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Mazda Protege5 Maintenance and Repair



  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I didn't know that high speed could overload an EGR.
    Just a theory as far as I know.
  • I have had all these same problem. 1st it was my cat which was totally stopped up. When that didn't totally fix my problem because of a misfire from the engine i pinpointed it to be the coils which worked. Now my problem is the idle. It fluctuates and stays pretty low around 500 rpm. Im guessing that this is because of my EGR valve being stopped up.
    Does anyone know how hard it is to replace it myself. I can see it under the throttle body but not sure if i would have to take that off after the air intake system which i know i have to off.
    Any help or advice on replacing it would be great.Thanks
  • Dave ~ Finally got my car into my own dealer & even tho they were only getting the "random misfire" code too, they were able to tell by looking @ my plugs & wires that there had definately been some arching going on in #2. Their recommendation is to replace one of the coils & all of the plugs & wires at a cost of $421.00 (incl. the diag), which I will have them do as soon as they can get the parts. As far as my cat goes, they say it's not plugged to the point that I've lost any power so it's not earth shattering that I replace it immediately and at a cost of $1100.00, I think we'll be waiting awhile and looking for someone other than the dealer to do it. How's thinks going with your wife's car since they put the other coils in? Will keep you posted with how this repair works.... thanks again for your posts, I took them with me when I dropped the car off & I like to think the information helped them out. Debbi
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Im guessing that this is because of my EGR valve being stopped up.
    Does anyone know how hard it is to replace it myself. I can see it under the throttle body but not sure if i would have to take that off after the air intake system which i know i have to off. Any help or advice on replacing it would be great

    Why not call your local Mazda dealer and ask them for a quote? That should tell you how much the part costs and how much time is involved. I had mine replaced by the dealership and it was quite pricey. I have read though that it is not difficult. On the other hand, you may decide that it's worth paying someone else to get their hands dirty.
  • Wow you over pay.

    I got a new cat with install for 400.00 and i replaced the coils, plugs and wires myself for $75.00 took 5 minutes.
  • Well i know how much the part costs and I would never get a quote from the mazda dealership because it would always be twice the price as anywhere else. What Im looking for is someone that has replaced the EGR valve on their own.And advice as to what needs to be taken off in order to do so.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    i know how much the part costs
    How much is the part?
  • Debbi - the car is running great! Not a problem. Not one hesitation, flashing light, loss of power, etc. It sounds like you are on the right path in terms of getting the car fixed.
    Are they giving you a tune up and a new coil? ...replacing plugs and wires kind of sounds like it. But if one of your plugs is arching, you better. Not sure how that can hose up your cat. converter. I know when the light was flashing one time, I was in Stop & Go traffic on the freeway going about 5 or 10 MPH. While the car was still rolling, I turned off the car and restarted it just to try and get the light to stop flashing just because I couldn't get over to a shoulder to turn off the car. Another time I pulled over to the side and jammed on the brakes and created a cloud of dust just so I could stop quickly and turn off the car!

    In terms of who should do the work, I would try and stay with the dealer only because an independent garage i have found in the past might adjust things a bit differently. Plus, it may also show loyalty to them which may come in handy if you need a loaner car. The last trip, I needed a loaner for 2 or 3 days.
  • Nipzip - if you are real handy or good with cars, I have heard it is not hard to replace. If not, or not 100% sure, let the dealership replace it. We had our replaced for $500 in about an hour. We didn't want to spend the money, but we also knew from a previous "Check Engine light" experience, that it may come back and bite us.

    But we also had the dealership do it so that if the darn light kept coming back on, we had some type of recourse. I was able to get a loaner car (which they usually charge $30 / day) for free. The replacing of the coils from one Mazda into my wife's was done for free. Between the two trips, the car was in for about 6 days total. At first, the advisor was going to charge me, but I talked to the service manager that my car has been back quite a few times for the same issue and to make me pay for a loaner under these circumstances was not fair.

