burnt material smell from defroster

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My 2002 LS V-8 ( 80K Mi) just started emanating a burnt material smell from the defroster. It seems to go away when I switch the air vents to upper and lower ( with the heat on). At first I thought it was lint burning off but it has now been getting worse for over 2 weeks. Any ideas? It definitely is a burnt material smell, not gas or anything in the engine area. It smells like carpet or some other non-plastic material. :confuse:


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    Check for leaves in the cowl area.
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    That's a good idea, I've already checked to see if there was leaves in that area to no avail (based on your advice for other stinky problems on this forum) . Whatever is in there should have burned off by now. I'll try looking in the cowl area again ( after I dig it out from the recent snowfall and get it unfrozen). I'll also try looking around the blower motor and vents where the defrost heat resistor is to see if any stinkbugs crawled in there. :confuse:
    My mechanic says it's relatively easy to get to ( 1 hr standard labor to replace the blower motor ) so after I'm sure the defrost vent is clear of debris , I should be in better shape to plan future actions. :D
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    I looked in the cowling area , with nothing unusual. I did notice that the Cabin Air filter was real dirty so I got a new one. But, I also found a number of leaves that hot gotten inside inside the engine compartment. :confuse:
    A couple of them were lodged beside the engine under a metal line that was warm and appeared to run from the radiator back towards the cabin. I guess that feeds the heater core. I think when the car got hot and I turned on the heat/defrost the leaves might have started smoldering and stinking. It wasn't a problem on recirculated air.
    Well I'll drive for awhile tonight so I'll see my Stinkin Linkin is fixed or not . Repair cost = $15 for a new Cabin Air filter ! :shades:
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    I started getting a smell thru vents and it turned out to be the valve coils (COPS). Oil was leaking and burning.
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