Tire question need help ASAP PLEASE...

samantha_josamantha_jo Member Posts: 5
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I was wondering if 235/70/16 would fit on my 2002 Intrigue???? I can get a great deal on 4 of them but dont want to buy them if they wont fit....

I know the stock ones are 225/60/16 so aint sure if the tires above will work please help!!!!



  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    I would not recommend putting these tires on the Intrigue. the 235/70/16 have a larger diameter and will cause your speedometer to read 8% slower (almost 5 mph less at 60 mph). No reputable tire shop will put these tires on your car. Here's a website where you can compare tire sizes.

  • ctdunnaganctdunnagan Member Posts: 8
    I had 235 60 16 on my intrigue fit ok but the 70.s may be a bit tall i could not get any bigger without hitting the struts
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