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2012 Civics to be sold out before 2013 arrives?



  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    edited July 2012
    Consider the target audience for a Civic Coupe and then consider this. You can NOT get Satellite radio in the 2012 Civic Coupe unless you get the loaded Navigation. Not even an option if you don't have Nav.
    Contrast with the Hyundai Elantra Coupe or the Kia Forte Koupe... In the Elantra Coupe you get Satellite radio in standard even in the most basic model. I imagine the Kia is the same. Honda is lucky that Nissan does not produce a Sentra Coupe. I am just using sattelite radio as an example, all Honda's lately are WAY behind in the option department.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    Corollas sell well also and they are outclassed by many others. All that tells us is that Toyota, and Honda, have a long-term reputation that attracts many buyers. It doesn't mean the Corolla and Civic are great cars. You probably know the old line about McDonald's selling a lot of burgers. Are they great burgers? No.

    Yesterday's hits CAN win ball games, for this season. But the lineup starts getting old, reflexes slow, the players rest on their old stats for too long. Pretty soon, they are gone, swapped out for the kid from the farm club who has no history in the bigs but can hit better, run better, and play better defense. And doesn't cost as much.
  • When you have an iPhone that you can hook up to your car and listen to any streaming radio station in the world for free, not having satellite radio is no big deal. When you pay so much for a car, options are nice but reliability is better. We have a 2012 CRV and are planning to get a civic, because they are solid, comfortable, nice looking cars. They have awesome fuel efficiency. They are not trendy. Trendy cars do not age well and start to seem dated over the long haul. Having classic lines people like over the years is better than having a car that was hot 10 years ago and now doesn't appeal to a new generation of drivers. I do not believe in changing things just for the sake of being new. "
    You can always add options, but you cannot make once bought an unreliable car, reliable.

    There is a reason why Honda's always hold their value. There is a reason Honda cars keep selling despite all the press wanting all the bells and whistles. It is obvious that the press and rating agencies do not value the same things most drivers do.
  • We test drove a Civic EX and drive a CRV EX and we did not experience the complaints that I have been seeing. When we were in the market for a crossover we test drove EVERY ONE. The Honda was the only one that felt solid. Hyundai had all the bells and whistles but felt better in the Honda. We were not Honda fanboys. We have owned Fords (my escort wagon lasted 15 years and dad's escort lasted 25 until it was totalled), Toyotas (6 years and doing just fine), GMC (would have lasted longer but got totalled by a huge commercial truck with no one getting hurt), and so we are not mindless purchasers. We just value different things. We want our cars to last 15-20 years. We want excellent gas mileage without having to buy a hybrid. We do not want to spend anymore time in the shop than necessary.
    Maybe because I always valued dependability I may not know what true luxury or performance is, but there are a lot of cars that wow people that end up in the shop more than on the road. All those bells and whistles are nice until they give out and give your dealer a whole bunch of repair business.
  • By the way, we can NEVER buy any KIA even thought they may be nice because my husband is red/green color blind and all their consoles have red LED. I think there are companies that are so concerned about being cool instead of practical. Even if they would correct it, we would still be concerned with its track record for reliability and how well it would age.

    There is a lot of talk about how Honda is no fun. Fun to me is not having to go to the shop or the gas station as much. Fun is knowing that I won't have to look for cars for awhile. Fun is opening up the moonroof, listening to tribal music station from south america, and having all the passengers including yourself comfy.

