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Chevrolet C6 Corvette



  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    I've seen another one now, all the way up in Auburn Hills, and it too had some incredibly bright HIDs. Looks like a nice car. Dare I say it, the front profile looks VERY 2002+ Acura NSX.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,456
    Well I feel totally gratified that all the whining I did about the C5's shifter and heavyweight feel ("like dancin' with a partner of ample proportion") were being addressed in the C6...that's two more notches forward toward "world class". You know, take that C6 to a spa to shave off that bigger than life butt, and knock back the road noise a bit, and I just might turn into a believer that the Corvette has arrived in the Big Leagues of supercars.

    I've never driven a C5 fast enough to complain about the steering so I don't know what that's about...this "feedback issue". I'm really not trained for 186 mph so I guess I don't have to worry.

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  • mikeivanmikeivan Posts: 42
    According to Dave Hill, the C6 team had 100 specific areas for improvement based on C5 customer feedback, the shifter was one. Another was road/tire noise which he claimed was much improved also, so the AutoWeek review is a bit of a surprise on that subject. Obviously, interior fit, finish and quality was another specific area for improvement. I guess BIG BUTT did not make the list.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142 040729/WHCORVETTE29/cars/

       Note that it's Canadaian currency.

    I guess I don't have enough to compare with my C5 shifter since I find it ok. Before I drove the formula cars at Sears Point I thought it was good. To tell the truth I think the clutch is more of an issue, very easy to drive but doesn't give any feel being robust, so to speak. Going to enjoy getting a few test drives at some point!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,456
    The C5 shifter wasn't "bad". I think the point Autoweek was trying to make, and which I agree with, is that the shifter felt "American" as in "oh, yeah, I'm in an American car". In other words, if a Miata can do it, why can't a Corvette?

    As for the big butt, the re-design is a better big butt at any rate, and relative to a 350Z, downright attractive.

    I'm not a big fan of Kammbacks or any hint of them. Inborn prejudice I guess.

    I also like that the C6 looks "scaled down". It needed that keener sense of proportion and I think that's been achieved.

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  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    I've seen several more on the road in the past day. They're cropping up everywhere in the Detroit area, and nearly every one I've seen is a nice, neutral, non-descript silver.

    I love the flush headlamps - the front end look is far more modern, and downright exotic.
  • sapparosapparo Posts: 68
    Boy, the designers sure like NSX don't they?
  • proeproe Posts: 157
    I hope new Vette has good quality that is comparable to Honda or Toyota, otherwise it would be a shame that Chevy will lose more potential buyers because of the numerous quality problems that Vette will have.

    Speaking of quality, I do not understand why American car manufacturers cannot have the quality control like Japanese car manufacturers do.
    After all, they should have worked out the quality issue before actual production begins.
    I mean after first 500 or so units, there should be no unknown quality issues, but we all know that is not the case.

    I guess the downfalls of all the American and European cars is the quality and that is why Japanese car makers are gaining more and more market share in US.

    I predict in 10 years, American and European cars combine will hold less than 20% of the total US market if they do not realize that quality is the number one priority.
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    And what in particular is bad quality-wise about the Corvette? I am not aware of statistics on the C6 initial quality score; however, for the 2003 model, the Corvette had very high initial quality numbers (e.g. low number of complaints).
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,456
    I think that reputation comes from the earliest C5s, which had teething problems out of the box. There were issues with water leaks and engine noise and door locks and stuff like that.

    JD Powers still doesn't like the 2004 C5s interior quality and body integrity but gives it good marks for mechanicals.

    So it's the same old "fit and finish" argument.

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  • mjbauermjbauer Posts: 19
    I have never owned a Corvette, but I do plan on buying a C6 next year. I am putting my Boxster up for sale this year and will order a C6 in the spring of 2005.

    The size is right, it is a performance bargain, and has a great community of owners. I was really thinking of a new Porsche 997, but if I look at everything, it seems tough to beat the C6, plus I will save at least 15,000 dollars and have better performance.

