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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Yes, abk99, they are still making quite the profit over invoice. It was kind of amusing to me though when the salesman and manager gave me their sob sorry of how they will barely make any money at 500 over invoice...they then pull out a piece of paper to show me all of their costs to further convince me. As if they would ever tell us their true costs.
    Also, as I was staring at my salesman's gold Rolex, 3 huge gold rings and gold bracelet (yes, Mr. T might have been envious) along with the Koi pond, posh leather couches and multiple flat screen tv's throughout the dealership...walking away from their deal was pretty easy. Thankfully I am in no rush to purchase a vehicle.
    I did not factor in the distributor costs for those of us in the South...too bad for us!
  • I was reading one of the posts and it stated - Sep 9th 2009 onwards $500 cash to customer available on the Highlander. How do I confirm this?

    We are in North Dallas(Texas) and are in the market for a 2009 Highlander, V6 base model with extra value package 2. What would you consider as a fair market value? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....Nate
  • Thanks I did not know that and I am in the SouthEast region (FL).
    Given a base model Highlander that fee would be about $800.
    What would a good deal be on a 6946 model with an MSRP of $28,785?
    Before dealer fee of 598.50
    State fee 30.50
    Reg trans 101.15
    Sales tax 6%

  • To confirm the $500 cash rebate:

    Then input your zip code and then select the model. AFIK - it is not available for all regions. Just got mine for Northeast (boston area). See later post for more details.
  • Just completed the following transaction:

    Limited 4WD - Silver color
    PB - Power Rear Hatch
    QH - EVP#7 - Prem sound, Bluetooth, Moonroof, Rear A/c, heated seats
    RF - Sports rear spoiler
    TO - Tow prep packahe
    CT - Carpet / Cargo mats etc
    3T - Cross Bars

    Total MSRP - $38,149.

    Completed the deal last week for $34970.

    Dealer did not have the desired color - so had to wait for the color to be located. Vehicle located within ~5-6 days.

    In the mean time Toyota offered $500 cash incentive (see previous post). Asked them to cut my price by $500 when I went to inspect the car they located. After some discussion, they made me sign a Toyota rebate form and applied the $500 to the previous price agreed. So net cost after rebate/incentive:


    Decent financing rate offered.

    Purchased Toyota platinum extended warranty with $0 deductible. Was quoted the MSRP when I had negotiated the price last week. They sold me the warranty for the rates being circulated in various forums. ($1014 for 8 yrs / 100K)

    Other observations:

    - I do believe I left some/lot on the table, but I was a bit desparate to trade my previous one.
    - At least one Toyota dealer offered TMV quotes via email. Could not complete the deal there due to lower trade offer.
    - This dealer started with MSRP and quickly settled to something close to TMV.

    Due to the mentioned need to get rid of the trade, decided to move on.

    Information from and the forum here plus other highlander sites helped me make good decisions.
  • I looked into this "painless, no price hassle" program for a 2009 Hylander 4wd limited with package # 8 and several post-production options and received excellent quotes as low as $ 35,767.00 which is $ 1, 050.00 below invoice.
    However, this price is only if the dealer has the vehicle in inventory. If not, and the vehicle needs to be located, the price went to 39, 450. before tax, etc. Has anyone had any experience with either Capital One or AM EX which has the same program-good or bad.
  • I've been quoted a price of $36,350 for a 2009 Limited 4WD Highlander with the preferred color that I want with EVP#8, cross bars, cargo mat, spoiler, tow package, power rear hatch. Just wondering what people think of that.
  • By the way, the MSRP (whatever that means) is supposedly $39,524.
  • Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price, aka window sticker price.
  • Good Morning:

    I live in the North Central Texas area and am trying to get a 4 cylinder base Highlander with the options mentioned below. The dealer's reply follows when I asked for invoice info"

    "There is no Invoice. It has to have been built to have an invoice. Here is the problem with those sites and their inaccurate info. The base price is $22,363.00
    Here is the break down as far as Invoice,

    Base price: $22,363.00

    Special Color: $176.00

    8 way power driver's seat: $256.00

    Extra Value Pkg#2: $490.00

    Third Row seat: $592.00 (this is a factory option that is on them all, we can't remove it.)

