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GMC Terrain Real World MPG



  • bwall2bwall2 Posts: 30
    edited March 2013
    I agree - however, GM did a consumption test on my 2011 FWD 4 cyl and guess what? The dealer said it does 38.8 mpg! I think you need to bring to Quakertown, PA, Star GMC - they obviously know something that you or I do not know. I would like to know where the gas is going - I guess it is leaking out somewhere since I can only get 27.5 mpg under the BEST of conditions.

    By the way, I never get a response from GMC on this website; guess they don't like me making fun of their poor gas mileage. I love my Toyota Camry Hybrid - 95,000 miles and it still gets 38 - 41 mpg! Too bad we bought the GMC in a weak moment - now we are STUCK with it. Nobody wants them!

    The best part - GMC believed the dealer's number! Isn't that interesting!
  • I reluctantly purchased my 2012 GMC Terrain SLT-2 in July 2013 and have been trying to get rid of it for months. I will never purchase another GMC. My two biggest complaints are the blind spots and the gas mileage. What a joke on the gas mileage! I have yet to have a tank of gas where I average over 27 miles (estimating high) per gallon when driving mostly on the highway. I usually average about 20 mpg, and that includes highway driving on a regular basis. I track my fuel purchases and there is no cost-benefit to owning the Terrain. The in-city mpg estimates are a joke. I put a 5-figures down-payment on my vehicle and after having it only 3 months I would have only gotten about $3,000 over what I owe on a trade-in. That was with less than 3,000 miles on it.

    I regret EVER going to the GMC dealer and considering the Terrain. It will be a happy day when I no longer have to look at that car in my driveway.
  • bwall2bwall2 Posts: 30
    Ah yes - another satisfied Terrain owner! I share your pain - it is a worthless piece of ???.

    The good news - I received a card in the mail to "test drive" a GMC and get a $50 gift card. I went right away - drove the Terrain and expressed my dissatisfaction to the salesperson (who was very nice.) I am so happy - I was able to recoup $50 of this miserable investment!

    Just remember - my dealer said I get 38.8 mpg! Star GMC, Quakertown, PA - that is the place to check it out! I just can't imagine where the gas goes - guess it evaporates!!!
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "I reluctantly purchased my 2012 GMC Terrain SLT-2 in July 2013 ..."

  • lefty54lefty54 Posts: 4
    I am puzzled as to why "Sarah" from GM Customer Service posts here? Aren't these forums for consumers? I have read a lot of consumer comments about many vehicles on Edmunds and I haven't seen other car makers reps making comments.

    We don't need to hear "I'm sorry you are not satisfied....." over and over.

    I would prefer if the car companies stayed off of these threads.
  • cmccullcmccull Posts: 33
    I think it's great that GM customer service is on here. Most of these forums are sought out by people that aren't happy. If you can have some help by GM all the better.
    After 3 years my SLT2 V6 AWD Terrain with 46,000 miles continues to be great. I am very happy with my car. I tire of people trashing the car as junk, etc. Mine has been good so far and I am happy.
    Most happy people do not seek these forums.
  • mea5mea5 Posts: 1
    I have had the Terrain for almost 3 months and I never even come close to getting the MPG that GMC claims the Terrain gets. The best I have ever gotten was 23.2 and that was on a road trip with all highway miles. I used to have a hybrid escape until my husband totalled it so I know how to drive a car to maximize gas mileage. I looked for a replacement for months for a SUV or crossover with good gas mileage. I finally decided on the 2012 4cyl FWD GMC Terrain because it claimed to get 32 MPG on the highway. I typically average about 18-20 MPG. I would have NEVER purchased this car if I had known that I would never come close to the estimated MPG. I will never buy a GMC again...they are dishonest. Sign me up for the class action!
  • bwall2bwall2 Posts: 30
    Yes - it is true. This vehicle does not come close to the "quoted" mpg. It is a classic GM ripoff. They still advertise it this way - I can't get that kind of mileage going downhill!

    It will be a happy day when I get rid of it. Unfortunately, I own the 2011 vehicle and now I am stuck until it depreciates to some number I can live with.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi mea5,

    I am very sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your MPG. I have provided a website that can help explain the determining factors associated with MPG. Hopefully it helps shed a little light:-)

    Crystal L-GM Customer Care
  • bwall2bwall2 Posts: 30
    Hi Crystal,

    Why don't you tell the customer to go to Star GMC, Quakertown, PA? They did a consumption test on our 2011 Terrain and said it does 38.8 - yes, 38.8 MPG! We have asked them to tell us where the fuel goes - guess it just evaporates somewhere!

    The imports actually get what is on the sticker - wonder who pays off who to get those inflated numbers on the GMC products???

    Bernie - a very dissatisfied customer
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi Bernie,

    I can understand your frustration. MPG is generally tested during optimal driving conditions. This website may help you also If you are unhappy with the findings of the dealer you have been working with. I would suggest visiting another dealer. If you would like me to locate another dealer and set up an appointment for you send me an email at "Attn Crystal' in the subject header. Please include your full name, address, phone number, Vehicle Identification number, and approximate mileage on your vehicle.

    Best Regards,
    Crystal GM Customer Care
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    MPG is generally tested during optimal driving conditions.

