. It is only about $125. Good luck
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    I haven't posted to this forum since last year when I had my transmission and the throttle body replace. Today in Oklahoma with 104 temps for the rest of the week, my 2007 started feeling like it is getting ready to act up. I had my transmission replaced last July 26 the day before my dad's funeral, and then the throttle body Aug 2. So if it is going to happen again, I hope it is soon before the 1 year warranty expires. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with the attorney mentioned in this forum. I did file with the NTSHA. I will let you all know if mine fails again, I'm betting it will and I'll be danged if I spend any more money on these 2 problems. In this economy, it's ridiculous and drained our savings!
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    in august 2012, my 2005 freestyle surged while in reverse with my wheels at full cut as i was backing out of my driveway, as i have been doing for the last 40 years. as i took my foot off of the gas pedal to apply the brake to switch to drive from reverse, the car surged in reverse, and the right corner of my rear bumper impacted my neighbors truck behind his front door, causing me to report the accident to my insurance company to repair his vehicle. I told the agent at my insurance company I had read about this surging problem in the freestyle forums, and asked if the accident would be contributed to mechanical failure due to defective part, rather than driver error, as i stated before I have been backing out of this driveway for 40 years with 70's lincolns and cadillacs, all cars 5 feet longer than the freestyle, without incident. her reply was that if there was a recall due to this problem, then yes, it would be attributed to mechanical failure. My question is, I know the NHTSA was investigating this last year, has there been any conclusion to this investigation? If anyone has an update, can you please contact me at [email protected] with the information. I know it says not to use my e-mail address, but how else will somebody be able to contact me? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    I too am having issues and to make it worse i have to replace my second transmission along with it.,....the problem the trottle body causes is more than meets the eye, there are internal issues going on inside the transmision before it gets to the lurching forward issue. SECOND TRANSMISSION.....GRRRRRRR anybody want to help me would be nice i am currectly in cacada and i see the same issues.

    Ford has issued a One time customer Saisfaction recall on the trottle body for cleaning and up to replace on there descresion....u know its only going to get clleaned...but hey any help from anybody wouild be nice i am trying to start an action to ford here in canada. i will keep all informed.
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    I just received in the mail today from the ford company that they will fix the problems FREE of charge. If you have not received a letter you can call the

    Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center at 1-866-436-7332.
    Mon thru Fri 8am -5pm.
    or contact them at

    Good luck everyone.... I have also noticed if you put the medium priced gas or most expensive gas in your car, it doesn't have the surging
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    they stated they will clean the throttle body and reprogram the powertrain control module free of charge (parts and labor) to improve the idle quality and low speed driveablity....
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    For all that have been waiting, I received a "recall" or customer satisfaction letter (#12N03) in the mail from Ford this week concerning the above issue. I have a 2006 Freestyle where this had been a problem. I had it fixed in 2011 at the dealer at my expense ($1000+). They put in a new throttle kit. The Ford letter says the dealer will clean the throttle body and reprogram the Powertrain Control Module free, parts and labor. It also says they'll pay for previously performed service related to idle surge repairs so I'm off to the dealer to pursue a refund from Ford.
  • soarneaglesoarneagle Member Posts: 7
    Akcall, there has been a recall for this issue check with ford, Throttlebody failure, and its for cleaning and or replaceing of throttlebody.
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    Just wondering if anyone has taken their car to the dealer for this "Customer Satisfaction Program" ? I just got mine back today, and the service notes say that the powertrain control module was reprogrammed. The throttle body was not cleaned. I will have to "monitor the repair".
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    I took my '06 Freestyle to the Ford dealership this afternoon and they ran my VIN. I am qualified to have my throttle body replaced on the recall. My car was lunging forward at slow speeds and if I was at a stop sign or red light it would lunge. I am so glad that Ford is doing this recall and I get my car fixed. Vancouver, Washington USA
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    I took mine in on the 2nd. I did not have any service notes. However last night the car would not start so this morning I am waiting for a jump. I am now wondering if the repair caused an issue.
  • soarneaglesoarneagle Member Posts: 7
    I am just wondering, they might of did something, did they not mention anything to what they did...I have not experienced a no start. not yet anyways. i would question the place that you had service performed.
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    I have a 2005 Freestyle with 105,000 miles. Replaced the brakes a month ago and now I am being told the top motor mount needs to be replaced. There is nothing left of it. To make things worse I cannot get the car to start when it is cold outside! I have replaced the battery and had the electrical system checked but still nothing. It takes 40 plus cranks to get the engine to turn over. It wants to start but dies everytime like it is being chocked. Any clues?
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    I took my 2006 Freestyle in for the recall and when I got it back there was no change. Check engine light was still on and my car surged and then stalled almost immediately upon leaving the dealership parking lot. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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    If the cleaning didn't work then it needs to be replaced. If the dealer will not do it, call the number on the letter about the recall. We replaced ours twice before the recall and having the same issues again. Going to take it into the dealer for cleaning and reset. Fingers crossed.
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    Did they do the computer reset after the cleaning?
  • sadfreestylesadfreestyle Member Posts: 6
    I've had issues too about not starting right away but that was after the throttle body problems.
  • soarneaglesoarneagle Member Posts: 7
    if the cleaning never worked it more than likely needs replacing..Ford should be taking care of it. Good luck..

