2000 pontiac montana

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I just purchased a 2000 pontiac montansa van fo rmy mother in law, we have notice that temperture gauge will keep raising until the fan comes on and then it will cool down, but what is strange is that the heat comeing out of the heater get cool when the engine heats up, then when the engine cools down the heat inside get hotter, we have flushed the system. thermalstat works, anyone have any ideas


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    To me, it sounds like an intake gasket is blown or its head gasket is blown. When one (or both) of these gasket materials are blown, it pumps air into the ATF system. This air creates "heat pockets" within the cooling system. Air pockets within the system make its temp go up/down as well - even while idling at a stop light. As a suggestion, get a professional auto repair shop to perform a pressure test on your older age vehicle. Also get them to check the color of the tail pipe as well. These are indications of air leak - within its Intake or Head Gasket materials.

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    Have air coming out of 1 of the 3 vents in the center of the dash. I assume my air distribution box is stuck. Is it vacuumn or electrically actuated? Is it very difficult to replace, or is there a possible work-around? If it must be replaced, where can I get instructions on how to take the dash apart?
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    Can SOMEONE EXPERIENCED WITH THIS PROBLEM answer this please? 2000 Pontiac Montana. The rear wiper motor is not working, so I am waiting for one to arrive. I have it disconnected now, but I noticed the front wiper pulse module or switch seems to be operating strangely now. I select lowest pulse, and the wipers just keep wiping.....not delay, no stopping until I switch them off. Is this a result of my removing/disconnecting the rear motor assembly?
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