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2014 Honda CR-V Interior Windshield Streak Lines

guest2011guest2011 Posts: 30
edited December 2013 in Honda
Just bought one on saturday August 31. Dealer delivered the car from the storage lot. It had a dusty hazy windshield on the outside and about 3/4 of it covered in straight streak lines top to bottom on the inside. Car was prepped, cleaned. Looked good and i took it home. A few days later i took it out after 5pm when the sun was lower. Some haze formed on the inside probably due to humidity. Driving against sun light with the streaks wasn't pleasant. I tried auto glass cleaner with microiber cloth but the lines appear to permanent. It never crossed my mind to create hazy spots inside to see if the lines were still there while i inspected after the wash. Never had anything like that in any new car i bought or any car. No idea if streak lines indicate a potential problem or where it happened or how.
Dealer could not get the lines out with a foam glass cleaner, offered to replace free of charge under warranty. I refused windshield replacement. Will contact 3rd party glass specialists to see what can be done about it and if nothing can be done i want a new car under the Lemon Law.

Interested to hear similar cases if anybody else had similar problem and how it was resolved. I will never touch another Honda again, but that's a different story.


  • Why would you refuse windshield replacement from the dealer? They offered to remedy the situation and replace the defective part presumably at no cost to you. Is this just so you can go around angry and spiteful toward Honda or whoever you wish to vent your anger at? I don't see the purpose behind your vengeance.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    From what I've read, windshields are an integral part of the car's safety cage. So it is better to delay replacing them as long as possible, since the replacement may not be installed as well as the OEM windshield.
  • Have you or the dealer tried any other professional glass cleaning/polishing products, e.g., Zaino Z-12 ?
  • Believe me I understand your reluctance to take your new car to the dealer for repair but in this case I would let them replace the windshield. My '04 Accord had a poorly factory installed windshield that started rattling and creaking on day two of ownership. I immediately took the car back and they repaired it just fine with no issues and that was nearly 10 years ago. I will say at the time I nearly decked one of the service writers when he decided without even driving my car that "they all make that sound", thankfully someone with actual customer service skills stepped in and told the guy to go away. Anyway don't give up on Honda because of this early little wrinkle, my 04 accord is running like new with 143k and actually still looks fresh when I wash it. Not perfect but they do make a rugged long lasting vehicle.
  • Because if honda paid me i would let it do whatever but i paid honda so iexpect perfection for the money i paid.
  • Yes thats what im afraid of. Things may not be the same after replacement. I dont want to have a servise record.
  • guest2011guest2011 Posts: 30
    edited September 2013
    Dealer doesn't have anything like that. Foam spray and paper napkins. I went to Glassdoctor and another glass place.. They want to do what brings more profit than cleaning glass. Replace it. Recommended i try turtle wax with wool pad. Didn't work. Whatever it is the lines are permanent.

    When glass is clean, away from the sun its perfect. After 5:30 if i wet paper towel with vinegal i can clearly see them. Haven't driven at night yet to see if lines interfere with lights. It appears side windows got splashed with something like plastic shining chemicals. See samespots when outside gets hazy after cleaning the outside several times.
  • guest2011guest2011 Posts: 30
    edited September 2013
    If we return cars we wouldn't have issues like that but if we bend over then manufacturers dont bother improving quality control. I thought about returning but im afraid to touch another CRV. At least mine doesnt have any issues defects or scratches. Ive seen brand new scratched on the lot. NO guarantee another CRV wont have any defects. There are other issues unrelated to glass but thats a different story.
  • seven_upsseven_ups Posts: 10
    edited September 2013
    Our windshield had several minor chips and an arcing scratch - not terribly deep, but certainly visible - caused by a large granule of road salt lodged in the wiper. We also had stubborn water spotting on both exterior side mirrors. Zaino Z-12 Clear-View was applied in all areas with positive effect. User reviews of this product can be found on various web-based automotive forums. A modest-cost consideration ( ~ $13 ), before committing to windshield replacement.
  • Yes i'll mention it to Honda if dealer wants to try Zaino first.
  • I've witnessed my first and hopefully last windshield replacement in 2014 CRV. After install damage assessment is one damaged roof molding and gaps between cowls and new glass. Now i need to go back to the dealer to have more parts replaced. I'll thank the dealer, honda usa, and third party glass experts later.
  • guest2011guest2011 Posts: 30
    edited October 2013
    Update. Turns out both roof moldings were bent and cowls on both sides also needed to be replaced. The autoglass experts stretched them and created gaps between glass and cowls.

    For the price i paid i couldn't even get a "free" wheel lock set, yet honda spent a lot more to replace the windshield, roof moldings, cowls, 1 day rental. :( No quality control in Ohio.
  • dandrwdandrw Posts: 10
    My last 2 Hondas, a 2004 Accord and a 2013 CR-V both came out of the Mexico factory. Flawless fit and finish in every area. As good as any car I've ever owned since I got my drivers license in 1958.
  • not every single car is flawed. lucky.
  • dandrwdandrw Posts: 10
    edited October 2013
    The point of my previous comment was that a lot of commenters think that Mexico assembled Hondas are not as good as those assembled in US.My experience has been that both these cars were and remain flawless. Given the much documented drug and alcohol use of American assembly line workers on their break time, most notably GM, I will buy a car assembled by Mexicans, Japanese or Koreans any day.
  • I'll buy anything reliable without major or minor defects that doesn't have inflated mpg numbers. Don't know if any japanese german or korean cars for u.s. market are made in their countries of origin, so it makes no difference what to buy since overpriced $25,000+ CRV is considered on the lower end and competition in same range is probably ohio-made.
  • dandrwdandrw Posts: 10
    The 6 cyl Accords are assembled in Japan as are most of the Honda and Toyota hybrids. I believe most German cars are made in Germany, most Kia's in Korea and Hyundai claims over half their cars are produced here.
  • toledo73toledo73 Posts: 171
    My 2014 CRV is flawless, actually my 3rd CRV, EXCEEDED 24 mpg on my first tank full. Some people just like to [non-permissible content removed] and moan about EVERYTHING. Dealer offers to REPLACE windshield at no cost and still want to get lawyered up!!! Why not just sell the CRV and go buy a RAV4, now THAT is a dog!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 145,625
    BMW and Mercedes both have U.S. assembly plants.. Virtually every BMW SUV is built in the U.S., even the units destined for sale in Europe..

    VW has been making cars in Mexico for decades, and makes Jettas and Passats in Chattanooga..

    We had a 3-Series that was built in South Africa..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • dealers and manufacturers love your ignorance and fanboi attitude.
    R E P L A C E M E N T is not an option considering P R I C E paid and perfection is expected or GTFO!!! 2014 CRV exceeds 24mpg, which is normal. Its the highway number that it does NOT exceed at any speed. Yes next time will consider any other make. Not married to honda.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Since the windshield problem has been fixed and people are starting to insult each other, we are simply going to archive this discussion.
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