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Ford Fusion Intermittent Starting Problems

snaphoooosnaphoooo Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Ford
My 06 Ford Fusion has been slightly “jacked up” for the last two years and it is driving me crazy. While I've had intermittent starting problems for some time, I think I've stumbled across a rather important realization.

Every day I drive my car to the local train station. Every day, 10 hours later, I drive my car home from the train station. Without fail, my car starts every time. However, when I drive my car to the local grocery store and only leave it sitting for a few minutes it won’t start. The problem only appears when the car has NOT been sitting off for a few hours. When the problems occur, the car will crank, but just not turn over. The problem, while existent in the winter, seems to get much worse in the summer.

I've take this temperamental machine to 3 separate garages. The first told me it was the battery. I told them they were crazy, but for some reason followed their advice. The second could not replicate the problem and ended up telling ME I was crazy. I didn't argue. The third said it was an issue with the fuel supply and replaced my fuel pump. I had a similar problem the next day.

What could it be? I'm thinking about replacing the spark plugs, because the car does have over 120k miles, for good measure this weekend, but I'm really just grasping at straws here.

Any ideas?


  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,062
    Did you actually replace the battery? If not go ahead and replace it and clean the terminals. What do you mean by "crank but not turn over" - those typically mean the same thing - the engine turns. Do you mean that the engine cranks but doesn't start? If so there was a TSB that addressed a temporary no-start condition although it might have been targeted at later models - dealer should be able to find it.

    Are you able to jump the car? If so it still points to a battery/charging system problem rather than a fuel problem. If the battery has been replaced I'd say the alternator is not charging the battery quickly enough. Replace the serpentine belt and then the alternator if necessary. Just my guess.
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