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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 2grammy2grammy Posts: 2
    Thanks for that information. I have purchased 3 brand new cars and no dealer has ever let me go more than 3-5 miles.
  • By all means, use Edmunds' quote option. You can get an idea of the fair market value on their site based on what people have actually paid as well as real quotes.
  • luckysevenluckyseven Posts: 134
    Was it 4 cyl one? I have 6 cyl AWD base model and it is very quiet. There is annoying squeaking coming from the radio cluster though when weather gets too cold.
  • coolhandluke3coolhandluke3 Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    28K + Tax, Title and Tags. Took the 0% option over the rebate as we keep our cars forever. Hope this one does as well as our last Camry.
  • I went to Carmax toyota, i got quoted $35,000 for limited without navi, just only JBL and towing package.
    Any thoughts? I think it is kinda over priced...

    A local dealer quoted me for $34,500 for the same, do you think I can bargain with them down to $33k - 33.5k?

    Any help or advice would be great.
  • I just leased a 2011 Highlander 4x4 with Bluetooth option, towing package, base model from a North Jersey dealer. $3500 up front! The monthly out of the door payment including tax, title, destination, bank fee and GAP insurance is $263.00 per month--yes that includes the NJ 7% tax.

    Did I make a good deal?

    Howie Mandel
  • ms909698ms909698 Posts: 1
    2011 Highlander SE V6 4x4
    TO: tow prep
    3T: Cross Bars
    WL: Wheel Locks
    CT: Floor Mats

    MSRP: 36,405
    Purchased: 33,422 Before TTL
    Cincinnati Area
  • cjeepscjeeps Posts: 2
    Just bought a 2011 Toyota Highlander FWD V6 Limited Nautical Blue Metallic color, Ash Leather interior with the following options: (Just came out of the factory w/ less than 5 miles)

    Tow Prep
    JBL upgrade

    MSRP $36740

    Selling Price $32236 before TTL

    Final Price $33693 after TTL with 0% APR 36 mo

    NC/SC area
  • purple13purple13 Posts: 3
    We are in VA and in the market for a 2011 Highlander 4WD SE 6cyl. We test drove it and it was really a great ride. It is the 'basic' SE, so no NAV system
    I know the 0% financing or $750 rebate offer expires today but we are not worried about that.. just want to do the full research before purchasing (thanks edmunds forum people for all your advice in this matter!!!). I recd. the following internet quotes (obviously TTL not included). What are your thoughts?
    Dealer 1 : $33181
    Dealer 2 : $32266
    Dealer 3 : $32149
    Dealer 4 : $32729

    is this a good price? I am not sure if they add additional processing/doc/transport fees to this price. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all these dealers calling today. Ugh.

    Thanks much for any advice on how to go forward.
  • cjeepscjeeps Posts: 2
    Hey! What's the MSRP? Don't go too crazy with the can buy these options online for cheaper and install them yourself such as carpet mats, splashguards, cross bar, body side molding, etc.

    Also, on May 2011, Toyota is increasing their vehicle prices from 1.2 to 2.2 percent off MSRP.

    2011 Highlander 4WD SE
    current MSRP $34750
    May 2011 MSRP $35300 (1.6% increase)

    Good luck!!
  • alextdadalextdad Posts: 4
    Thinking about purchasing 2011 Limited 2wd..not sure about adding navigation.

    What price is good for Dallas, Texas area?
  • md4runnermanmd4runnerman Posts: 72
    edited April 2011
    Bought a 2011 Highlander Limited 4WD with navigation, tow prep, floor mats as options. JBL sound with 4 disc CD player and XM/Sirius radio (90 days) is included in the navig package.

    Nautical Blue and Ash leather interior. SmartKey push button ignition (cool).

    MSRP was 40,720

    I paid 36,150

    I went to Carmax in Laurel MD.
  • I don't understand the post in March about a loud noisy ride. I have been driving mine for a month/700 miles and it is on the quiet side. Maybe different tires? I have the V6 engine and 4WD if that makes a difference.
  • fatalcurefatalcure Posts: 2
    edited April 2011
    Picked up a 2011 Highlander SE v4 for 30100 + TTL (about 32500 OTD) in the Atlanta area.

    Extra options that were on the sticker:
    Window Tint
    Carpet Mats
    Toyo Guard

    Driving it about 35miles I was hitting about 26-27mpg according the car information dash and the drive was very smooth and quiet, unlike what a previous poster had mentioned...took the exact car I was going to buy for a test drive before purchasing also.
  • tricorntricorn Posts: 2
    Just signed P&S for 2011 V6 AWD. Options include:

    Tech package
    Cold Weather package
    Tow package

    After toke 500 rebate, it's $29,000 + TTL Decide not to go with extended warranty for now. Will pick up car Monday at Wellesley, very smooth and pleasant experience so far. :)
  • bluebmxbluebmx Posts: 15
    Thanks for sharing the info. Did you use Toyota finance or buy with cash?
  • Hey FC,

    What options package did you get? Did you get Leather/Heated Seat with this?

