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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • Im upset the fx does not fit into the category, b/c now we can look at only cars above the 6000 gross weight. Teh mw x5 fits in, i think the porsche cayenne and vw toureg also make it. Was looign forward to owning a fx45 wth tech, i guess hello to bmw x5 4.4. The new one looks like its bumped up the notch in competition.
  • tmjddstmjdds Posts: 22
    The GVWR on the BMW X5 4.4 is 5886. Maybe the government lets you round up to the nearest thousand pounds or something. Too bad...being so close.
  • I think the bmw x5 is above gwwr, b/c on the list that our acct handed us, he stated that the x5 does make it, b/c its close to the xc90, which we have, and does make the cutoff. Im still saddened by the lss of housing an fx45 in my garage. I knwo all of you guys are infiniit loyalists, but a bmw is stil a good car (please dont start a comparison). We as edmunds readers should accept that there are other good cars out there, and not place such a huge bias on the car you own. I own a lex gs430, and can honestly say i love the car BUT it is behind in technology.
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    Evidently, you are self-employed as I am.
    I can't see buying any car for just tax reasons.
    The new X5 4.4 is a heavier car. Despite more power, it will at best equal the 45 in 0-60. That added weight will penalize you in handling and agility. The 45 feels more like a sports car; the X5 more like a Tahoe.
    Besides the weight, look at the price!
    Look at this alternative.
    I lease my 45 and write off 80% of the $735 monthly payment.
    I don't want to own a depreciating asset, and I don't want to write off a car in the first year and have no tax leverage for the remaining life of the car. And then you get into other tax ramifications. Leasing is so much simpler.
    Then in 3 years, I'll turn the 45 in to get the new FX with the 5.6 liter engine that will blow away any X5.
    I don't think Infiniti will stand still in the HP race.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    "Then in 3 years, I'll turn the 45 in to get the new FX with the 5.6 liter engine that will blow away any X5"

    As BMW then puts the M5 V10 in the thing.....:)
  • The Section 179 write-off simply ACCELERATES the depreciation ( with potential recapture later on). All it REALLY means is the time value of money; i.e. a one year up front deduction vs. a three year write-off. The TOTAL is the same, something many people don't seem to realize. On a $50 K vehicle in 50% bracket, you get $25K, vs. $8.3K, $8.3K, $8.3K years 1-2-3. At current interest rates, how much is that worth? Not enough in my book to move into a larger more expensive vehicle than you would have otherwise purchased.
  • Has anyone experienced peculiarity with the throttle response when gently accelerating from a stop or getting back on the throttle after decelerating for a corner. My Infiniti dealer is clueless. I have driven performance autos over the years with manual transmission and have not experienced this behavior. Is this the way a computerized aoutmatic should feel? It is unpredictable.
  • "Has anyone experienced peculiarity with the throttle response when gently accelerating from a stop or getting back on the throttle after decelerating for a corner."

    What exactly are you experiencing? I have 13,500 on my 45Tech and can't say that I've noticed anything peculiar in the response as you describe. Early on I had a 'hiccup' occasionally when throttling up from a freeway slowdown or similar situation but it went away before I had an opportunity to pursue it with the dealer.
  • When accelerating my 45tech with 6700 miles on it, I notice that on gentle acceleration from a stop, the car will move gently with throttle pressure and then accelerate suddenly as if the throttle had been depressed further. It will also fail to freewheel immediately when the throttle is released. These characteristics have been present since purchase and are unchanged at this time.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I posted this in the honda group to want to get your thoughts on it.

    What are your thoughts on this. I have been following this service schedule on my infiniti and have on all my previous cars. Now on the pilot I do not know if it is warranted and I don't want to throw away money if I don't have to. Here are the driving behaviors and environments for my cars.

    Pilot - Primarily driven by wife, infrequent short trips of less than 10 miles roundtrip during he week and driven 150 or so miles each weekend on trips of varying length.

    FX35 Was driven the same as the pilot is now for the begining of it's life. Now however it wil be driven about 45 miles per day during the week and on infrequent trips on the weekends.

    We live in houston where in the summer (April - October) temps are in the 90's and A/C is used a lot. Coldest weather in the winter is about 50 during the day and drops below freezing 3-4 times per year overnight.

    Would this qualify my vehicles for the Severe schedule or should I be saving money and using the standard schedule. They are both leases so not too concerned about long term high mileage use (by me anyways).
  • I would say you would qualify as severe use, especially on the Pilot. The FX might be less severe, if those 45 miles per day are a round trip to and from work and not 5 short trips around town.

    But, like you said, it's a lease, and if you have no intention of keeping either, I wouldn't worry about it.

    Not to mention, some of their maintainance schedules are a little extreme. I was quoted a crazy price for the 15K checkup, seems it was in excess of $300.00 if I remember and most of the things they were doing was "inspect", translated to NOTHING! I can look at my own tires and brake pads. Oil changes, air filter changes, tire rotations, those are the most essential IMHO. And when they come up with a oil filter at the oil change shop down the street, Infiniti service won't see mine again unless it breaks!
  • goraggio- I haven't experienced that with
  • If you dont take ur car into infiniti for at least the most basi service whcih is highlighted by edmunds maintainence wizard, the warranty can become void. ALso about the write off, that is a big reason to purchase a car, both cars are ver good. They both have thier own strength and weaknesses. But writing off 25 k in one year vs 8.3 a year is actually big, based on free capital, along with investing in other securities (as the economy is starting back up). And what if we decided to keep the car for less then 3 yrs. We have an xc90 which has a gwwr of 6080, howvere we bough it in the last week of december, b/c we did not know abt teh new tax rule, we were acually quite mad at our acct for that.
  • "If you dont take ur car into infiniti for at least the most basi service whcih is highlighted by edmunds maintainence wizard, the warranty can become void."