    My only question is a coupe' or convertible? Any thoughts on the body stiffness, cowl shake issues, etc. My Boxster was exemplary in those areas. I prefer a coupe' in many ways, but a nice night with the top down is hard to beat
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Take the top out any time you wish and at least in the C5, it stows neatly in the rear hatch out of sight. We even came home 1400 miles with travel bags for 4 days and the extra clear top in the rear, no real issues, plenty of room.
    The coupe is just a little stiffer with the top in as many doing autocross have noted on other boards, but that's in C5s and the initial writeups on the C6 give the vert good marks in this area.
    As for quality, I think the fit and finish is some below other good models, but I don't and never have wanted an Accord or Camry. The reliability has been made top notch with hope that they will improve there on the C6, we'll see as the owner comments start to come in within a few months. Enjoy your C6!
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    Starrow68, how do you stow both tops (clear and painted) at once? The mounting/stowage points in back are for one top or the other. I have both tops and have had to leave one behind if I wanted to drive with the top off.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I'm not big on the top out, to tell the truth. I only have the painted top on mine but we got both on the wife's just recently. I expect we will decide on which to have in when we leave and not take the extra on any extended trips. Winter travel with the glass top turned out to be really nice in the '95, only top it had. Summer on the other hand, don't want to have the glass in when doing mid-day driving, like I said, not big on the sun.
  • mjbauermjbauer Posts: 19
    Thanks, maybe I misread the option sheet? I spec'ed one here on Edmunds and it showed an optional

    " Dual Roof Package
    Includes removable one-piece body-color roof panel and removable one-piece transparent roof panel. INCLUDES CC3" show I assumed (shame on me) that the targa had become an option. But when I looked at the standard features, it showed it as a targa. That might do it for me.

    Thanks everyone
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    Did you know that Chevy Malibus long term quality and reliability is better than Camry? That tells you Chevy has turned the corner from the 80's.

    Quality is less and less of an issue now
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142 4&n=157

    the car connection has a so/so review that is mostly a rehash of what's out there before the actual drive reviews. Motor Trend and Car and Driver have both put out performance data in current editions and the C6 Z51 is close to the early reviews of the C5 Z06 which seems about right.
  • c5_4func5_4fun Posts: 59
    Ditto on the new Car and Driver (Sept) where they put the C6 though its paces. 0-60 in 4.3, .98g, quarter mile 12.7 sec and 70-0 in 166ft; need I say more!

    And I learned from the dealer last weekend, the C6 will cost me approx $15K more than a new I'll have to wait for a C6 test drive.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Hope you check out the net compared to local dealers. I'd be interested in the basis of the $15k, seems that coupe base price is almost $1k lower, add similar options and some are more than before, especially Z51, and then add new things like On Star, XM(?) and Nav. That gets pricy but if the current discounts are $10k at local dealers then $15k might be a bit too high. Dealers always want it both ways, don't discount current as much and charge extra premium for the new one. When I can get Coupe, 6sp, Z51 and sport seats/premium package with Bose and polished wheels, like what I have now, for under $50k, I'm in the market too! Be interesting to see how long it take for some to start to sit on the lots with extra markups.
  • A friend from an ad agency sent me a sneak preview of the new Corvette commercial that's supposed to air later this month during the Olympics. It's the first commercial for the Vette since 1997.

    Anyway, I have a behind the scenes still photo and clip from the ad on my server at:

    ad clip:
  • low12slow12s Posts: 9

    An interesting message. I still am on the fencepost and have 50K earmarked for a new vette. Based upon your message, when do you see a C6 for 50K (as you mention). I do not think it is possible in the next year. Until I see a C6, I am still leaning towards a heavily discounted C5.
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    Gotta love Top Gear episodes although the American bashing is so thick you can't see through it.

    I do wonder how the heck a 14 year old NSX out-dragged a C6 though. And, the video kept zooming in on what appeared to be some rather atrocious panel misfit around the front hood. Hmm.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,456
    Might have been the optional 6 cylinder Z06 with the Blue Flame 235 cid engine from a 1953 model? :)

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  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    "I do not think it is possible in the next year."

       Since the Coupe starts at just under $45k and there are dealers on the web taking MSRP orders for delivery within a few months we are already there. Now it just depends on what you want on the car, ours have had about $5k to $7k in options, so getting below $50k MSRP may take awhile, to get what you want, as you note. The local dealers will mostly be asking for premiums for years to come, some still are on some C5's, and bless them, they get it once in awhile.
       The problem with price is that without specific option levels it doesn't mean a too much. But, as noted above the $50k 2005 Corvette is available if you look, and the under $40k 2004 Corvette will be available for just a little longer with supply going down rapidly, selection being very thin about now, unless you like basic colors, IMO.
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