    My call - let the dealership do it. If something goes bad, at least you have recourse. At least you avoid getting in over your head!
  • The cost of a new EGR valve is $154.00
    Coils were $15.00 a piece off of And supper easy to replace.2 screws
    I replaced both. mainly because i didnt want the same problem again.
  • Dave ~
    I'm on day two with my car now and so far, so good (with the exeption of course the steady CEL due to the dead cat) - taking it to my own dealer was definately the right decision! Their final diagnosis was "Number 4 coil has signs of arcing to valve cover; Number 2 plug has signs of arcing down the side of the plug. This will cause the P0300 (random misfire) code that was stored on the 4th. This will cause the cat to fail". How the dealer I originally had the car towed to missed what appears to be obvious signs of arcing is beyond me - in fact they state in their notes that "spark plugs are worn, but good". Anyhow, the repair consisted of replacing the plugs, wires and coils - my cat still needs to be replaced as well but since it's not completely plugged and I haven't lost any power they say it can wait. Thanks again for all your posts - this is a great place to get information! Oh and by the way, at a cost of $101.13 each for the coils, you're fortunate that your dealer switched them out for you at no charge! Wishing you continued good luck with your CEL issue - Debbi
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    The cost of a new EGR valve is $154.00
    Thanks. Have you replaced the EGR already? If so, how much time did it take?
  • on my 2000 protege - not the same car I know... - EGR removal/replacement was probably an hour. I removed the air intake boot for working room, but probably wasn't necessary. hardest part was there's little room to work between the engine and the firewall. I could only move the ratchet 2 clicks each time. if you can get a wrench on each bolt and break them free, it's just a matter of patience to get it off.

    be sure to check the vacuum port going to the EGR, they tend to get clogged with carbon. And be certain all vacuum lines are hooked up when you're done - it's easy to pull one off when working on the back of the engine.
  • How do i replace the headlight on my mazda protege5 2003?
  • After removing the rubber booty from the back of the lamp there is a metal tab like wire. You push it in on one side to pull it off the hook. This should be in the manual but not sure.Its pretty simple once you take the time to figure out what your looking at.passenger side is a little harder because of lack of room for your hand.
  • Thanks so much!
  • Hello: Does anyone know the best spark plugs to use for my 2002 Mazda Protege 5? I am looking for something that will increase performance. Thanks.
  • iamziamz Posts: 542
    I highly recommend the factory plugs. I put in plugs from another manufacturer and because the threads were not cut exactly the same, one completely ejected from the head and two others were working their way out. Cost me over $1600 dollars to fix that mistake. Spark plugs will not give you better performance anyway. Buy a Porsche instead.
  • I disagree.A better spark plug can make a difference.Threads shouldnt be different.You must not have put them in right or didnt tighten them to the correct torque.$1,600? Did they rebuild the entire engine?I use NGK and they work just great!
  • iamziamz Posts: 542
    Show me the dyno chart of a P5 with factory plugs vs after market. Then, we can talk. Ford had a bad batch of spark plugs that were cut just outside of tolerance. Hundreds of F-150's had there plugs eject because of this. The heads on those trucks were replaced as was mine (F-150's and P5's use the same plug). There was nothing left to try and helicoil. Besides, helicoil fittings are best used in cast iron heads, tractors and lawn mowers. I opted for a new head. As far as the spark plugs being installed wrong, no they were not. The plugs were properly torqued. If it makes you feel better thinking they were installed wrong, you're free to believe that.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I use NGK and they work just great!

    The "Mazda" plugs sold to me for my Protege5 by my dealer were also NGK. And yes, they do work well.
  • Deb - once again I apologize for the late response. I was out of town for 10 days on vacation.