    I have never heard of a warranty being voided due to someone other than the dealer performing required maintenance. Just curious, where did you get this information? Unless it's in the warranty itself I don't think it would be enforceable.
  • Drove both the 2003 35 and 45 prior to settling on the 2003 45. To my surprise, I liked the 45's ride better. It was smoother. I commented on that fact to the sales guy and he said the 45 I drove was a post July 1 production vehicle which meant the suspension was dialed a few notches softer in response to the criticism that the car initially received. He said it was a mid-year model change and that it was not advertised or promoted for obvious reasons. The 35 had 18-inch tires and was a pre-July model.

    We'll that sounds like a bunch of hooey from a sales guy.

    Any truth to it?

    PS pick up the liquid copper 45 premium on Monday.
  • Infiniti Announces 2004 FX45/FX35 Pricing [Oct. 08, 03]

    GARDENA, Calif. (October 8, 2003) – Infiniti, the luxury division of Nissan North America, Inc., today announced 2004 model year pricing on the breakthrough Infiniti FX45 and FX35 premium crossover SUV. In 2004, FX continues to offer a unique combination of aggressive styling, outstanding performance and luxury car comfort.

    The all-wheel drive FX45, with its standard 315-horsepower V8 engine, 5-speed automatic transmission and long list of luxury features, starts at a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $44,375. A powerful V6 engine version, the FX35 features a MSRP of $35,850 for the all-wheel drive model, while the rear-wheel drive model begins at a MSRP of $34,350.

    Enhancements for the 2004 FX include a refined suspension for improved ride comfort, a new 8-way power passenger seat that replaces the previous 4-way design, available aluminum roof rails and 20-inch chrome-plated wheels, new dark silver metallic finish added to 20-inch wheels (for non-chrome wheels), standard HVAC air filter added on all models, and the addition of a Snow-Mode function (shifts throttle input algorithm in low-speed slippery road conditions once activated by the driver for enhanced traction).

    Complete pricing and option packages are available on the attached sheets.

    For more information on the complete line of Infiniti luxury vehicles and the Total Ownership Experience (TOE) philosophy, visit Infiniti online at or contact the corporate media line at 310-771-5631.
  • Anyone know how or where to decode a FX VIN. Will it tell me what month my FX 45 was built? was no help.
  • No need for a VIN deocder for that, and it won't tell you anyway since the cars are just numbered sequentially. Just look on the sticker on the frame when you open the driver's door. It should be on there in a format like this "05/02" which is when my G35 was built.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please, let's limit quotations from copyrighted material to brief excerpts.

    tidester, host
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    AFAIK, the suspension enhancements were effective for 2004 model FX's. However, if you're happy with the 2003 FX45 (which also carries a $3K incentive) that you drove, that's all that matters. Enjoy, you made a great choice.

    FWIW, a good addition (for me, anyway) to the 2004 model is the height-adjustable passenger seat.
  • I am about 2 yrs into my '02 QX4 lease, and I am considering inquiring with my dealer about turning in early on a '03 FX35 or 45. Anyone have any input on what I should expect? I am about 4K under my allotted (30K) miles to date.

    I've heard mention of incentives available on '03 FXs ($3K on 45, etc.), however, I don't see this info available on Edmunds under incentives. Where can I find this info?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    All incentives and rebates are listed here: New car incentives, auto rebates, dealer incentives at Edmunds

    Click on the Infiniti link and pick out the model you're interested in.

    tidester, host
  • Tidester said...

    "All incentives and rebates are listed here: New car incentives, auto rebates, dealer incentives at Edmunds
    Click on the Infiniti link and pick out the model you're interested in."

    My point was, several people have mentioned the 3K incentive, but nothing is listed on the link you provided. Where are they getting their info?
  • mwitt3mwitt3 Posts: 15
    I'm new to the board. My infiniti dealer recommended I check it out. Just took out a 04 FX 35 with sport and touring package for a test drive. During the first 5-10 min. I was struck by the busy ride which I had read about but after 15-20 min ( driving in residential area) I hardly noticed it (although my wife continued with some complaining). I'm tempted to get sport and touring because I like the handling but live in the NE where pot holes were invented. Any advice? thanks
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Where are they getting their info?

    Incentives are often local and the figures provided here are keyed to your zip code. I'm not seeing any incentives in my area either. :-(

    tidester, host
  • Dear All,

    let me say hello at first! I am living in Europe and have a plan to buy an 45 the end of the next Jan. Please advise whether is it a good choice for me because I am a toll man - 6,56 feets? I have 4 persons family, but I really do not want to go off-road, just own a luxurious SUV size car.
    Thanx in advance, and best regards!
  • tmjddstmjdds Posts: 22

    I am also as tall as you and find the FX very comfortable. Legroom behind my seat is a little cramped but that is to be expected in any vehicle. I understand that gasoline is about $5.00 per gallon in Hungary...hope your family is in the oil business!

    Enjoy your FX.

    from America,

  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    There is $3000 dealer cash on premium package only 2003 FX45s in California at least.
  • mb280mb280 Posts: 27
    I haven't been on this board for a while and was surprised to hear that Infiniti softened the suspension for the 45 and 35 (with the sport suspension). Last spring I was choosing between the FX35 and the RX330. One test drive in the FX and my wife complained about the harshness of the ride. I e-mailed Infiniti and asked whether they had any plans of offering the nav package without the sport suspension and they told me no (in no uncertain terms). This was sometime in late May or early June. They never mentioned anything concerning any modifications.

    Alas, I am now "stuck" with my RX, the most wonderful vanilla car ever made. I wonder how much I would lose on a trade?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Yes they supposedly softened the suspension. Also the tech package is available with the 18" whhels as well now at least on the 35.
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