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Honda Odyssey 2005 - knocking noise when breaking or turning

vegas14vegas14 Posts: 2
edited July 2010 in Honda
Has anyone encountered a "knocking" noise in their 06 Odyssey? Started about 4 weeks ago (45K) when I break or turn there is a "knocking" noise (not all the time but enough to notice), took it to repair shop and they said it is not the brakes and they put it up on the rack and tightened all the bolts.. was good for about 2 weeks and now "knocking" sound is back. Honda says no bullitens on this. Thanks


  • vanadadvanadad Posts: 1
    My 2006 Odyssey makes a loud squeak/rattle over the left front tire whenever going over a bump, and often when braking and turning. The dealer's shop just replaced the stabilizer links, and also says it needs new struts. How common is this? Is it dangerous?
  • I have the '05. It has the same exact rattle over the left front as you describe in the same conditions. I've just replaced the struts all the way around, and the rattle is worse now than before I replaced them.
  • My Odyssey 2005 have exactly the same problem. Would be interested in knowing how serious is the consequence and what the best course of action. I talked to the dealer service, they do not have a ready answer.
  • My knocking noise has currently disappeared, did not do anything to it the weather changed and I have not heard it for a couple of months now.. wonder if it comes back when it warms up this spring/summer.
  • oowieoowie Posts: 12
    There is a TSB out there regaurding this...I found it on one of the Honda Odys forums. Not sure which one, but they have all of the TSB's on the Ody. I too have noticed this on my 07 EX-L. I have taken it to the dealer 2 different times and they could not produce sound...typical. It only occurs once in a while...similar to the above mentioned. I will check...TSB #10-042 for 07-09. So prior years may not be affected. Problem is with the CV joints. I have yet to return to the dealer to fix this since I found this TSB just a few months ago, plus my warranty is up and I am unsure they would comp this. Good luck.
  • robin66robin66 Posts: 1
    I am looking at getting a 1999 honda Odssey with 150,000 miles for 4,000 is it wort it?
  • My Van has been doing this for a long time now. I can not even tell you how many times I have had it back and forth to the dealer!! I even brought it to two different Honda dealers. Seems to only happen when the weather is over 50 degrees!! It almost seems like they are waiting for my warranty to run out before replacing the CV joints, if that is what the problem is. I also have a hard shift when the van goes back and forth between "eco" and regular. Hate to sell it since I just paid it off!!
  • Since September 2010, I have been back and forth to the Pensacola Honda Dealer regarding the same issue. I have a 2005 Touring with 87000 miles. The back brakes make noises, especially when I am driving at slower speeds, or making sharp turns. The howling noises I once had are now gone, at least for the time being, but the consistent brake noises are still there. In other words, as I am slowing down to come to a stop, with each turn of the tire comes a clucking noise. I finally made a call to Honda corporate after spending over $4000 in the last 7 months on new tires, rotors, etc.... Today I met with the service manager who showed me an article written by Honda saying that brake noises were normal with Hondas. He told me that he could fix it, but it would be expensive, and the noise would come back. It is not dangerous to drive the car as is, and if the sound does not bother me it would be in my best interest to just leave it alone. I have a tough time believing that Honda would want something like this, and I am not sure I can live with this annoying noise. I am really depressed that this expensive car has given me nothing but problems lately. Anyone else having these problems?
  • mash112mash112 Posts: 8
    i'm in the process of purchasing a 2005 Honda Odyssey with 69k miles for $15.9. SHould i get it? If so how soon before i need to replace the Transmission? what about the timing belt?

    Or should i look into a Toyota Siena?????

    Test drove a 2005 Odyssey and it seemed fine.. but i want to make sure i'm making the right decision....

    YOu all are scaring me with the knocking noise, brake issues, and other concerns.....

    Please help..

    thx :confuse:
  • I have experienced this noise for 3 years already on Honda OD 2005 (current: 75k miles). It happens on and off and always after the brake cool off. I have asked the dealership for technical explanation in the past and getting no reasonable answer. I went for second opinion to check on brake pad, rotor last year. Nothing is wrong. Recently I went to another dealership for power steering recall (warranty extension) and brake system recall. I was told that this "grinding noise" is normal to Honda from Y 2005-2007 and nothing I can do about it (go figure?). The Honda case manager in CA (Ray) told me basically the same thing (Honda don;t have this problem!!) C'mon, most of Honda OD driver are middle class family. Honda take year to build it's reputation, I guess this will be my first and last Honda in our family, it is because how they treat their customer concern. Another issue I have the engine mounter and vibration on certain RPM (ECO mode)..this one will be next posting.
  • I finally got the problem fixed. It was the calipers that needed to be replaced. After two sets of new rotors and new brake pads and fluid, as well as steering fluid being replaced, I have been without the noise for 2 1/2 months. Try that.
  • patnicpatnic Posts: 27
    Mine was the axle/cv joint problem.

    My knock was when turning right and it made the knocking sound.
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