    Glad to see that the coil issue may be resolved for you as well.
    Small update - nothing since I took the car in and got it back. And by the way, my wife is enjoying my Honda Accord EX-L! :)

  • hi everyone,
    I purchased a '02 P5 57k automatic last friday from a Honda dealership.
    It had a CEL when I test drove it which I was assured would be remedied before I picked it up. They thought it was spark plugs,so they replaced.

    so three days later I get the CEL again along with a power loss on the interstate. I brought it back to the dealership, and to their credit, they gave me a free loaner and sent my car to a mazda dealership. All costs of this repair will be coverd by the honda dealership.

    so now here's my question, mazda is saying it's a fuel pump issue so the dealership is going to replace, but of course Mazda can't say 100% that it's causing the CEL. After looking through all of the threads here, I was certain my problem was the EGR valve. My symptoms - CEL, sometimes low-idle/died once at a stoplight, and in the two days i got to drive it, seemingly poor mpg. Mazda checked EGR, said it was fine.

    so, with new plugs and fuel pump, if i get the CEL again what should my next move be? Have the EGR replaced anyway? I'll have to pay for anything after this. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  • Thank you for your response. I will try the NGK plugs..
  • iamziamz Posts: 542
    And since the NGK's are the factory plug as autonomous mentioned, you won't have to worry about them self extricating. ;)
  • I've just been through the same thing with my '03 P5 (131,000) except my catalytic converter was fried before my problem was diagnosed correctly. You didn't post the codes you're getting but from the sounds of it, I'd be willing to bet you're getting the same ones I did (P0300 - Random Misfire) - anyhow, you need to have them replace your coils, plugs & wires! It's alot less expensive to do it yourself (my cost at the dealer was just over $500.00) but since you're covered have the dealer do it so you're warrantied. For more on this problem from other P5 owners - see the posts made by "davidingilbert". Good luck to you - Debbi
  • Dave ~
    Welcome "home" - hope you had a great vacation! I'm on day 15 now & so far, so good ;) I've even seen an improvement in my mpg, which I'm hoping will get even better once the cats been replaced! I still have the dreaded "orange orb" glowing (due to the cat) however, no more blinking! Hoping to get the cat work done within the next week or so and looking forward to getting another great 130,000 miles out of her :D ! Will post an update after cat work - have a great day! Debbi
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    what should my next move be? ... I'll have to pay for anything after this.
    Who is telling you this?
    The Honda dealership from which you purchased the P5 or the Mazda dealership that is doing the repair?
    Did the car come with any warranty? Considering you bought the car last week and it died this week, if it continues to do so, I would return to the seller and say you want your money back.
  • thanks for the replies guys.

    I never got the codes, problem was diagnosed @ the Mazda dealership and the car was brought back to the Honda dlr all by their people. Honda dlr will be installing the fuel pump ordered from Mazda factory.

    The plugs (and i belive the wires) are brand new, replaced by the honda dlr before i picked the car up originally, so if CEL were to continue I think I would go for coils first, then replace EGR.

    and lastly,
    car was sold "As Is" and i did not opt for the 3yr $1200 warranty they wanted to sell me,so I feel pretty fortunate that the dealership is footing the bill for all of this. (of course not a good way to start off in a new-to-me car)

    so far on the dealers dime:
    new set of Goodyear Eagle rs-a 205/55/r16
    new plugs (and wires i think)
    new complete fuel pump assembly and installation costs
    loaner car for 3 days now

    the guy in the service dept. was trying to impress upon me that after they installed the fuel pump (which was mazda's diagnosis) they would not be obligated to foot the bill for any repairs related to the CEL after this. I'll talk to the guy who sold me the car before I leave as he was the one who orignally promised as part of the deal the CEL would be taken care of, to see what happens if i get the CEL halfway down the block.

    A full return at this point is unlikely with a trade-in and 3rd party financing involved, but never say never.

    here's to hoping for the best. The pump is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I'll let you guys know how it all works out. Thanks again for your advice, keep it coming. I do love these cars and really hope this gets sorted out.
  • I need to replace an oxygen sensor on my 03 Protege5. I'm not even sure where the sensor is located. Can someone suggest a good Web site to help me determine where the sensor is located? I don't want to buy a manual if I can help it.

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