    FYI...I had a 2005 and replaced transmission, and still after replacing ( total blow out on tranny ) i had ford read the errors with check engine light and
    wrench light, ford told me without a doubt that the throttle body needed replacing cleaning will not work unless it was next to new or new. plus and this is a big (((( PLUS )))) after any cleaning ( throttle body ) or replacing of the transmission the Main computer needs to be flashed.. i have had quite a bit of ford interaction with this as i am on my second freestyle with the first 2005 having the transmission and throttle body being replaced..... I now have a 2007 freestyle and had a $10 or $20 berring go in the transmission ( making noise caught it this time by hearing same noise in the 2007 as the 2005 i let the noise go on to long and blowed up the berring. causing catistrophic expolsion of transmission ( 2005) i caught it in the 2007 and and ended up dishing out another $700 bucks ( from pocket ) and warrenty picked up the other $2500 Wow lucky....Now i have the throttle body replaced at fords cost and flashing of computer...rides like a champ..good luck.
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    I was wondering if you were able to obtain a refund, I also spent $1000 for the repair but Ford refuses to provide a refund.
  • silly4esilly4e Member Posts: 1
    i have the same problem i talked to for they want 300 dollars to replace the moutier mount center pulse labor and as far as the stalling i had change the fuel filter and put intake cleaner in the gas next time and had no more troubles with that. but i got the mount center from O'riellys auto parts and now trying to figer how to get it out with out braking it.
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    Received Ford letter 12NO3 Customer Satisfaction Program. Dealer cleaned carbon from throttle body. Had minor surges before cleanup. After they were worse and car stalled at high speed in heavy traffic. Returned to dealer. They insisted they cleaned it properly. They wanted $90.00 to put it on the computer,Second visit I agreed to charge. Told me they throttle Body had to be replaced as computer was broken. They called it a coinsidense; not there fault. Ford refused to support me. Cost for part and installation $919.48. I plan to go to district manager and higher if possible.
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    Last Friday I had my 2005 Ford Freestyle go to the dealer for 12N03 throttle body recall. The car broke down on the way back from dealer (lost power), I had to get it towed back to dealership. I made a mistake getting the recall done because the car was working fine, no problems. Well I have had several calls from the dealership bad max airflow sensor, bad throttle body and my last call was both catalytic converters need replacing. Does anybody know what they might have done to cause these problems? Of course the service rep believes none of these problems had anything to do with what they did on the recall. Has anyone had similar problems?
  • rebecca33rebecca33 Member Posts: 5
    I have a 2006 Ford Freeystyle...I have had all of the same problems everyone else is having....we went on vacation and the car litterally died, it surged backwards and had trouble in the snow....BUT my mechanic suggested we try using the more expensive shouldn't have anything to do with the problem...but let me tell you....our problems are works. It was explained that the higher gas is much better for you car, engine, filters, etc, even if it doesn't require it..Yes, it is more expensive, but our car runs much much better...we used the highest priced gas for a month or so, they we went to the middle priced gas....sound stupid? maybe...but it worked...try it and see if it helps. I have not taken my car in for the so called fix, because it is running fine and has been for a couple years...
  • rebecca33rebecca33 Member Posts: 5
    how is your car holding up ? Interesting that you fixed it yourself...but glad to read
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    I have a 2005 Freestyle, bought it new. I never recevied the recall letter but started having trouble last week. I'm having the same problem as many others. Surges, loss of power, Failsafe Engine Mode... independent shop confirmed it's all in the throttle body which Ford isn't standing behind. I will never buy a Ford again. I found out about the recall online and made apt for car to be worked on today. Driving home from work yesterday the car lost power *on the highway*. I rolled to a stop in the curb and was fine after turning the car off then back on, and continued to drive staight to the dealership where I bought the car near my home. Almost there when it lost power while driving into a busy intersection. Barely completed the turn before it came to a stop. Stopped and restarted and made it to the dealership. They are telling me there are eight different alerts on the vehicle and that I need to pay $150 just for them to diagnose it, not covered by the recall and not applicable towards the repairs. Nothing was wrong until the throttle body acted up. Crap. Don't buy Ford.
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    I just bought a used 2005 Ford Freestyle yesterday with 159,000 miles on it (the car looks very nice and loaded). Today, I drove it to work for the first time. Halfway (20 minutes driving), I lost power with the "wrench" sign and "Engine" lights on. It was so dangerous driving in highway next or in-front of speeding cars and trucks. I pulled over to the right side just in time before the car came to a complete stop.

    I got the car towed to Jerry's Ford dealership in Annandale, Virginia. They said I need to replace the Throttle Body with the gasket too for $942.

    I purchased a warranty with The Penn Warranty Corporation (PWC), but unfortunately this type of problem will not be covered under the warranty.

    After reading this forum, I don' t know if I should tried to clean it first.

    I just hope, this will be my last problem with this car.

    Any other recurring problem I should be aware of this car?

  • danhidayatdanhidayat Member Posts: 2
    Have you run into any problem since you use higher grade of gas?

  • angiefangief Member Posts: 5
    Have you injectors cleant - I had my done and no other problems with that. But now my A/C is no the fritz - understand lots of problems there also with is car.
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