    The "gasoline" used may be "optimal" but the EPA test is designed to simulate the driving environment. I don't think it's fair to say it's intended to test mpg under optimal driving conditions. Details about the test are available at that link you posted.
  • bwall2bwall2 Posts: 30
    Hi Crystal,

    Sorry to disagree with you, but other vehicles get a whole lot closer to the EPA estimate that this vehicle. Feel free to locate another dealer; it will not make any difference other than they will be more accurate if they do a consumption test. To think STAR GMC, Quakertown, PA says it does 38.8 mpg is rather strange!

    I have all the information for you - if you think it would make any difference.

  • xljakexljake Posts: 1
    Looks like I am joining a group of unhappy Terrain owners. For the record, we like our Terrain, my only complaint, to date, is highway MPG. I purchased my 2012 Terrain SLT 4 banger in October 2012. Since purchasing, we (my bride & I) have driven 10600 miles and filled the tank up 31 times. I have detailed records of actual miles/total gals/MPG on each tank of gas. (No, I am not anal, I spent 35 years in field sales and habitually kept detailed records for tax purposes.)
    My average, to date, is 23.37 mpg with an absolute best MPG of 25.97 mpg (RT) and an absolute worst at 21.24 mpg.

    My dealer has been supportive; my issue is with GMC customer service. They have taken a "nothing we can (will) do", "tough crap" attitude. The regional guy (jerk) went so far as to say the published MPG numbers were from EPA and not GMC suggested mileage (yet they are posted in all GMC advertising) and even suggesting that nothing was wrong with the Terrain, maybe our driving habits were the real problem or we were not buying quality gas. This got my dander up, since we only use gas from three major companies, I have purchased 15 GM vehicles since 1963 and currently own a 2000 Buick Regal V6 with over 221,000 miles which still gets 27-28 highway mpg. This is the 1st GM vehicle which did not meet my expectations and this jerk says nothing is wrong, its my fault...

    I just want to share my information and learn if anyone has been able to get past the low level "rejecters" to get someone with authority, or at least, a genuine empathy with our problems. I have details; I just want someone to care enough to look at my information. So far they have been too busy saying "we understand your frustration" but not taking any time to look at my data or offer any suggestions for a resolution to the problem. xljake
  • safety9285safety9285 Posts: 88
    I tried to like the Terrain but I got to take a two day test drive (I know the dealer) and I could not get anywhere near the mileage estimate. I took it back after the test drive and bought another Acadia. The dealer told me the the small 4 cylinder engine, even though rated for 87 octane, just won't get the mileage on that gas. Then add in the fact that it is almost impossible to buy gas in my area with out 10% ethanol (ethanol kills gas mileage) and you are in a lose lose situation.

    I have been watching this forum for a year and I have a friend who own a Terrain and one who owns an Equinox. No way, no how, does anyone get anything close to the mileage promised.

    Other than that, is seems like a nice vehicle.

    Don't buy if for the gas mileage.
  • Checked the EPA site (See earlier postings for links) and read the test parameters and results for mileage. Turns out the average HWY speed they used is 48 MPH. With a Max of 60 MPH. So if you care to drive that slow you to can get these numbers. This looks like serious manipulation of data. Perhaps an investigation into why they would allow such slow speeds to achieve the HWY numbers is in order. Last time I looked, the national speed limit was 65 on the HWY. The numbers should at least reflect that as the average speed on the test. The questions is why do other vehicles achieve their HWY numbers at realistic HWY speeds?
  • bwall2bwall2 Posts: 30
    You must bring it out to Pennsylvania. We had a comsumption test done at Star GMC, Quakertown, PA - and guess what they said? It does 38.8 mpg! Not bad - I just want to know where all the gas is going - !!!

    Of course the "authorities" of GM believed this and said "case closed."

    We too can only get low 20's. On highway, 2200 miles - no city driving - we got 27.5....far from 32!

    This is a bad deal - and GMC could care less; after all, we helped bail them out of bankrupcy - so they are now happy as can be.
  • thetwofourthetwofour Posts: 1
    im not trying to start anything here but from all 38 posts before me there are multiple promoting the prius and last i checked this is a terrain forum. If you hate the terrain or GM for that matter start a new thread where people want to read that. Also like sarah explained multiple times how the EPA does the testing, im hoping that it can finally be grasped but for those here we go again, GM does NOT do the testing they have ZERO control over how an outside independent organization does their job.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "... Also like sarah explained multiple times how the EPA does the testing, im hoping that it can finally be grasped but for those here we go again, GM does NOT do the testing they have ZERO control over how an outside independent organization does their job. "

    OK, you made me look back at the posts. I did not find a quote from Sarah that says that GM does not do testing. The EPA does very little testing; almost all of it is done by the manufacturer according to EPA testing requirements. They then submit the results to the EPA. I can find no Internet source that says GM outsources their EPA testing.

    I think you mean that GM has no control over how EPA testing is done, but that is different than saying they don't conduct the testing.

    I'm interested in the topic. Do you have a link?
  • aray5aray5 Posts: 6
    It seems that with all the UNhappy Terrain owners on here that we could "spread the word" about it via social networking and to our GMC dealers AND GMC itself, and if we complain loudly enough then maybe we'd be heard and get something done. How did the other class action suit about low mpg get going?
    We've ALWAYS had GMC vehicles in our family and the Terrain is the ONLY one we've had issue with. We have 3 Terrains and they are ALL UNDERperforming in mpg!!!
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