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When will 2011 Corolla will show up?



  • Thank you for your in depth reply about your new Corolla and congratulations with your purchase! Don't get me wrong, I really like the Corolla. I just contacted Toyota and chatted with a product specialist who confirmed the auto on/off headlights are completely discontinued across the Corolla lineup. In my 04 Corolla, I LOVED this feature. It too had DRL, but I just liked not having to ever tinker with lights as the sensor worked so well. It was just neat to have this feature standard on a car in this class. As I questioned why they discontinued this feature, they couldn't explain but several factors determine the decision. As mentioned, Toyota first introduced this technology back in 2003 for the 9th generation Corolla. I really hate to see it go but it's reality!

    I agree with you that there are improvements with the 2011 Corolla. I like the exterior refresh and I also like the new blue, Nautical Blue. This color is very sharp and reminds me of my 04 Corolla in Indigo Ink Pear If I were to purchase, I would probably get the LE. I never really thought about the S model. Did you test drive both models and prefer the S? What are your current average MPGs? I read mixed reviews of people who claim the Corollas get much less than expected MPGs. Thank you again for your input!
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Wow, are you saying you actually have to manually put the headlights on and off? That's just crazy, why would they just eleminate such a standardized feature on most new cars? I love this feature!

    You can expect to get 24 mpg city or 39 mpg highway with a new Corolla.
  • Tell me about it, I am just as shocked! I loved this feature on the Corolla as it was "smart". I just can't understand why they did away with it. So, DRL are standard still and the dash (speedometer and guages) illuminate regardless of lighting conditions in/outside of vehicle? I can imagine many drivers forgetting to manually turn on headlights while driving as it gets darker outside! You obviously have the headlights on because the tail lights aren't on unless lights are manually turned on. In my opinion, I see it as a safety issue as people who know Corollas dating back to 2003 were accustomed to this neat, worry free feature.

    While searching on OEM parts on dealer website, there is a sensor listed for Corolla model years 2009-2011, even though no such sensor is equipped in 2011 models. As mentioned in earlier posts, the housing (small circular dot) is made in the dashboards in the former location of the sensor, when formerly equipped. My question is, will it be possible for people to have this sensor installed on 2011 Corollas? I can imagine it may be possible, but the labor would be outrageous as it is electrical and components would need to be moved around the dash to accommodate. Just wondering!
  • dchevdchev Posts: 38
    I got used to not having auto on/off headlights:)
    You have DRL; however, guages on dash do not illuminate during the day. Thus, you will not have the problem of forgeting to turn on lights at night.
    It is early to talk about gas millage. I just did my first fill up at 250 miles, and my gas millage was 30.5 MPG. However, 75% of my driving was in the city, so I believe that gas millage will go up during spring, summer, and fall.
    If I get 35-36 MPG, I will be happy:)
    I found out today that seats on S model are a little bit larger... They provide better support for the body.
  • In my opinion the 2011 sucks!!! I had a 2010 S (15k miles) which I really loved. Unfortunately, I got T-boned and the car was totaled out last week. I called my dealer and asked him about getting the 2011 with exactly the same features as my beloved 2010. I drove 120 miles to his dealership to get the car. Boy was I disappointed driving home, The 2011 did not have the tie down "D" rings in the trunk. Next, I put my TomTom NAV in the center console and found that the power outlet had been removed. This was important to me, because I plug my Blu-Tooth earpiece into a cigarette lighter charging adapter near where the AUX audio input is located, but I can't do that now because the TOM TOM is plugged in to that. Now I know you are going to say "but the new 2011 comes Blu-Tooth compatible radio". My old BT earpiece is better than the 2011's built-in BT. The 2011's BT keeps a separate phone book from the ONE ON YOU PHONE. now you have to maintain 2 phone books!! What a hassle!! Finally, the new fancier stereo comes with a major problem - they sacrificed quality for quantity. It sounds awful! Trumpets sound shrill, the bass is muddy and unnatural, and Michale Buble's silky smooth voice sounds similar to Robert Shaw dragging his fingernails across the chalkboard in the movie "JAWS". It probably sounds fine to those who are tone deaf... Oh, and did I mention that the I was driving the car home in the dark when I realized it didn't have Automatic ON/OFF Headlights. I should never have gotten the 2011 and just bought a used 2010!
  • Yes, I completely agree with you on everything you've mentioned! I too would be disappointed knowing I purchased a new car with "expected" features found in last year's model! I can't figure out why Toyota is making these poor decisions by cutting costs (eliminating once common, practical standard features as found in last model year) thinking customers aren't going to notice these obvious details. In my opinion, the 2011 Corolla is by far one of the worst model years ever built. I don't see any 2011s on the road at all (only rentals). Honestly in my region, there are still a lot of new 2010s on dealer lots. I think this says something about the current generation Corolla. I hope Toyota realizes they really screwed up with this year's Corolla and they MAKE NECESSARY changes for it to survive in 2012 and thereafter.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    edited March 2011
    So you bought this new car sight unseen ? ? ? I guess I would ask why the big rush ? Now your stuck with it! I gotta tell ya though, I'm a very big Toyota fan, (as everyone on this site would attest to), but if I were in the market for another car I would steer away from the new Corolla also as I, like you, would definitely miss all of those features they did away with also. I like the Mazda 3 more and more evry time I look at it. Perhaps Toyota is trying to push the Camry, saving all of those features for that model.
  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Posts: 182
    edited March 2011
    After considering the '11 Corolla "S" for purchase, and reading the latest posts here concerning Toyota's eliminating certain features once available, I'm afraid this machine is OFF my small list of new vehicles to check out.

