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Hyundai Sonata Hybrid



  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    One of the things that really impresses me about the Hyundai Hybrid is that it can approach a Prius in mpg. As stated previously I got an amazing 47.5 mpg driving a brand new Sonata Hybrid home from Fairfax, VA to “Southside” on busy Route 29 after spending the first 30 miles on I 66 in Friday rush hour traffic.
    NOVA to my carport is just over 250 miles.

    On the other hand, the Sonata will really scoot down/up an on ramp.
    Significantly quicker in the 50 - 80 mph range than a Prius or Camry h.
    As was our Highlander - it had a V6 w/ 260 hp AND TWO electric traction motors.
    Stomp the accelerator @ 60 or even 70 mph and hold on!!
    But lots of torque steer and tranny drone from the CVT.

    I beat my brother-in-law in an eighth-of-a mile, standing start street drag w/ the Hh; he was driving a Grand Cherokee V8!

    I had a Prius for a couple of days as a loaner and have driven several Camry Hybrids too. Neither is nowhere near as much “fun to drive” as the Sonata.

    So the best of both worlds - great mpg and loads of power on tap. Not to mention the way better interior and unique hybrid styling of the Hyundai.
  • srcoopersrcooper Posts: 3
    Just bought a premium model yesterday and even got a discount. We were going to buy the basic model, and went to the lot to see one for the second time. They didn't have one in silver, so we were going to wait or shop elsewhere, and then I asked about a silver one we passed. He said it was the premium. After some thought, I asked to drive it instead. I asked my wife after the test drive what she thought? Her response was "I could own this car right now". A day later, we only have 60 miles on it, but it is a joy to drive and the displays are awesome. We have already achieved more than 45 mpg - the display shows you! Comfortable, the sun roof is way cool and I am glad we upgraded.
  • peachypeachy Posts: 3
    May I ask about your discount?
  • ben1986ben1986 Posts: 9
    i think i got a good deal today.... i wanted a better deal on my trade in but got a goood deal on car so im fine with it...
    im just wondering if anybody got a better deal than $24,359 excluding ttl. It came with wheel locks and carpet floor mats. bought it with cash and got $10,000 on my trade in..

  • drjim2drjim2 Posts: 1
    Sounds like you did great, I wish I had read your post first.I
    Just brought home a black base hybrid for 24.5k. I leased in order to get the 1.5k incentive plus customer loyalty for a cost of 22.5k. Surprised when dealer added back about 900 in lease fees. Dealer has policy of nearly 300 doc fees which I got out of but expect folded into the 900 lease fee.

    Drive away with first payment of 325 and change.

    On test drive drove from son's work to home about 2miles at 99.9 mpg. No it is not all down hill :-) more realistic driving for 30 minutes around town had in 40s to high 30's.

    Dealer did not have any loaded versions. I bet the moon roofs are nice.
  • Wife & I drove the new Sonata Hybrid yesterday. We were very disappointed. Car felt very lurchey/clunky going down the road & transmission didn't seem to shift properly. Check engine light came on also. I have owned Sonotas, Elantras & Accents in the past, so I'm pretty familar with them. We both felt that our vision was very limited. I am 6'1" & couldn't see any of the entire lane next to the passenger side of the car. Vision started with the second lane over. With the slope of the roof, it greatly reduces the size of the windows. The passenger seat also sits very low. My wife is 5'4" and could bearly see out the window. Salesman said that several folks mentioned having the same concern. Got the feeling he was tired of being questioned about it. I found when exiting the passenger side seat that I compressed the side seat bolster & had to somewhat step up instead of step down, or out of the car. I believe that this will lead to premature wearing out of the seat fabric & tearing of the seat foam. The car did have plenty of room, front and back, even with my height. The trunk space seemed ok. Many nice features such as dual ac controls, ipod connection, etc, as standard features. Also liked the warranty as compared to other cars. We have decided to take a pass on this years model even tho we were offered a very fair deal on one. Will most likely check it again in a couple years. Wanted to compare it with the new Elantra but there was none to be seen. Salesman said they got 6 in one night & all were gone by noon the next day. Guess I won't be getting one of those either as I'm not the type that ever needs the newest whatever, so much that I have to pay msrp or higher. Not gonna happen. Can wait till the new wears off & they have more in production.
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    jakeabean said:

    "Wife & I drove the new Sonata Hybrid yesterday. We both felt that our vision was very limited. I am 6'1" & couldn't see any of the entire lane next to the passenger side of the car. Vision started with the second lane over."

    Hmmmmmmm . . . . . . I can’t see the road beside my Venza’s passenger door either. However, in both the Venza and our Sonata I can see the road just ahead of the right fender perfectly.

    Numerous automotive journalists have reviewed the Sonata and I cannot find one that discussed the supposed “poor visibility” on the right side of the car. The passenger seat is somewhat low but that contributes to the overall safety of the car, IMO.
  • tjdlad1tjdlad1 Posts: 1
    Hello. Very interested in your post and whether MPG has gotten any better. I purchased the Sonata Hybrid Premium about one month ago (July 2011). My driving mix is 90% city and 10% highway. Real world MPG (miles driven divided by actual fuel put in tank) is 27. Battery never seems to get above 50% charged. I am not agressive driver. I expected somewhere in the 30s for MPG ... I have not pinged the dealer yet. Interested in whether anyone thinks that 27 MPG is a large enough deviation that i should be raising a fuss?
  • reglee51reglee51 Posts: 16
    There are some forums that talk about a lot of the TSB's from the dealers dramatically affecting MPG (it didn't affect my MPG). After the first few tanks and learning to feather the gas pedal (I used to drive a Prius with eco on... I had to really stomp the gas pedal to get it to move), I've been able to get 37-43mpg about 700% highway (40-45mpg highway flats). Due to your never above 50% charge, I think you need to bring it to a dealership and have them do the TSB's (that's a sensor and at least 2 computer flashes). Keep an eye on the headliner too, that may start to peel.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    It takes a lot of concentration to learn how to pulse and glide, once you get it you will find your MPG go up. The charge on the batteries is concerning, on the open road after a few miles you should see the charge go up, also you should see the charge go up while braking, you may be braking too hard, when you brake hard it bypasses the regenerative braking and goes right to hydraulic brakes. Lightly press on the brake, brake sooner, and you should see improvements on the charge cycle.
  • vinnygvinnyg N.Y.Posts: 77
    Hi, I have owned my Sonata Hybrid since May and have experienced a sudden loss of engine power 3 times now, 2 of which were reported to the dealership and the problem could not be duplicated so the problem could not be fixed. What happens is the vehicle loses all engine power at driving speeds, either on the highway or local streets, bringing you to a stop in traffic. I feel that current or prospective buyers should be made aware of this issue as there are many that have now had this problem, and the list is growing. To see what we are dealing with regarding this serious safety issue in more depth, please visit here:
    Be kind to the people you meet on the way up, because you're going to meet the same people on the way down.
  • And no I don't mean for lemonaid.
    We bought a Sonata Hybrid on 6/29/11. Since then the engine light has come on 3 times, twice for the fuel tank temperature gauge and the last time for who knows what. The car dealer has had the car all told over 20 days in the 2 months we've had the car because it took them that long to figure out the problem. Add in the fact that we're getting 17 mpg and that we're on the third engine light occurance (the dealer has the car again) so we've started proceedings to get them to take the car back.