    Bluetooth: $299.00

    Leather: $1,299.00

    Nightvision Mirror: $210.00

    Tint: $109.00

    Carpet Mats: $180.00

    Delivery $855

    Total $26,829.00

    What they don't include, and everyone pays:

    Total $26,829.00

    Toyota Mkt. Fund: $760.00

    Holdback $697.00

    Finance Reserve $257.00

    Total Invoice=$28,543.00 x 2% = $570.86 + 28,543.00 = 29,113.86 plus TTL.

    There is a breakdown of this info, but it is very hard to read. Its all in product code. Please let me know if we can put a deal together. This is the best I have to offer on this vehicle. If you need it cheaper, maybe we can remove some options. Thank you for giving me the opportunity though."

    Could you tell me if the Finance Reserve fee, Holdback and Toyota Market Fund are legitimate charges?

    Is the price of $29113 a good price for this vehicle?

    I would really appreciate your input
  • I purchased a 4wd limited ( Base price $ 34,520.00) with EVP # 8 and several other options for $ 38, 600.00 total price ( OTD ) so it's my opinion that you can do much better. The difference in base price is more than $ 12,000.00 for the limited 4WD . Keep fighting!
  • The difference between your config and mine is EVP#8 vs EVP#7 (for me). As per my calculations this is worth ~$1,280 extra. So that would put this in $36250 ball park. You said preferred color - is it Perl by anychance? This costs an extra 200 or so.

    Toyota is running customer cash in some regions (like Northeast) - so need to deduct that from the cost.(see

    As I said in my email the above price I quoted was a decent deal. I get a feel I could have done better. So try to get a bit closer to the invoice.

    I did notice that the "Limited" trim stock was quite limited in the northeast.

    Good luck !
  • Well... I think that's a pretty poor price. Everyone in the south pays the toyota marketing fund, unfortunately As for the rest of it, the holdback is bogus, as is the finance reserve. The car comes tinted, so unless they added extra tint that you want, that is bogus too. That's also aftermarket leather, so make sure you really really want it- seems too expensive to me. We bought a very similar car up here in MO for 24750, including a $1000 rebate (but no leather, no white, no bluetooth, no mirror, but did include the 6 disk changer and cold weather package).

    I'd walk on that price, especially since it is soooooo close to the price of a sport, and really is more than a base w/ v6 that would include the 3rd row seat at no extra charge.
  • I'm beginning to wonder if I am going to be able to get a Highlander for a fair price. I have talked to multiple dealers, and this is actually the BEST price that I have been quoted. I don't even want the 3rd row, but was told that they could not order it without the third row.......Thanks for your input.

    I wonder if there might be some better deals once the 2010's roll out... :sick:
  • Getting a better price on a 2010 may be possible since Toyota just announced a one billion dollar marketing and advertising campaign fot the 4th quarter including incentives- don't know if it applies to the Highlander. However, you will have a long wait since demand is high. Your best bet for a better price is to go with option packages not a lot of individual stuff at M.S.R.P. prices. The dealers are all on the same page with their pricing tactics and not anxious to give good deals since enough buyers give up and fork over what the dealer dictates.
  • If possible, I would wait until next year till things get worse again. Dealers are rolling in cash now from the success of the "clunker" program. As most sales were bring forward by clunkers, the dealers should be in deep s** next year, somewhere in the middle.

    Two weeks ago, my local dealer almost had no inventory. The few models he had, he would barely go under MSRP.
  • tl_stl_s Posts: 13
    the c4c program is pathetic, its a government handout for them to rip the tax payor and now instead of just trying to sell and move more vehicles as people are going into the showrooms to buy, they wanted to go back the old pratice of rapping the consumer off as much as possible. they will make profit one way or another, they were ok with selling at invoice prices before and making on the hold-backs but now they want to be greedy again.
    you are right, i say to the ones who can hold off buying a vehicle do so until at least january or february, let them starve for a few months of anemic sale and traditionally february and march are not good months leading up to april as tax season is in full swing and no one will want to or have the cash to spend during those times. go shop then and drive yourself a good bargain. :)
  • I thought this was the Highlander HYBRID forum. Why are there so many posts about non-hybrid Highlanders? :confuse:
  • You are in the Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience section of the Toyota Highlander forum.

