RX-8 or Miata: what to buy

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Our 1991 Miata is getting long in the tooth (as am I). A dealer here in Florida has a 2007 Miata and a 2009 RX-8, both Red each around $19K (too high, but the RX-8 base is more realistic price according to Edmunds)

Any car I buy will go back to Buffalo, NY in the spring, but will rarely (if ever) be driven once the snow flies. It will replace the Miata as the family Fun car, but be a frequent driver for my wife. I might keep the miata since a 1991 can be insured cheap, but then the Forester has to live in the driveway. Had the miata 10 years the forester 2 yrs.

I should probably not be asking on a RX-8 board which is better but there are some enthusiasts who love both. We were in the Buffalo-Niagara Miata club and there were a few RX-8 lovers.

I could also use a referral to a good mechanic in teh Fort Myers area to check out any car I consider


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    Theses are both excellant cars but have different attributes. Both are fun to drive but the rx8 likes to be driven more aggressively. It likes to be run near its top rpm where it generates its maximum power. It also needs a bit more care. Once started it should not be shut down until it has warmed up. This is important--since it could become flooded and then very difficult to restart. I drive a 2004 rx8 and my wife drives a 2007 mx5 both with standard transmissions. The mx5 takes no special care.
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    Thanks for your comments, Tom. We have had the 1991 Miata for 11 years and from 30K to 80K miles it has been essentially problem free and needed no special care.

    If the worst that can be said about the RX-8 is that it needs to be driven aggressively and prone to flooding I am leaning in that direction. I will sure miss the toplessness of the miata. The RX-8 in question doesn't even have a moon roof.
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    I test drove a RX8 2010 GT and loved it. You could get a lot more hp elsewhere but what good is it on the street? I like Mazda and drive a 3 and am happy, but the RX8 has some flaws: too much money for a car that is very hard to sell is the deal breaker, I doubt must mechanics have experience with a rotary not to mentio mpg. I see some new 11's in the low $30's still. You could get a BRZ soon for less, I guess. Go with the Miata, if you ever have to sell no problems. Only flaw I can think of is the lack of front license plate issue, maybe no issue in NY?
  • georged4georged4 Member Posts: 34
    We need a front licence in NY, but I am in FL for now.

    Hard top sell === better price from dealer, right? How low should I go? the 2009 Base is about $19,000 ... I'm thinking $12,000
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    Any new car yet? 12K would be a great price to pay for a 2009 RX8. Just make sure u know all about the RX8. They are fun to drive except the auto has less HP. I read starting in 2009 they made an improvement so the engine won't flood as easy. I like the body. Maybe I'll have one some day but I am leaning toward a '14 Sub BRZ or Scion FR~S.
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