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2011 Caravan Trans

desopmgrdesopmgr Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Dodge
Our company bought 8 of these vans and so far 3 have gone back for trans under warranty. Is anyone aware of others having a history of problems with these transmissions?


  • 93949394 VancouverPosts: 74
    mine is only 3 weeks new and i noticed when in reverse, backing up the driveway, the entire vehicle is shaking.

    did you have the same transmission problem?
    2016 eSoul - All Electric - Zero Emission
  • keanezrakeanezra Posts: 8
    I took delivery of a 2011 T&C last 3/21/11. Great van, value and features. I have 200 miles so far. I, also felt a shudder while on slow reverse uphill. I normally park my van rear first up my driveway and it's quite steep. I have stopped parking this way ever since I felt this shudder several times. I'm bringing it back to the dealer. I'd like to hear some comments/opinions from owners first before I bring it, so I have a better idea on what to say to the dealer in case they give me the runaround. I'd appreciate the help on this. On the other hand, everything else is perfect. The drive is much better than the 2009 Oddy I leased. Feature wise, it's leaps away from the Honda when considering price paid for. I just hope this is something minor. Crossing my fingers.
  • rpwilsrpwils Posts: 2
    One thing I have noticed in several new ones I have driven is that they have a rough idle when stopped and the car is in drive. Anyone experience this?

    We ended up buying a 2011 and had major issues. The transmission/engine module had to be replaced (Long Story).
  • 93949394 VancouverPosts: 74
    i would like to hear the transmission/engine module story.

    my 12 weeks new 2011 Grand Caravan occasionally has rough idle when in neutral right after startup (still in fast idle).

    2016 eSoul - All Electric - Zero Emission
  • rpwilsrpwils Posts: 2
    we live 200 miles from where we bought the new van. We were about 20 miles from home when all of sudden the van revved up and I lost power. I had to pull off and restart the van to get it going again. I took it into the dealer the next morning and they told me nothing was wrong, no codes so nothing is wrong go figure. So the next day we were taking it for another drive and it happened again. This time the van revved and slowed down 15 mph all of a sudden. Of course the cars around me freaked out and luckily for us we didn't get hit. This time as I was trying to get over the check engine light came on and with that they were able to pull a code. We still have the terrible shaking at idle but of course they don’t see that as a problem. All new cars should shake. My friends were right, thats what I get for buying a dodge.
  • vangirl3vangirl3 Posts: 6
    i'm thinking about purchasing a caravan, and i'm wondering if you were able to resolve your problems?

    and, was your particular van (that had the problems) manufactured in the Mexico assembly plant or the Ontario Canada plant?

    thank you & i hope you are having better luck w/your van.

    but either way.. i would really like to know if i should move forward w/my purchase
  • vangirl3vangirl3 Posts: 6
    gads! that sounds like a nightmere

    was your van assembled in the Mexico or Canada plant?

    thank you & i hope things are better for you.

    i'm thinking about buying one of these caravans, though, your post put my purchase on hold today..
    please let me know if you were able to get a new van, and or have the problem resolved
    thank you!
  • vangirl3vangirl3 Posts: 6
    could any of you folks that are having issues with your 2011 Caravan, let me know if your particular van was manufatured at the plant in Canada or Mexico?

    it will say on the driver's side door, and i'm trying to figure out if i should move forward with the Caravan that i'm thinking aobut purchasing.

    thank you and i hope that you've been able to resolve your woes w/your new van.. they are such cool looking vans and the price vrs. features is SO good, I'm really struggling with what van I should purchase.

    My other question to you all.. is if you had to do it again, would you purchase the Dodge? or would you have gone for a different mini van all together.
    thank you!
  • drd2011drd2011 Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    Mine is Canada built in May 2011 and I am having the same problem.

    I have had the van since June and about a week and a half ago (just shy of 6,000 miles) it started dropping into "limp" mode about twice a day (select a low gear and will not change). You also cannot use the manual shift when it happens. I took it to the dealer after the first time and they said they needed a check engine light. That cam on the next day so I took it back and it told them that it was showing some error that they could not act on. They reset all the plugs and sent me away. I happened again on the way home and took two more events before the light came on (which happened the following afternoon after 80 miles driving. THe first time it happened that day was less than a mile from home on a cold engine. When it happens, you pull over (sometimes tough on the California Freeway2), turn it off, wait 10 seconds and restart.

    It has been at the dealer for 5 days and they just called me saying they could find nothing wrong byt Chrysler Corp had asked them to remove the transmission and open it - don't know the details. I will add to this when I hear something.

