Total loss on '01 Accord?

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I was in a collision with my '01 Accord. No injuries to anyone. The visible damage is to the front bumper, front right corner panel, and front right rim. The passenger side airbag deployed. There also appears to be damage in the engine compartment, possibly to the intake (?) but the car started after the collision and I was able to drive it out of the street. After speaking with the insurance adjuster (who had not seen the car) on the phone, I was told this is a total loss. It has 115,000 miles on it, so I know there was life left in it. Until the accident, there were only minor cosmetic issues on the car (a few scratches to the paint). I have been diligent with all recommended maintenance. I have never been in an accident before, so I do not know whether or not total loss is common. I have been told by some friends that the airbag deploying is probably why the insurance company wants to total the car. Any thoughts and comments are appreciated. Thanks!


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    The one comment I would make is do your homework. The insurance company will offer you a buyout price which may be lower then you can get a comparable Accord for. Look on local dealers lots/web pages and record/printout compairable Accords. As an example, if the insurance Co. wants to give you $6000 for your car, and the local dealers want $8000, then argue the fact that the replacement cost is $2000 more then what they are offering. You may end up with more $ for your car, or maybe it will make a difference on whether they scrap or fix your Accord.

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    We have a discussion about Insurance and Totalled Vehicles. You might hop over there and ask for advice.


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    Thanks! I posted my question there.
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    Thank you. I have been collecting information about local sales for similar vehicles. The insurance provider that is covering the claim is not mine, it is the other guy. They accepted full responsibility for the claim and I am wondering if they are trying to make quick work of it by totaling my car, making an offer, and moving on.
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    The reason they are totaling it out is that it will cost more to fix it than to just total it out. It is an '01 with, as the insurance would see it, high mileage. Of course from your and my viewpoint, that is not high mileage for a Honda. If I were you, I would not want to fix the car, even it that option were available. You probably have some frame damage if it went into the engine compartment. As the other blogger posted, I would not accept their bid until I knew it was fair. I assure you that they have room to negotiate. It apparently was the other guy's fault if his insurance is paying for your repair. Just tell them that you are going to throw in a medical claim and they will gladly settle with you.
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    The car is TEN years old. It doesn't take much to total a ten year old car.

    Besides, they know that quite often, once the body work begins, concealed damage is discovered adding to the bill.

    Then, they know they would have to provide you with a rental car etc.

    Body and paint work is so expensive it's easy to total a car.
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