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Hi everyone! Been a while since I posted - and I guess that's a good thing. We're just celebrating our 2 year anniversary with our `09 Legacy and it's been great to us - aside from a nasty pothole that we took and had to replace the tire! The car has been a dream to ride, and maintenance is as expected.

Our car will be paid off by next August (2011), and we're starting to get the wheels turning on our next purchase. Right now, we're planning on a new Outback since we are thinking that we'll need more cargo space than the Legacy.

I noticed on the Subaru website they are advertising 2.9% APR financing for any `10 and new `11 Outbacks. We're not really into leasing vehicles, so all signs right now point to purchasing and driving it into the dirt (literally!)

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any historical data regarding interest rates from the national level... For instance, I remember when we bought our `09 Legacy, they had a 0.9% APR special in July-August of 2008 for any leftover `08's (and we couldn't find any in the color and configuration that we liked), so we ended up getting some very competitive financing through our bank rather than going through Subaru financial.

The optimal time for us to buy would be when the Legacy is paid off, but we have the capital to afford a little bit of an overlap as to avoid the "there's none left" issue we had a few years ago with the 0.9% promotion on the Legacy.

The existing car is planned to be sold within the family to a relative around the end of next July, so it's best that we have our new car by then.



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    It's like predicting the DJIA.

    Popular models don't carry any rebates at all. The Forester hasn't since the redo in 2009, at least in terms of cash on the hood.

    Right now they're selling every Outback they can build, so I don't expect any huge give-aways. Prolly just more of the same - below market finance rates.
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    Hmm, yes, I understand your point. Other car companies, like Honda for instance, has a yearly, recurring sale with predictable offers on lease rates and financing.

    I was more curious to see if Subaru had any historic type of recurring sales, for instance, around New Year's or around the end of the model year.
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    I doubt there will be any cash incentives this year (there weren't last year with the 2009 Forester - not sure about the other models), but the finance rates are fairly predictable in that they tend to drop as the model year ages, bottoming out at around 0.9 - 1.9%. For the time of year, their financing incentive as well below the market rate last September when I purchased my 2010 Forester (3.9%), but, as usual, it continued to drop as the model year progressed.
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    Even before, when the Forester did have cash on the hood, it varied by model. I remember the base X model had $2000 cash but the models I wanted only had $1000. I waited and waited, and they never went up.

    Before the recent sales surge, Subaru did tend to offer the very best deals towards the end of the last model year for a model about to be replaced. The savings can be significant, too.
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    Thanks for the info Wes & AT - was exactly what I was looking for.
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    The past doesn't help much because the best rebates were on outgoing versions at a time of very low sales. The interesting aspect to the subaru deals was that rebates were combined with low financing rates. We got 1.9% financing with $2000 cash back in March 07 on my wife's 07 Forester X, and I got $2000 cash back with 2.9% in March 09 on my 09 Outback. The 09 also saved us some fed income taxes on the sales tax. At the time of both purchases, there was lots of inventory and nobody was buying. Since then, both models have been upgraded and sales have increased. I haven't seen rebates on the newest generations.

    The best way to get the lowest price on a subaru is to use a fixed internet pricing dealer like and use Chase Subaru bucks.
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    Just got an e-mail from SoA offering $500 off on any model, check their web site to see if it applies to you.

    I'm sort of shocked given supply of Foresters and Outbacks is so short!
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    We purchased a Outback about 4 months ago.
    We are pleased with the car.However we flinanced the car for two months
    because it was convent for us. At that time we asked if there was a penality for an early pay out.
    Salesman said no. There was no penality.We paid the car off and was c charged a 75.00 fee.
    In reading the fine print We see that it says The penalty may or may not be charged.
    I think it is pretty chinsey on your part.This is enough to make me go back to Ford Products.
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    Who did you finance it through?

    IMHO, I think you are too quick to judge and dismiss an entire brand based on this.
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    I agree - find another dealer, not manufacturer.
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    Over the weekend we purchased a 2011 Outback Premium w/All Weather.

    We were able to get 1.9% for 36 months

    And although no advertised rebates, we got the car for $500 BELOW invoice. Note that I also got firm offers from two other dealers at $500 below and $1000 below invoice.

    The reason we skipped the $1K below was they wanted $500 locate fee and $400 doc fees. The other two dealers only wanted $200 doc fees and had no locate fee within reason.

    I started via Amex Auto Buying program ( but after getting offers I approached the dealer we will be doing service with and told them my existing offers and he matched.

    This is central NJ.
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