    I also have the shuddering in reverse backing out of my drive (moderately steep).

    In answer to your other question, I think it is a great van. I think it is the best handler of all the minivans out there. They did a great job on that with the 2011. The power is awesome. I just have this one issue whic I think will end up being a sensor or something the grease monkeys at the dealer do not understand.
  • We have a new 2011 T & C Touring, with barely 3,000 miles we have already had the transmission, water pump and belts replaced. There is still a noise coming from the front end of the vehicle. The keyless entry reads that the key is defected, there are other times when the vehicle is started. Once I put it into reverse or drive, depending on the situation, it will shut off, Then I will have to wait to restart the vehicle. ALso there are times while in reverse that the van shakes, sometimes slightly, othertimes it is extensive. We have had the vehicle in and out of the shop . . . they are tellin us that everything checks out fine and it is safe. This is not what we paid for. They said the sounds are "normal". We have also experianced the rough / grinding while changing gears in the shaft.
  • hathonehathone Posts: 1
    I have had the same issue backing up especially up hill with my 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan.

    Also, I now have a serious engine problem. I start the car and it lurches, blows smoke out the tail pipe that is raunchy (not burnt oil) and then rumbles like someone who hasnt eaten for about a week! I had to roll it out of the garage and it is sitting three until I get it towed to the dealership.

    Last week I had it in for an oil change, safety (Virginia mandate) and brake check. Only has 9700 miles on it.
  • ahavaahava Posts: 3
    I have been having trans problems with my 2011 since a month after buying it. I have had it serviced quite a few times, and the last time they did a lot of work on the transmission! still isn't running properly! Like everyone else has stated, I get the run around and they talk to me like I am stupid!
    Lemon laws don't really work and I am curious as to what I can do to return that new van for good?
    Legal action? More screaming? Maybe all of us getting a joint attorney and suing Chrysler?
    Someone pls give me some insight!!
    Thank you!! :cry:
  • ahavaahava Posts: 3
    Hi! :lemon:
    I have been having trans problems with my 2011 since a month after buying it. I have had it serviced quite a few times, and the last time they did a lot of work on the transmission! still isn't running properly! Like everyone else has stated, I get the run around and they talk to me like I am stupid!
    Lemon laws don't really work and I am curious as to what I can do to return that new van for good?
    Legal action? More screaming? Maybe all of us getting a joint attorney and suing Chrysler?
    Someone pls give me some insight!!
    Thank you!! :lemon:
  • I think we should cause I also experince some transmissoin problems about four months after I bought it. Now I took it last time and I was told that it was a recall on transmission and supostelly they fixed it but it continues messing up on the shifting, a rattleing noise when starting, when Im backing up kind like shakes. I agreen with you we all should get together to fix this issue. :confuse: :confuse:
  • ahavaahava Posts: 3
    I have gotten nowhere with my issues!! Something seriously needs to be done and they won't listen to just one little guy! :cry:
  • thurman33thurman33 Posts: 1
    As like all others who have reported about transmission problems, my mother has a 2012 Crew model. The biggest headaches with it, is the transmission. When we first got it, it would jerk and carry on when backing up and especially when driving in town. We took it to the dealership, they rode with us so that we could point out the problem to them. They fixed it. It ran fine for about 4 to 5 months, but now it's slipping (hanging) in 4th gear when shifting out. A couple from church has a Town & Country, and their's has just started with the transmission problems. Hopefully, we will get it fixed soon. We love the van, it's spaciousness, and sleek looks. A truly nice vehicle. I wish the rest of you the best on getting your's fixed soon and no more worrisome problems.
  • My horrible experience with the transmission began February 2013 when my 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan began experiencing transmission problems. I attempted to go to the service center of the dealer I bought the vehicle from, but they did not have an opening soon enough and my van was not shifting at all. It was stuck in limp mode. When I tried to reverse it would pop into gear, or when I tried to push the gas in drive it would do the same, jolt and then of course it would not shift gears. I could barely reach 30 mph comfortably. So, I made an appointment and brought it in to Don Miller, a local Dodge/Chrysler dealership. When I got there, it was busy, but once my car was taken into the repair shop I proceeded to wait another 3 hours. Finally the man who checked my car in returned to the waiting area and informed me that my transmission needed to be completely replaced, however it was still under the manufacturers warranty so it wouldn't cost me anything. In addition I had an extended warranty that would also cover the cost of a rental since the repair was under warranty. I went home and the entire next day passed by, late in the afternoon I received a phone call from Don Miller, and I was informed that it wasn't my transmission that needed to be replaced it was in fact JUST the wiring to the transmission that had been chewed by mice, which of course was NOT covered by either the manufacturers warranty or the extended warranty. He proceeded to inform me that the rental vehicle I had was no longer covered now either, but he would make an exception. I was absolutely SHOCKED to say the least they spent 3 hours looking at it and they told me the transmission was done, then an entire 24 hours later I am told it was mice chewing the wiring, which is on the OUTSIDE! Nonetheless, I picked up the van the next day and paid the $450.00 bill. A couple of weeks later I received a letter in the mail from Chrysler/Dodge notifying me of a recall on a computer component called the Power Train Module, that could potentially cause shifting problems, the letter stated I could make an appointment and have it fixed free of charge. I called to make the appointment and I was told it was already done. Strange considering no one informed me that it even existed when I was at Don Miller let alone that they had done it. Note: I would later learn that it was listed at the bottom of my service receipt, although I never noticed it considering I was shocked to find out the transmission would not be covered. Besides no one said anything to me about it, and it just made me more skeptical when I was already feeling uneasy about their honesty.

