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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    unfortunately you have learned that the BBB is nothing. they are run by businesses, for business. they don't care about consumers. next time if you get someone to agree to the price, don't just put a deposit down, but instead get the paperwork all filled out, with a buyers order and everything. then you have a legal contract with the dealership, instead of a deposit. See, unfortunately dealers can, and will do exactly what you have described figuring that you will just buy at the higher price cause you want it.
  • Picked up an '08 Highlander Ltd, AWD, Magnetic Grey last night. Got it for $34,527 which three dealerships told me was invoice (I guess that figures in their advertising costs, etc. because kbb invoice looked like around $34,000)? Anyway it had the following options (basically no NAV or DVD). FE, EJ, HD, PB, QR, RF, SR, TO, WL, ST, DK. The MSRP was $38,470.00

    They also gave me $15,000 for my 3 series Beemer when Carmax was only going to give me $13,500. So I was happy with the deal all around.
  • Where are you located? SoCal I hope?
  • Sorry....I live in northern Maryland and purchased the car in York, PA.
  • I ordered an 08 Highlander Ltd back in at the end of August and received it 2 mos later. I got 8.60% off the MSRP which is the best I could do since it was a new model. Went thru Costco's buying program and called the salesman at the dealership that handles these sales. You will probably not get a better price than the one offered to you since they are a hot commodity right now. Gary
  • neaxneax Posts: 1
    I have an '08 Highlander Sport 4X2 with the following options below. Price paid was $32,528 plus TT&L. I got it from Freeman Toyota in Hurst, Texas. I had my price in 5 (yes, FIVE) minutes. Best experience I ever had at a dealer. Thanks to B.J. the Internet Sales Manager.

    JBL 6-CD Stereo with Bluetooth (EJ)
    Leather seats (LA)
    Front Auto Dual-Zone A/C (QC)
    Rear Auto A/C (QR)
    Power Sun Roof (SR)
    Nighvision Mirror (GE)
    Homelink (?)
    Carpet Mat set (CT)
    Body Side molding (?)
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    I just got finished w/the BBB process, and in my opinion it was a waste of time.

    I've only had to use the BBB once and was disappointed by the process. By the time the BBB reviewed my complaint and contacted the business (we're talking about a month later), I had already resolved the problem without any assistance from the BBB.

    Did the dealership actually charge your credit card for your deposit? Was the price they initially quoted above invoice? I can see if the dealer made a mistake and sent you a quote for $3,500 for a new Highlander -- no one would even consider that to be a realistic offer.

    But if the price they initially offered was relatively reasonable, I can't see how the dealer can even think that you'd be OK with paying $3K more after his offer was made via e-mail and a deposit was placed.

    I wonder how the dealership would feel if you walked in, agreed to pay MSRP for a Highlander, and then -- as the eager salesman writes up the paperwork but before you sign anything -- you state that you were mistaken and really were offering to pay $3K less. Not that I'd encourage anyone to pull a stunt like this...
  • gtategtate Posts: 2
    I placed an order for a HH Limited and got the same % off through Costco with Cavender in San Antonio.

  • apaoneapaone Posts: 18
    Picked up the following yesterday:

    08 HL Ltd 4x4
    Heated Front Seats
    Power Rear Door
    Auto Rear AC
    Tow Pkg
    Carpet Mats

    Ext Color: Magnetic Gray
    Int: Ash Gray Leather

    MSRP: 42,090
    KBB Invoice: 36,937
    Dealer Cost: 36,795
    Paid: 37,478

    I am not sure why the dealer was showing a cost below the KBB invoice. Prior dealers that I went to would should a cost about $500 greater than KBB invoice which accounted for the Toyota advertisement fee.

