How To Get 35 MPG Highway

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Okay so i was happy with the 28 or 29 i could get on the highway. I knew i had 130,000 miles now and i wasnt going to get much more. Oh how i was wrong. $50 later and i now averag 33.6 and on my last trip to the cabin i got 35.4. Here is what i did. There is a great product called seafoam you will need 2 cans of it. First pour 1 entire can in gas tank. Then pour half of the second can in you oil. Now the other half you are going to suck into your engine through a vaccum line (I used the one attached to the intake manifold). You want to start slow and then eventually kill the engine by flooding it with seafom. After the engine kills wait to minutes and restart. You will want to rev the engine high until you see a cloud of smoke pouring out . That is all the built up carbon in your engine being burned away. There will be ALOT of smoke so dont do it by a street or next to your house with the windows open. Now because you put the seafoam in your oil you are going to want to change your oil about 1,000 miles later. After you change your oil you will need to buy a product called z-max engine treatment. Add that to your freshly changed oil and keep the engine running for a while to let get to all of your engine parts. Now the z-max will actually absorb into the metal of your engine and lubricate. This also means you dont have to change your oil sooner. After doing this my car idols smoother starts easier and gets better gas mileage. Screw to epa estimated 28 im getting 35


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    Not spam i dont appreciate that there is no need to be a [non-permissible content removed]. For the people that are interested this is exactly what i did and it worked i will even post a photo soon
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    Sorry, but there's no product that will permanently increase my mileage by 15% for $50 (you can look up the nonsense about HHO systems for a laugh)

    If there was, EVERYBODY would be using it and the product would be a national news story.

    So before this turns into the fight that it IS going to turn into (we're already there in 3 posts), I'm going to close this one down.
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