Hyundai Tucson Door Locks

so335so335 Member Posts: 1
How do you shut off the auto locks.

unlock doors from your key-less 1 min later they lock if you don't open the drivers door. so open the back door do some work the stupid thing locks up and you have to open it again. sorry i just pissed at such a stupid system.


  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 200,906
    Almost every key-fob entry system works this way...

    Otherwise, if you bumped your keyfob, while walking away, or even from just inside a nearby storefront, you could inadvertently leave your car unlocked, without your knowledge...

    Imagine if you had OCD... you'd never be able to walk away from your car, for fear that you'd accidentally unlocked it.. ;)

    So.. it's not just Hyundai..

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