    Originally sought out to get essentially the package above minus the DVD player. Unfortunately, that is not available in New England, so I would have had to go over to PA to pick one up. I also didn't want to have to go through a dealer to get one delivered since I probably couldn't work the price down as low as I would want.
  • vt256vt256 Posts: 11
    Are you talking about a Highlander Hybrid Limited w/ Nav no DVD for that price? Sorry if my question wasn't clear in the beginning. Thanks
  • vt256vt256 Posts: 11
    Anybody out there can share their purchase price / or best offer received for a Highlander Hybrid Limited Nav w/ or w/o DVD? I know the configuration is less common but I also heard folks got it somehow.
  • vt256vt256 Posts: 11
    Anybody out there can share their purchase price / or best offer received for a Highlander Hybrid Limited Nav w/ or w/o DVD? I know the configuration is less common but I also heard folks got it somehow.
  • I just saw one Nav without the Rear DVD at Fitzmall:
    fitzmall website

    By the way it seems $ 500 over invoice is very common right now.

    Merry Christmas!
  • qs933,
    I did give the dealer my credit card # to hold the car. They told me they were going to take a deposit from my card, but they never did. Regarding the BBB, here is how they summed up the complaint (if you look at the BBB website ): "BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied."

    The "reasonable" effort involved them raising the price 3 thousand dollars, then offering to knock off a few hundred dollars. I guess they feel I should have jumped at the few hundred dollar discount. Can I file a complaint against the BBB? Just joking.

    The good news is, I also filed a complaint with the State Attorney General Office. One of the posters in this forum recommended it. The investigator came to this conclusion.

    "I visited the dealer last Friday and collected some records. It does appear
    that there was a violation of Wisconsin Administrative Code Trans
    139.05(1)(b). This code states that a motor vehicle contract shall be
    executed whenever the dealer licensee accepts a down payment, deposit from a
    prospective customer. The dealer states that they took your credit card
    numbers in the BBB response and no contract was done. I consider this just
    like taking a check and not cashing it. A contract is still required.
    There would also be a violation of Trans 139.03(1) that states: Truthful.
    The use of false, deceptive or misleading advertising or representations to
    induce the purchase of a motor vehicle is an unfair practice

    Again, I hope my experience can help others learn what not do to & maybe where not to shop.
  • I've received 2 different quotes for a 2008 Highlander LTD w/out NAV
    MSRP 37,630
    Invoice 33,840
    Offer 36,130
    MSRP $38,435
    Offer 36,588

    Any clue if these prices are indicative of the Nor Cal market? Is it possible to get it for under invoice?

  • I got the following quote online. It doesn't inlcude the nav package and much of the other bells and whistles. I live in the NY area though.

    2008 Toyota Highlander Limited

    MSRP $33,945.00

    Internet Price $ 31,812.56
  • Sports 4x2 with cold package, anti-theft, front-dual A/C, JBL with blue tooth, Moonroof and towing prep package. In NW chicago, sport 4x2 are not to be found (atleast per dealers). I wonder which one of the dealers to choose from? I have heard about horror waiting experiences for the vehicles to arrive despite putting money on it. Any response will be greatly appreciated.

    Dealer 1 (promised delivery in January)
    MSRP (including Dest fee $685) - 33,265
    Invoice Price (incl Dest fee $685) - 29357
    Internet price 30,441

    Dealer 2 (Arriving next week )
    MSRP (including Dest fee $685) - 33,265
    Invoice Price (incl Dest fee $685) - 29357
    Internet price 31,013

    Based on the recent postings , it seems that the going rate is around invoice + $400. Any suggestions on price ? Thanks
  • hey guys and girls,

    Im looking to get a 08 HL sport 4x4

    so far this is some quotes i got.
    Factory Installed Accessories: FE EJ EH QM TO
    Port Installed Accessories ..: DK CT
    JBL, tow package, backup camera,rear AC, carpets/mat, cold weather,
    Vehicle Base Model ....................: $ 31400.00
    Total Accessories .....................: $ 1570.00
    33,500 out the door