    There is a separate Highlander Hybrid forum with much less activity.
    You may want to view that forum if you are only interested in the Hybrid.
  • Any advice on how much of a discount, if any, to expect when purchasing a demo with approximately 5,000 miles? Thanks.
  • Question:
    Is it is a bad price for 2009 $31330 for H/L Base Blizzard Pearl? Still have to pay tax/title

    EVP #2
    (Powerroof, Bluetooth, Carpet Cargo, 6 disc CD/6 speaker/mp3, xm ready radio ready, cold weather package, roof rail, privacy cover for back, 3 rows, on/off headlite daylights, power roof, sway 8 way power driver).

    MSRP was $33239-thinking I want to go lower-Trying to figure out how.

    This is Phila area.
  • okay. this is ridiculous but i cannot find a 4x4 highlander limited or even just a 4x4 limited in the north chicago area. the dealerships are arrogant and lazy to boot. i have the money to buy the vehicle and i cannot even get these guys to call me back or even search for the vehicle i want. two dealers just flat out said the 09's are out of stock...when i asked about an 2010 they said pricing has not been decided. i also tried to the costco buying program and got similar lame results. guess these guys all got fat and happy with the Cash for Clunkers program. honestly, in this economy i have never seen anything like it! makes me want to purchase another vehicle. anyone else having similar problems with the dealers who are too lazy to sell a high demand vehicle?
  • tl_stl_s Posts: 13
    i've been trying to tell people to hold off buying if all possible, see post #4036.
  • Same enviroment here in the Southeast- N.C. - I have been treated the same way since late August when I thought I could buy the Highlander I wanted and could afford Even a Sales mgr I purchased two Toyotas from in the past would not call me back. Anyway, I finally made a purchase over the phone for a 4WD limited four weeks ago and am still waiting for it. Was expected 9/22 but no go. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever get it.
  • I'm in the Chicago area too and if you don't mind a short drive, Brian Bemis Toyota in DeKalb is nothing less than amazing! I've had my '08 HL LTD 4x4 for 16 months now, and they found the car for me, negotiated price and financing over the phone, honored it when I got there, and acutally acted like they wanted my business. The only variable was them appraising my trade once I got there and even that took only 30 minutes and we eventually arrived at the number I wanted going in anyway. They're worth a shot!
  • I've been looking too. Looks like the dealers just restocked a bit on the Highlander but they're not going down much lower than MSRP. Ridiculous that they think someone would pay 1k below MSRP for this car when 2010 will be out in a month.
  • i agree. i think i'll wait for a 2010. does anyone out there have any info about the 2010 highlander? in other words, will it be upgraded in any way compared to an '09? thanks in advance. as an interesting side note, a Lexus dealer told me the 2010 lexus ES 350 (apples to apples comparison) will actually cost less than the 2009 sticker price.
  • Here's some news about the 2010 Highlander prices.

    It looks like MSRP for the 2010 is also lower than the 2009. Another reason to wait! - 10-Highlander-FJ-Cruiser-RAV4-and-Tacoma.aspx?interstitial=1
  • We just bought one at an ok deal. Not great not bad. It was about MSRP brand new for $41,930. It had 4782 miles with navi, entertainment pkg, roof rack, remote start, and a few other things. We ended up paying $37,100 (w/$400 off financing for being military). This does not include my TX taxes, processing fee, or extra warranty. I think we could have done better but at this point we needed another car.
  • perrysdad- that's seems like a decent deal. if you needed the car then it does not matter. glad you got one. remote start is cool. was that an aftermarket add on? i did not know they had those? great for warming the car in cold weather.
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