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2012 - 2013 Toyota Avalon



  • I've been reading all the posts on the harsh ride of the 13 Avalon. My wife has been bugging me about test driving one ever since we saw it at he Phoenix car show. I was actually there to check out the Cadillac ATS.
    Let me say Im 64 and drive a Mini Copper Clubman S. I put 24000 miles a year on it for the past 3 1/2 years. So I do some driving. Oh yeah it's a 6 speed. Anyways test drove a Limited. For me it floats down the road, (thats where the laugh comes in)to big for me but my wife loves it says it rides better than her Lexus RX 350. Now I still want the ATS but truthfully overall I was impressed with the Avalon. We'll see what happens.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    For me it rode well, just no where near as comfortable as the '10, '11 or '12 models.

  • It's all about perspective, isn't it? ncee's opinions count for himself. bahollings' opinions account for himself. This discussion blog here is looking at the magnified opinions of a few people. There can be a loss of perspective when dwelling on the opinions of a few people.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,081
    True, but when people comment on their specific likes or dislikes about a vehicle, it gives prospective buyers a few points to focus on during the test drive process. After reading posts from those who do & don't like the comfort of the ride, for example, a shopper might be more inclined to pay attention to that aspect of the vehicle when test driving. So, really, all perspectives are good, even if they're just a small sample.


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  • there can also be a gain of perspective when dwelling on the opinions of alot of people
  • geo123geo123 Posts: 33
    Just curious, since you had an 09 Lexus ES did you consider going to a 2013 Lexus ES rather than going with the 2013 Avalon? Just wondered why you did not stay with Lexus ES brand. I have been looking both, the 2013 Lexus ES and the 2013 Avalon and the current time prefer the ES. The ES comes with 17" tires, but as an option you can go to the 18". After reading this forum would not even consider the low profile 18" tires.
  • im lookin at a es do you go forth in picking the package you want? lexus makes it extremely confusing.7 different packages determine price range of car
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    And let us not forget the many buyers who DON'T visit places like this. My point is there could be many more unhappy buyers, and I'm SURE they are many more happy buyers too.

    Oh, to those who choose the let Toyota know your feelings about the size, ride and anything else about the car, drop anyone of these folks an email and let them know. I AM sure they would like to hear both good and bad about the New Avalon.

    As was pointed out to me, "Sales aren't the only thing we use to gauge the success or failure of a new model. Consumer input is very important, which is why we read blogs, news feeds, forums, Go to Car Shows and so on. While we can't make all of the changes consumers ask for, we do take into consideration, all the input we get, and try to make the best changes, based on this input."

    Look folks, Do I think Toyota's New Avalon is a nice car, hell yes. In damn near ever respect, they did an outstanding job. I just feel this car could have been better (for me and others), and they made it bigger and more comfortable.

    Look they got some half dozen model options, what would have been so hard about making one for folks who had come to enjoy and appreciate the Size and comfort of the earlier Avalon, with the style and grace of the new one?

    Look, there is nothing that would make me happier (and those who are getting tried of my rants toos) if Toyota made the next model, Bigger, quieter, and more comfortable, I WOULD agin, purchase a New Avalon (After a lengthy test drive:))

    So if you have email addresses for the folks at Toyota, drop them a line, I'm sure they were appreciate it.

    Should you need any contact info, drop me a line.

  • Just bought a 2013 avalon xle. My wife and i love every aspect of the vehicle. While it is comfortable and roomy, I can certainly appreciate that it does not provide the armchair comfort of the 2011 and 2012 models. It is a tradeoff and all a matter of what is important to the buyer.

    The one concern I have is with gas mileage. At this point, the dashboard gas mileage indicator has consistently indicated an average of 16 mpg. This is with very conservative driving. I would be interested to know how others have fared in terms of gas mileage.
  • I was turned off by the '13 ES 350, because of the location of the Nav screen (too close to the windshield) and the joy stick like controller to use the Nav system. When the Lexus dealership gave me loaner vehicles with the joystick, I knew I could not use one of those full time. I have arthritis in my wrist and it just did not work for me.
  • mcclearyflmcclearyfl Posts: 149
    edited February 2013
    I finally had the opportunity to compare the new 2013 Avalon to my 2003 XLS with 137K on the odometer. All of my comments are about appearance and comfort; I did not drive the 2013.

    I didn’t find the large grill off-putting, though I think Toyota could have done better. As a driver, at least I don’t have to look at it. There were lots of doodads on the 2013 that I really liked, from a lumbar support that was adjustable vertically to a modern instrument panel that was contemporary in this age of communications. The fascia had a broad integrated sweep that was appealing. Yes I could be very happy in this car.