    then i got a 2nd quote from another dealer

    MSRP $33,365.00
    Your *e-Price
    $30,522.00 which add 8.25% comes to 33040

    *The above is equipped with JBL AM/FM 6-Disc In Dash CD Changer with Hands-Free Phone Capability via Bluetooth Wireless Technology, Satellite Ready Capability, (Requires: Subcription to XM or Sirius, Antenna and Receiver), MP3/WMA Playback Capability and 9 Speakers (including sub woofer) in 7 locations, Cold Weather Package Includes: Heated Power Outside Mirrors, Windshield Wiper De-icer Grid Manual Rear Air Conditioning System w/ Rear Vents for 2nd & 3Rd Row Tow Prep Package includes: 5,000lbs towing capacity, Heavy Duty Radiator w/Engine Oil Cooler, 200 watt fan coupling, Transmission Oil Cooler w/ Water Cooler,150 amp alternator, and Pre-Wire Harness, Preferred Owner''s Portfolio and Carpet/Cargo Mat - 3 Row Seating.

    What should I do?
  • Those quotes appear to be roughly about $1500 over invoice. In the sport trim level, this vehicle can be had for closer to $250-$500 over invoice.

    My opinion, have 'em knock another $1000 off and then sign the papers.
  • Which dealer in York Pa did you go to? What was the sales persons name?

    Do you like the driving feel?
  • awesome thanks !!
  • I am planning to buy a limited edition 2008 Highlander Hybrid. I drive about 20k miles/year. I'm too lazy to calcultate the total tax benefits of leasing from my corporation, but here are my options:

    I can buy it for cash, lease through a corp and get the write off benefits, and/or buy it using my home equity line of credit, and write off the interest.

    I'm assuming I'm better off just buying it for cash, as the total amount spent will offset any tax benefits I would get via the other options. Is this correct?

    In addition, does anyone know what a reasonable cash offer is for the following:

    Highlander 4x4 Hybrid Ltd
    Year: 2008
    Base MSRP*: $39,950
    Delivery, Processing & Handling Fee**: $685

    Total MSRP**: $46,295 with the package below.

    I have a 2002 BMW 525i wagon with 100k miles, great mechanical condition and slight cosmetic details. Per KBB, it looks like i could get 11-13k from a dealer.

    I'm thinking of offering 40k cash with a 10k buyback on my BMW. No clue if this is in line with reality.

    Any input would be much appreciated!

    Available Package: $5,660
    Front CFC-free dual zone automatic digital climate control system with air filter, 50 state emissions, Power tilt/slide moonroof with sunshade, Rear-seat DVD entertainment system with 9-inch display, rear-seat audio and two wireless headphones [11] (includes 115V power outlet and RCA jacks) [12], Voice-activated DVD navigation system [8] with JBL® AM/FM 4-disc in-dash CD changer, satellite radio capability [6], MP3/WMA playback capability, hands-free phone capability via Bluetooth® [7] wireless technology and nine speakers including subwoofer in seven locations

    Accessory Options:
    Front CFC-free dual zone automatic digital climate control system with air filter: Included
    Rear-seat DVD entertainment system with 9-inch display, rear-seat audio and two wireless headphones [11] (includes 115V power outlet and RCA jacks) [12]: Included
    50 state emissions: Included
    Voice-activated DVD navigation system [8] with JBL® AM/FM 4-disc in-dash CD changer, satellite radio capability [6], MP3/WMA playback capability, hands-free phone capability via Bluetooth® [7] wireless technology and nine speakers including subwoofer in seven locations: Included
    Power tilt/slide moonroof with sunshade: Included
  • hello:

    I am in the market for a 08 highlander LTD without the nav and the rear entertainment. can you tell me who your dealer is? thanks!
  • There is not much you can do in this situation except hire an attorney.....then for what?
    If you feel the dealership did anything illegal you can sue them.....then for what?
    Lets say for whatever reason the dealership had to sell you the car at the original agreed to price either from a suit or legal would you want to purchase that car from them?.. no telling how it could have been tampered with. It would be intresting to hear the dealerships side of the story.
  • At this price range, have you considered the Lexus RX 400h?