    Looking to buy this in Cleveland soon.
  • When I plug in for a 2011 Highlander SE V6 4WD, it comes up with $32,xxx as the invoice price.
    Then I do a used car search to see if I can save some money buying used, and I see some used ones listed for $35k to $37k.
    Why are the used cars more expensive the the TMV price on a new one?
  • loucapriloucapri Posts: 214
    you are not alone.
    Here is what I found out.
    For new car, MSRP is 99% fixed across nation. So when we shop, we try to look at invoice, rebate... so pretty much most people will able to get into a new car at the same price range (without tax, other fee).

    For used car, price can be set to whatever the dealer want to set (often they set it high and expect to lower to get the deal). If you read auto articles, they keep saying "even a new car, as soon as you drive off the lot, it lost value", well, just like you mentioned, we didn't see value dropped.

    In fact, if you do a search, even KBB suggested most car lost MORE than 50% value over 5 yrs. And yet, if you use KBB to get pricing, good luck finding a 5 yrs car has less then 50% value (especially for Japanese SUV or Minivan).

    My suggestion is to skip the 1-3 yrs old used car because it didn't provide enough value. Buy new only cost a few thousand dollars more. Don't waste money buying "expensive" used car. Buy used only if you see GOOD value :)
    You really not going to save much by buying a couple years old used car especially if you plan to keep your car for long.
  • pungchepungche Posts: 1
    Hello all. I am currently buying my first car and wanted to see if anyone had any opinions of the price quotes I have received. I used Zag to get initial quotes and then called the dealers to see what they had available.

    All of the Highlanders have the tow package + crossbars + floor mats. I am getting a quote of $34,181. I called four dealerships and the range was $34,181- $34,589.

    There are no incentives this month for the Highlander. The dealers said they would give me whatever incentive there was in June, if there was one. Is there anyway to find out what the incentive will be. A lower interest rate would be nice.

    Thanks for the help
  • magoomba92magoomba92 Posts: 2
    loucapri: appreciate your reply.

    I would prefer to buy a new vehicle given there's not much savings on used.
    However, Toyota isn't allowed to sell new vehicles to Canadians.

    When our dollar was at 60cents, Americans used to buy snow mobiles from up here and screw over the American dealers.
    Now that the dollar is a par, I'm not sure why Canadian dealers are getting protection from Toyota. Hypocrites.

    So much for free trade.
  • rajksrajks Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    We just got our highlander SE with tow package+cold package+matts + cross bars+mud guards

    paid 32,600+TTL...Traded in my wifes Yaris 2010 for 13300, which we bought an year ago for $13700. I think we got a great deal on trade in and the SE
  • loucapriloucapri Posts: 214
    I believe Zag price is about 300-500 over invoice in Seattle (I am in the same area :))

    you should able to get around $500 under invoice. YES, most SE already comes with the packages you mentioned. My suggestion is just try to price a based SE without any package and 90% of the time you will get it for "free" However, if you start quoting with the packages, the sale guys know you "want" them and will start saying "you have to pay for it", tell them no package at the beginning.
  • fatalcurefatalcure Posts: 2

    Yes Leather and Heated Seats are standard on Highlander SE.

    Take Care
  • nixonnixon Posts: 11
    Purchased a Highlander Limited AWD yesterday for $36,000 plus TTL.
    Only options included were Gulf States Toyota add ons:

    Floor Mats
    JBL 6 CD changer (who uses CD's anymore?)
    Tow Prep Package
    Vehicle Shield Package (did i really have to pay for the fabric coating on a leather interior)
    no nav no dvd

    Finding an AWD Highlander in Texas was a real pain. I didn't like having to pay for the Gulf States Toyota options. Prices in Texas seemed higher than other areas.
  • yazyazooyazyazoo Posts: 20
    Just wondering how much do you guys think the Toyota 2yr/25k free maintenance is worth. I am comparing vehicle prices and want to factor this into my costs!. I am in California!
  • soupcxansoupcxan Posts: 4
    Does anyone know if there will be June incentives or are the deals better tomorrow for the end of May/Memorial day?
  • raul76051raul76051 Posts: 19
    I was wonder the same.. I would love to trade in my 2010 limited with nav and try to get an 11 limited with nav and dvd player.. Anyone have an idea what the going rate for trade in is for 2010?
  • soupcxansoupcxan Posts: 4
    edited June 2011
    What is a fair price for a dealer demo Highlander? I was quoted $29.8k for a new 2011 Highlander FWD V6 with tech package and a few other options, which is what I was looking for. MSRP is $33.4k. Turns out they have this model on the lot as a demo with 9k miles. I drove it for a while without the salesman and it seems to be in great condition. We didn't talk price - I am a little leery of a demo - but what would be a fair discount below the new car price?
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 55
    Given the mileage, I'd offer them 20% off MSRP as a starting point.
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