    But there was something not quite right. For such a large car the interior space seemed less than in my 2003. How could this be? I remember that I had the same reaction to a new Ford Taurus. Aah, it’s the gangster windows! The 2013 has significantly less window area than my 2003, and I got the sense of peering out rather than enjoying the wide-open view that I always experience in mine. Toyota is not unique in this retrograde styling approach; Buick models in particular follow this trend, and Chrysler 300 and 200 models are the same. I suppose it is all done in the search for “style”, but isn’t form supposed to follow function?

    So I got back in my 2003 XLS (meticulously maintained, it drives exactly the same as when I purchased it) and drove back to my home, relishing the almost 360 degree spacious view I was experiencing. Some time in the future, when my 2003 has breathed its last, I might return to the 2013. I like Avalons, and I like Toyota reliability. I hope these plusses overcome my ‘claustrophobia’.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    At around 7000 miles, the mileage should jump up about 5 mpg. The break-in phenomenon.
  • After taking delivery of my wife's Avalon Ltd., I considered trading my 2012 Camry Hybrid in for a 2013 Avalon Hybrid. I also visited the Lexus dealer, to complete my due diligence, thinking I would prefer a ES Hybrid, maybe because of the L on the grill. After looking at the Lexus, I ordered my Avalon Hybrid Ltd. the same afternoon. $5K less, and the Avalon was a step above its brother with a L.
    The interior of the Avalon was so much more modern and preferred by me. The Lexus' Nav. Screen was so far removed from the driver, and controls seemed archaic in comparison to the Avalon.

    Many posts from just a couple people have criticized the Avalon's "Newly tuned ride and handling", as being to firm, and not the float of the previous generation. That is correct, and after owning a first year Avalon ( if I recall, a 1995 model) and then another as a 2006, we had understood the Cush-mobile ride charicteristics of the model. If the new model had been like that, we would not have purchased them. Being younger than the typical Avalon buyers, we do not care for the floaty ride anymore, since driving has become more fun as new empty nesters, not just a way from A to B with the kids. I believe we were key targets for the New Avalon. It is more of a pleasure to drive, if you prefer to be connected a bit more to your vehicles. So, if you still want the Crown Vic ride, and cavern like interior, the Avalon may not fit your desire.
  • Hey Lucky...

    So glad you are able to absorb the ride of the new '13 Avalon Limited/Hybrid. I too love everything about this vehicle. It's just the awful ride I can't absorb. I only have 1,300 miles, so maybe I will get adjusted and be able to soak up the beating I take every time I drive it, but I doubt it.

    But you are so correct in that the interior is expertly designed. The rearview backup monitoring has already saved me from a fender-bender. And I love the blind spot monitoring.

    I don't like the washed out display of the heater/a-c/outside temp display during the day. Do you notice the distortion through the review mirror (looking at cars to the rear) caused by the rear sunshade enclosure reflecting off the back glass?
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    :( that's why I traded my 2013 in for a new 2012.

    I too love all the tech stuff, (and the nice and quiet wipers) and will miss most of it, but not the ride, road noise or the smaller size, smaller trunk opening, smaller rear seats, non-reclining rear seats.

    I wasn't a huge fan of the 3 color interior and raised panels on the doors.

    The fit, finish and trim, is outstanding! Blind Spot Monitoring É YES Backup monitoring É YES

    The Tech Package is cool, albeit old (Most has been on other cars for a few years already). I have friends who work at the Frd dealer I use to work at, and they all laughed at my excitement of the "Cool Tech Features" that have been on the Fusions now for a few years.

    The touch controls are ok / cool, but not a deal breaker for me.

  • I have had several Avalons my first was a 2001 then 2004 which I gave to my daughter it has 100k and still going strong and a 2009. All gave excellent performance and that comfortable Avalon ride, which we had gotten used to. I waited for the new 2013's to come out with anticipation.

    The test drive in a 2013 Limited was disapointing that smoothness of the past cars was gone . Everytime I drove over an expansion joint in the road there was a jarring jolt that I had never felt before. What to do ? Perhaps a Lexus E350 would suffice, not even close, after taking one out a test it is nothing more than a loaded up Camry. The 18 inch tires on both cars do not help one bit.

