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1997 Quest randomly hiccups when warmed up

Hi everybody.

OK, the car exhaust comes out CLEAN, the motor runs SUPER SMOOTH, plenty of power. but when the car's warmed up to normal temperature... *hiccup*....*hic-hiccup*... the tachometer shows a sudden, drop in engine speed, and the hiccup goes away as fast as it came. it hiccups even more when I put the A/C on. the whole car shakes like the all the electronics wants to die and then suddenly come back online. it feels like i'm getting chinese water drip tortured!! ARGH, and it's embarassing! no check engine light. i take very good care of the car and always give it chevron. if it wasn't for that hiccup, you'd think you're driving a new van right off the lot. there's no mickey mouse work under the hood, it's clean. i was thinking it could be a bad ground somewhere, but i'm bad at guessing. This could be a very helpful discussion to many people, your input is appreciated. -Jovan


  • And then what happens, does it run ok the rest of the day?
  • the random hiccuping will continue as long as the car is running hot. again, other than the hiccuping, it drives great. (FYI: i used to own an 87 maxima with over 200k miles and it suffered from the same problem, only the hiccups were REALLY bad.) if i let the van cool down the hiccups stop. i think that when the othef radiator fan runs to cool the engine, the hiccups happen. the hiccups aren't vedy noticable above 10mph, but i know they're still there. there has to be SOMEBODY that has this same problem.
  • rockmobilerockmobile Posts: 115
    edited December 2010
    I have a 99 Quest, so under the hood there there is a bit of difference. I also had a hiccup some time ago but it was corrected with a new set of ignition wires - EGR valves can also cause problems when hot.

    Most of the problems with my version seem to revolve around the distributor, but again, unlike mine,your distributor and coil are two separate units as far as I know.

    Visit this old site:Villager & Quest FAQs (check the subtopics) and see if you can find something that helps.

    Proceed with caution before you start changing parts. It gets expensive real quick.
  • hey, thanks for the link to that website. i looked under "low speed miss" and it might be that i need to take the car to my friends auto shop and hook up the car to the scope-thing to see if there is any arcing happening in the ignition wires or coil. i've recently replaced the distributor rotor and cap so it's not that. well, i think i have a good idea what to do now. thanks for the help.
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