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2006 Jetta TDI battery question

I read a comment that stated a diesel version of the Jetta TDI requires a stronger battery than non-diesel.

If this be the case, since it did not elaborate, what have other diesel TDI owners of the 06 version purchased for diesel battery replacement?

And at the same time, is there a detailed removal of battery 'out there'? I came across a u-tube version, but the car was not the 06 version; and this will be my first time to address a removal.



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    When it was time to replace the battery in my TDI, I did a *LOT* of research. (Know that I am an engineer so my research is pretty technical)

    After researching batteries for several months. Comparing cranking-amps, capacity and balancing price in the mix. The best battery I found was one purchased across the counter at my local VW dealer. I made sure the date-stamp on the battery was only a few months old.

    If price was not a consideration, I would have went with the TDI battery offered by
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    edited November 2013
    You also asked about replacing the battery.

    You have basiccly 3 choices.

    1) Pay a mechanic to do it
    2) purchase battery and do it yourself
    3) FREE battery replacement at many auto-parts stores. (when you purchase battery from them)

    BEWARE:When battery is removed, the radio may go into 'safe' mode because it thinks it has been stolen. It is best to make sure you have the "secret code" to unlock your radio. (Given to you in owners manual when you purchased the vehicle) Also, many folks successfully use a 'settings saver' device which is essentially a standard 9v battery plugged into power-outlet in the dash.
  • Which battery did you end up with?
  • Have the data on the shop's receipt; but not at this moment. It was the "best" as I instructed the manager to provide; and as I recall ... within the factory version one. If it is a needed item number, come aback, and will find receipt for specifics.
  • Thanks doonboggle, would be interested in the item. Sounds like you went with the OEM Battery instead of Interstate, is that right?
  • doonboggledoonboggle Posts: 3
    edited November 2013
    OEM ... ??? Not that versed in batteries ... but the receipt has similar this ... AGM.

    Full item stock #H6AGM;

    It fit my Jetta's battery box perfectly. In buying it from the manager, I asked for the 'best' one he had in stock. He, as the manager, had overdone his assistance for me ... after his employee AND the customer service contact group ... had agrivated me so much. I am in Elgin, Texas, and the store is in Bastrop, and cost on web site now shows 166.xx, but he knocked it down to 159.xx. When I got home I looked at the various quality numbers, and compaired them to the old version ... core to be returned for refund ... and the numbers were within 1-2 of what was on the core..... so I feel pretty satisfied overall.

    PS: Web site.... -size-h6-760-cca-autocraft-gold-agm_10210829-p
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