    This only complicated the whole process, perhaps it was best to keep the 2009 with 56K on it. Then after a service visit to Lakewood Toyota in new Jersey I spotted a lonley 2012 Limited leftover in the back of the dealership it was Sand Mica (not my favorite color). 39,900 sticker. After the usual back and forth we drove it away for 32K and we still have the Avalon ride. Thanks to the many posters for their input and a pox on Toyota for snubing their faithful former owneers even though their average is 67. Time will tell if those wipersnappers will be as loyal. The 2009 was given to my daughter and she could not have been happier the 2004 went to a Sandy we keepthem rolling.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    edited February 2013
    Pretty much why I traded my New 2013 Avalon in as well.

    I miss some of the cool tech stuff, but I LOVE the ride, comfort, quietness of my 2012 Avalon in Cypress Green.

    I traded my 2008 Avalon Touring Edition in on my 2011 Avalon LTD, that I traded in on my 2013 Avalon, that I traded after 2300 miles, on the 2012 Avalon.

    With all the current models they offer, I think they should have had:

    Basic Avalon
    Avalon LE (Light / limited edition)
    Avalon SE (SPORTS Edition)
    Avalon LTD (Olde fart version)

  • Perhaps a Lexus E350 would suffice, not even close, after taking one out a test it is nothing more than a loaded up Camry? the es350 has the exact same 2012 avalon engine.not as big as the avalon but was the ride that bad? i say this cuz i have a 2012 avalon and soon will be trading it in for a 2013 es350
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm pretty sure the new Avalon and ES are the same size now, little smaller than the 2012 Avalon, but larger than the Camry. I haven't driven either yet. Keeping my LS for quite a while longer I think. But if they have tried to turn the Avalon OR the ES into a sports car, it's a mistake. I like the idea above of the different model choices.

    My GM at the Lexus store told me, they Lexus goal is to provide a Reliable BMW now. I am ok with that to some degree - but not if it becomes uncomfortable, noisy or bumpy. And I'm not a fan of the damn mouse.
  • nice.i originally want the LS.cost too steep though and i won't settle for a used im buying a new es.the fact that its almost as big as the avalon is reason im getting it
  • geo123geo123 Posts: 33
    Are you getting the ES with the 17" or 18" tires? I believe the 18" tires are an option. Would appreciate your comments on the configuration.


  • 17.they say ride is smoother.just confused with all the makes it difficult with 7 different packages.avalon was way more simpler to buy
  • For looks and handling, many newer cars are using 18" and larger rims and these almost always give a harsher, rougher ride. Also, the lower profile tires that come on those rims don't last too long.
  • The Lexus E350 has smaller dimensions than the Avalon by two to three inches in all areas, front shoulder room rear shoulder and leg room. It is built on the Camry platform where the Avalon is an entirely different vehicle. The 17 vs 18 inch tires make a big difference although I did not drive a Avalon Premium which has 17's and the bare bones E350 does also. i just feel that Toyota has abandoned the over 60 set for a younger group. Those looking for the old Avalon ride in a 2013 will just have to look elsewhere.
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    With all due respect, the ES 350 is now built on the Avalon platform and the interior dimensions, leg,hip,headroom, are virtually identical according to
  • exactly
  • tjc78tjc78 Certified like SnakeweaselPosts: 7,526
    In all honesty all three are essentially the same car. The Avalon (and now ES) just rides on the stretched version of the platform (2" longer wheelbase).

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 594
    With the recent discussion on new car comparisons..... A check on a website with 2013 auto power and other measurements shows that the 2013 Avalon is stunningly similar to the 2013 Honda Accord... The Accord has slightly more HP, more torque and better highway mileage. The Avalon is 4 inches overall longer and has a 2 inch longer wheelbase. The Avy has 1" more rear headroom but all other interior dimensions are almost the same, under 1 inch difference, the Honda has a bit more here, the Avy a bit more there. The Avalon trunk is 3% larger and the total interior volume measurement is within 1%.

    No argument that the Avy has more style, better finish, etc., than a 2013 Honda Accord sedan... but if you are buying basic quality transportation, the Honda is 5k less loaded with V6, nav, etc., and is just as dependable. Add in the V6 Camry and... what are they thinking with Avalon?

    But I did park next to a '13 recently, the grille is not as bad I had expected from close up and the body style and interior materials are impressive. Now all I need is a test drive! :)
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Drive them both (which I do), and you'll find, as usual, the Honda is noisier, harsher, and rides much stiffer than the Avalon. Hondas are wonderful, well built cars - but NVH has never been their strongest suit, compared with a Toyota. The Avalon will be smoother, quieter, and nicer to drive.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Having owned both, and a son who owns an Accord, I can tell you, there is a BIG difference between these 2 cars.

    While the Honda is a very well built car, it is not even in the same class as the Avalon.

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