    I have to wonder about all these rating agencies it doesn't seem to be about reliability, durability, and efficiency anymore but gagets, style, and whether you can race with your car rather than get to work. They value style over substance and that is why they are telling people that Honda is worse in its class because they undervalue what Honda owners value. Personally, we are not gadget people, we actually prefer manual doors and roll up windows, but liked the Honda EX how it was laid out. I love my moonroof, iphone streaming, and bluetooth calls. I tolerate power windows and doors because that is just standard these days. This great for me, but then I can be happy with a stripped down Yaris but my husband loves the Honda too much.
  • joeep23joeep23 Posts: 4
    I am such a car shopping nut that I created a spreadsheet comparing the options of the Civic LX, Elantra and Mazda 3i Touring. For the features I wanted the Civic LX was only missing the Bluetooth, Outside Air Temp., and rear disc brakes. I don't want the 16 inch wheels because based on my research and CR test results, better mileage comes with the smaller wheels. But the Civic has the auto-off headlights and the others do not and that's a biggy for me because my current car has auto-off headlights and I would be dealing with a lot of dead batteries without that feature. Also, I drove all 3 cars and preferred the feel of the throttle, steering, ride, seating, and braking of the Civic. That being said I won't be buying till Oct, or Nov and I would sure like to know what they are changing for the 2013. It drives me nuts because if the 2013 is not to my liking there will be few 2012's left to pick from.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    I like the CR-V also... nice little crossover. My wife thinks it's cute.

    What does it have to do with this discussion?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    FWIW I am pretty sure the Elantra at least has auto-off headlamps. It's had that feature since at least the 2001 MY.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,913
    So, just go to any stereo shop and have an inexpensive Satellite radio system installed. With such widespread use of Ipods, XM radio may be on the way out.

    The "target audience" for Civic coupes is a small one since tha vast majority of Civics sold are sedans.

    Still XM cuold appear in the 2013's I suppose.

    Nissan has tested the market and they are well aware that Sentra coupes would be very poor sellers.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,913
    Yep, and when the 2013 Civics are released there will be some people who will wonder..." Why did honda screw it up?"
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,913
    It's almost like some people are terribly put out because they have to turn off their own headlights!

    I mean BIG DEAL! When I do forget, that irrating chime quickly serves as a reminder!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    Yeah, the chime is fine, but I kinda like the auto-off feature. Gotta have one of those at least.
  • joeep23joeep23 Posts: 4
    According to the Hyundai website the automatic headlights are not available on the GLS and optional on the Limited. They do have daytime running lights. Sure, turning of the headlights is not a big deal. But both of my other cars have the automatic headlights and with kids it's possible to get distracted and not pay attention to the chime. In any case the auto headlights was just a part of the decision. At this point my thoughts are toward the 2013 and how do I get information about it.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    Are you looking for "auto-off" headlights (I thought you were), or automatic headlights, i.e., auto off and on? I think the Elantra has auto-off headlights, i.e. they go off when you stop the engine and take the keys out of the ignition. Automatic headlights are something else altogether.
  • tomcatt630tomcatt630 Posts: 124
    edited August 2012
    All the hand wringing is moot, Civic is #1 compact for the past few months. I got a good deal on one with minor hail damage for $4000 off sticker. Got the HF model and gets 40 on highway without electric motor to charge, nor a risky turbo, or complex, shuddering, wacky 'dry clutch' trans.

    Sure, I'd love to have had XM, but I got a poratable one to plug into AUX port for $79.

    For years I drove Ford compacts and faced critics, and no problem facing picky, snarky, uppity, critics now.

    Oh and BTW, the Canadian plant can't build them fast enough, per a factory worker online.
  • Even though the 2013 came out later than the dealer told me, there were more than a few 2012s left when they did come out. Just as I hoped I was able to get a good deal on a 2012. I test drove both cars over the same roads and decided a liked the softer ride in the 2012 and the cosmetic upgrades on the 2013 just didn't make that much difference to me. Sure I would have liked the backup camera. But I can add that and even have it display on the IMID. I just drove the car home today and I am so thrilled. It's my first new car in 26 years.
  • They still had a dozen 2012s when I went to the dealer few days ago. After test driving the 2012, I was satisfied with how it drove even though 2013 looked much much better. But they wouldn't come down more than $3k so just went with 2013 since it was nearly $3k off also. It was a no brainer. Glad I bought the 2013!
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