    My question is, the dealer is telling us we have to go through the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint in order for Hyundai to work with us. The Hyundai rep is not agreeing or disagreeing with this. Is this standard procedure or does the dealer and Hyundai just not want to work with us on this?
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,459
    Lemon Laws vary by state. If that's what you wish to pursue then you need to find out what your state's requirements and processes are. Here's a start, though you'd need to verify the site's info is current & accurate:
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • My 2011 Sonata Hybrid Blue Transmission has a flutter. I was told it needed a new transmission by the service department at Hyundai only to be told the next day that it did not. It still has a flutter or skip. Hyundai says it is operating as designed. Could this be possible. The dealer says he cannot repair the car. Hyundai says there is no problem with the car. If others are having the same problem we should work together to get this problem addressed. A company should stand behind their product. It appears to me they are not! One person with a problem with a giant company has many difficulties. Is there anyone else out there witn a 2011 Sonata Hybird Blue facing the same unaddressed issues with their Hybrid Blue.
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    reglee51 posted:
    "There are some forums that talk about a lot of the TSB's from the dealer dramatically affecting mpg. I've been able to get 37-43mpg about 70% highway (40-45mpg highway flats). Due to your never above 50% charge, I think you need to bring it to a dealership and have them do the TSB's."

    We have 7,000 miles on a hybrid and have gotten between 35 and 45 mpg in the 5 months we have had the car.

    For sure visit the dealer for the software upfits - I think another one is on the way.
  • the reason i only have one post because i am new. everyone got to start somewhere. and by the way the dealer is in iowa city.
  • by the way i did not buy the sonata. i went with accord exl for 23k i think it is a better deal
  • vinnygvinnyg N.Y.Posts: 77
    This is the 4th time my Hybrid did this now. It has been to the shop 2 times for this and tomorrow will be the 3rd. I got it on video this time, for those who want to know what it looks like. The only difference this time was that I did not lose engine power while driving, but after pulling over to shut it off and restart it, it would not restart, so I had to let it rest, and then it started, but the alarms came on again. Check out the video here:
    Be kind to the people you meet on the way up, because you're going to meet the same people on the way down.
  • I'm a new owner of the Sonata Hybrid. I have been able to get my mileage up to 30 mpg. What is pulse and glide? Are the gauges suppose to help you stop jack rabbit starts and racing to the stop light kind of things to get better gas mileage? Please advise.
  • May I ask where you live and what kind of trade-in did you have? I live in Homestead, fl and I got the basic model at 26,600 and that was with rebates and a trade in with 3,000 down.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Pulse and Glide technique is where you run on Electric, with very little gas input. It takes a lot of practice and gains you a large right calf muscle.

    Basically, you start off smooth, giving very little gas, until you reach the speed limit, then you dont release the gas pedal, but back off of it until the ICE shuts off and you run on the electric motor. Pulse & Glide can now be used, you gradually speed up on battery and back out, so you slow down to just under the limit, and this is where you maximize fuel economy. It ticks off drivers behind you though, which is what has given the Prius owners a bad rep. You also need to learn how to read traffic so you can maximize regen time, and keep out of ICE mode as much as possible. Some drivers can get it in a few days, others never do.
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    ladyfiredog said:

    Are the gauges suppose to help you stop jack rabbit starts and racing to the stop light kind of things to get better gas mileage?

    The large green "EV" light is one easy way to increase mpg.
    Try to keep it lit up as much as possible.
    Make sure the AC is set to the "econ" mode.
    Set the screen to show how the battery, ICE and electric motor interact (graphic with wheels battery, ICE)
    Brake smoothly for better battery charging.

    On interstates, cruise control does pretty good
  • Thanks for answering my questions.
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    Just found this . . . . .

    How do some Prius drivers achieve fuel economy above the EPA estimate of 50 mpg�while others barely reach 40 mpg?
    What techniques allow some of these "hypermilers" to consistently break 70 mpg?
    In the search for answers, it's easy to get lost in the hundreds and hundreds of posts on discussion forums. The info in this article is the 'Readers Digest' of Prius mileage advice.

    link title
  • Many people have the misconception that keeping EV lit as much as possible is good, this is NOT true especially with this car (I've owned a 2010 Prius also)

    I'm by no means an expert in hypermiling. EV uses electric only, you use the gas engine to generate electricity (efficiency losses) then using that electricity to power the vehicle. It's more efficient to directly power the vehicle with gasoline (one less energy conversion).