    The rest of winter I was paranoid that mice would climb back in and chew the wires again, I mean why wouldn't they? Though, however miraculous it never happened. The rest of that very cold winter not one mouse returned to my warm vehicle to burrow, coincidence? I think not. A whole 8 months passes and I start the exact same symptoms again with the transmission, but no engine light yet. It was coming and going. Then bam engine light on and it will not shift again. This happened last weekend November 2013 when we were having crazy warm weather I think in the 50's. My first thought was to go to a local Madison mechanic and have the wires checked first before going to the dealership. So, I did. I spent almost $50 there, they checked the codes on the computer which led them to check the connectors and wiring. Everything was intact, no problems. The local mechanic I went to said it was most likely inside the transmission and I should take it back to Don Miller since it is under warranty. I still have the work order and receipt that I kept on the dash before driving to Don Miller. Before returning to Don Miller I did a little research on their transmissions and I found other owners of 2011 grand caravans with the exact same problems ( -problem.html).

    Armed with this knowledge and having had my transmission's wires checked at a local mechanic's shop I went to Don Miller. When I got there I was checked in by the same man that checked my vehicle in back in February. I proceeded to explain the entire story to him, including my knowledge of their transmission problems, the fact that I had the wires checked already so I know they were NOT chewed by mice, and basically I wanted a new transmission.

    What happened next is probably the MOST unbelievable thing yet. After only an hour of waiting this time, the man returns to the waiting area and informs me that my wires were indeed chewed by mice again. He offers to take us back into the garage to show us. We walk back there and right on top the wires were chewed or cut. I was absolutely enraged to say the least. I immediately got on the phone called the local Madison mechanic I went to earlier and re-verified his findings of the wires being intact. He once again verified that they were indeed intact. The technician at Don Miller then informs me that it should only take another hour or so to fix. I asked him if these were the same wires that were 'chewed' last time and he said "yes, I think so". If that was the case then these wires are clearly visible and right on top, so why then back in February did it take 3 hours to diagnose, and after 3 hours why was I told my transmission was shot and needed a new one? Only to be called 24 hours later with the chewed wire story. The tech told me "He can't remember back to February and he is sorry about the mistake". Well I can, and I clearly remember what happened. I asked for my van back and said I would have to return, IF I decided to let them touch it again. The tech or intake guy whatever he is, then gave me a $118 bill, for 'checking codes' and diagnosing. I said B.S. basically, it does not take that long or cost that much to check codes, then see my 'chewed' wire.

    After speaking with, and I use that term lightly, their manager (the most condescending unapologetic and unprofessional manger I've ever run into) I was told in the most rude way that I could just leave and he would waive the bill, and I could go to my other mechanic that I have so much more confidence in. As I told him confidence is an understatement, I am questioning their ethics and whether or not they are being honest about the repairs needed, even more were my wires actually chewed by mice?

    As I write this my van is currently at the local mechanic's shop and I am having the wires replaced, which I was told would take less than an hour and cost me under a $100. Go figure I paid $450 last February. But even more surprising the mechanic said he is not sure this will actually fix the problem, he said he thinks it is an inside transmission problem. Aha, so there we have it. I am having the wires fixed today or tomorrow, once they get the part. Then if I continue to have prob
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