    As for your trade, you can pretty much throw the books out the window for values since your car has over 100k miles. You'll get no more than what your particular vehicle is selling for at auction. Despite what many consumers think about having their trades "stolen", truth is, the used car market is very soft right now. Dealers lose money on used vehicles all the time.

    When you go to a dealership to have them appraise your trade, make sure they show you the wholesale/retail breakdown sheet. A dealer will NEVER give you more than wholesale value for your vehicle. In any case, $1500-$3000 below wholesale is typical, especially on a vehicle like yours, which will be an auction unit anyhow with the high mileage. Other option, stick a 4sale sign on it.

    I personally wouldn't use a home equity LOC for a car purchase. I realize the interst is deductible, but heaven forbid something unexpected hinders your income-making capabilities. At least with a standard car loan or lease, all they could do in a default situation is take your car, and not your house.

    Final words: By all means... do NOT tell them you are paying cash for the car. When they ask, tell 'em you're undecided. If you tell them yuo're paying cash upfront, you can throw your bargaining power out the door too.

    Be nice, be firm, and be willing to walk away, but be nice as you may need to come back to that dealer again.

    Good Luck... let us know how it goes?
  • We are in the market for a Limited with Options A and B (Fully Loaded).

    We have visited 2 dealers and both did not want to meet my number.

    Does anyone know how much flexibility the dealers have with the interest rates?

    I would like to be at $700 a month for 5 years on a purchase. This would mean that my rate would need to be 4.9% and the purchase price of $37,183.37

    I am looking to pay the taxes and dealer fees out of pocket.

    Are my numbers realistic?

    Our lease is up on our Lexus RX 330 which my wife loves. We are VERY impressed with the Highlander. Has all the new technology and the interior space is AMAZING!! We almost bought an Armada, but the Highlander has as much interior space for less money.

    Just wish Toyota would offer a lower rate.
  • Banks set the rates, not the dealers.

    Dealers can mark the rate up (only up to a limit based on your FICO), but they cannot reduce it below their buy rate. Bottom line, if Toyota is offering special financing of 4.9%, that's what you get. 9 times outta' 10 when a manufacturer offers special financing, no credit union or major lender can compete.

    How much does the vehicle that you want list for? A Limited Highlander can probably be had for about $500 over invoice. As a ballpark, at roughly 5% for 60 mo, every $500 is about $10/mo in payments.
  • I have a internet price quote from a southwest ohio dealer for a 08 Highlander Sport 4X4 at $34,673. MSRP listed on their website is $38,464. It is a cypress pearl with ash leather interior, heated seats, cold weather, tow prep, sunroof, dual zone climate control in the front, roofrail w/ crossbars, navigation system, floor mats. Kelly Blue Book gives a invoice price of $33,755, but the dealer tells me their internet price of $34,673 is just $300 over invoice, which I don't buy considering KBB's invoice price that is almost $1000 less than the quoted price. The internet sales manager boasts of honesty and integrity with his customers but is not willing to negotiate or let me know the breakdown of internet price quoted (what does it or does not include) apart from tax, title and registration fees that is not part of the price.

    Can anyone let me know what to do in this situation and is this really a deal worth pursuing??

    Appreciate your help.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 100,294
    Try shopping the deal, elsewhere... There are at least six Toyota dealerships, just in Cincinnati.. No matter what his invoice says, if he has the best price, that is where you need to be..

    Most Toyota invoices have advertising charges, that vary by region (TDA). He could be telling the truth.. You can't fault him for not showing you his invoice. That is his business, and his choice.

    Also, you won't really know if he won't negotiate, until you put a lower offer on the table. Asking him to lower his price, without actually making an offer, is just asking him to negotiate against himself.

    If you've already shopped around, and he has the best price, you can try for lower, but you should take it, if that is the vehicle you want.

    Always remember, you are buying a car, not a deal.. make sure it is the car you want, first.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Try to use the Spread Sheet,go to car buying tips by jeff.I used this site it is very big help to me,when I buy my car,I get below invoice price. :shades: :)
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