    You probably shouldn't P+G this car unless you're an extreme hypermiler... instead, push it to the speed limit and keep constant throttle (accelerate downhill decelerate uphill). The vehicle will shift itself between EV and non EV automatically. Excess power from the engine goes into battery (eg. downhill) and that power can assist when needed (eg. uphill). You do not want to purposefully keep it in EV though, the electricity is NOT always free energy. I can consistently get over 40mpg now; not hypermiler numbers but I also don't go below speed limit!!!
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    We have 7,000 miles on our Sonata hybrid, previously owned a Highlander Hybrid for 6 years, and have had a Prius for a loaner for a few days.
    Test drove several Camry hybrids as well.

    Right after purchasing the Sonata, I drove it 250 miles back to Southside Va from NOVA. Display indicated 45.7mpg. Late April so no AC, first 30 miles on I66, then Rt.29.

    How'd I do that?
    Just watching that big green EV light.

    Best segment ever was a 75 mile return trip from Blacksburg after a fill up; when we hit the carport display read 50.5mpg.

    The EV light is near the top of the display making it easy to monitor while watching the road.
  • Those are pretty good numbers; I had 25k in my prius and 8k in my sonata so far. Maybe I misinterpreted what Krypto is saying; I apologize if I did. You do want to COAST the vehicle as much as possible, the EV light does turn on for this. This is when the ICE is off but you're also not powering the vehicle with electricity (neither ICE nor electric motor is powering vehicle). So I guess in that case yes you want to keep the EV light on as much as possible. However, you want to avoid EV acceleration for the reasons I mentioned in my earlier post. If you're accelerating or if you need power to keep constant speed you generally want the ICE on and not be in EV mode. I interpreted EV light as actually using only the electric motor to accelerate which is what you generally want to avoid.
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    Hyundai claims that the Sonata Hybrid can cruise on all-electric at speeds of up to 62 mph.
    I have seen electric-only driving at over 65 mph under light acceleration on the flats and downhill.

    On the way to the OBX at interstate speeds using cruise you could watch the battery load up past 75% charge, then the EV light would illuminate while the blue arc mpg would peg, followed by the battery charge display retreating. Doesn’t take long.

    Battery begins recharging, another cycle begins. All the while the mpg indicator held at nearly 42. This was with light AC and between 6 and 9am; once the temps started rising the mpg dropped into the high 30's
  • Bought a used HSH with 6,000 miles in order to get premium package in black. Just not too many available regardless of color. No problem getting 40MPG plus in country. When driving over 75 MPH the mileage goes to 36-37 MPG as I guess the transmissions sixth gear is maximized for 65? Any suggestions welcome. Very happy with the car so far, one week, 900 miles. ( two trips over 250 miles)
    Savings versus former car going in town and back for a total of 65 miles is about twice the MPG and using regular versus premium. At that rate, it does pay back pretty fast.

    Key question: The tank holds 17 gallons. At 40 MPG that is 680 miles. Yet the miles to empty gauge suggests I need gas in 90 miles when I have gone 480 miles, suggesting the miles to empty gauge is always conservative and the fuel gauge still shows three "bars" anyway. Do other folks have a reaction to the "range" issue? Also I read somewhere that some can get 19 gallons into a tank. True?

  • I am so can probably tell I'm a woman. Can anybody make it simple. Should my goal be to drive between 20 and 40 mph with the EV on to get better gas mileage. I average only about 25 mpg and it doesn't get up to more than 29 mpg (this is city driving). Is this good or bad. I try to drive the speed limit in the city, no jack rabbit starts, don't race to stop light. Haven't had it on the hwy much, maybe the florida turnpike a little at 65mph but not much. Can I improve my driving techniques?
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