    Wotta pity.

    Toyota sure has blown it, BIG time, with the 2011 Corolla. :cry:

    Peace!<-AladdinSane<- :shades: -
  • I purchased a 2011 corolla LE, from day one I have had a problem with it miss fireing, took it in four times already they can't fix it need less to say I'm frustrated seening as I'ev only had it two months.I don't worry about it not having auto head lights I worry about it dying on me going down the road. Has any one else had this problem ? nativegirl
  • The headrests on my new 2011 Corollla S move up on their own as I drive. this eventually creates an uncomforable driving position for me. Is the what "active" headrests are supposed to do? Any similar experiences from fellow owners? I have not yet brought this up with Toyota.
  • Of all the cars I have had in my life...Nissan Maxima's, Land Rover, etc. this is my first Toyota, a 2011 Corolla purchased used in Sept 2012, and I have had nothing but problems. I kept feeling a hesitation, weird like someone had tapped on the break. Of course everyone that drove it, service reps, friends, etc. couldn't find anything and the dealer said they couldn't do anything unless they could replicate the problem. It stalled on me completely at 65 mph on the freeway. Every time I go to the dealer they find nothing and if they do it costs $100+ like replacing a bolt that's holding on the license plate. One repairman, independent said some mechanics at dealers are on commission to find things to fix and charge for...dah! I took it in for a diagnostics check, waited 5 hours told the dealers service mgr I had to be at work at a certain time. About one hour before I had to leave they paged me and said it would take more time. I walked outside to steam and breathe and saw the lot where they put the cars they're servicing.... sitting there was mine. They hadn't even looked at it yet! (I was stupid enough to buy the extended warranty AND Platinum Plan by the way.) When they did look at it hurriedly and ran diagnostics they said they found nothing but did fix the bolt on one side of my license plate, that I mentioned in passing, like if you have a moment could you pop a new bolt in. That was $120 because they had to drill a new whole for the bolt yada yada. So I took it in desperation to an authorized Toyota repair shop that had good reviews and in one hour while being served coffee in a clean waiting room, the owner handed me a release from Toyota explaining that the 2011 Corollas had this problem and even the codes to fix it. Also he handed me 3 pages of diagnostics with error codes that needed to be fixed. It made me sick. It was $109 and well worth it to get all that info and he told me my left rear wheel was bent and it should be looked at. This guy was about keeping me safe and not racking up dollars. Now I am taking it in to the dealer after notifying THEM about this "Momentary RPM decrease" . Could the dealer really not know about this release from Toyota? Will they now charge me for fixing it and who knows what else even though I have the extra warranty AND Platinum Plan? As a single woman I feel like an idiot walking in there because they know they can tell me anything and I have no recourse. Whats a girl to do. Thank God for the honest kind repairman I went too. Suggestions? Help?
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Your being taken advantage of, find another Toyota dealer in your area even if it's a little distance away.
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