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Chevrolet C6 Corvette



  • Wow, defrit, I cannot believe they wouldnt let you. First let me thank you guys for the tips, I will have to contact a few dealerships before showing up because even some Infiniti dealerships did not take me seriously when I was 19 (when I got the G Coupe)

    I have an idea, call a couple local dealerships and let them know what I want and what Im willing to pay and that I will be ready for purchase...

    Even then, ill need luck since one dealership has already not called me back...
  • Forgive me for being more than a little skeptical. I find it a bit hard to believe any car salesman would overlook a high-ticket sale because of a customer's age. If you put your money where your mouth is, they bow and scrape, grin and sweat.
  • That is very true. When I purchashed the Infiniti, I visited the dealer the day I called them and they had the Exact vehicle I wanted. Once I told them I had $9000 down they agreed to negoiate. Then the sales manager started sweating and turning reddish when we were about to walk away.

    Another dealership (Infiniti) only contacted me once after I visited so I knew they were skeptical.. that time I did show up on my own tho..

    Ill let you guys know what happens.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    As to test drives, I have yet, after 5+ years in Vettes found any dealer in Nor. Calif. that will test drive a new Vette. The best bet is to find the nearest dealer with a large used inventory and try to get as close as possible or try several that have all the things you want to see. That's from a leading edge baby boomer who is the prime demographic for Vette's. But it also taught me that I can every so often go out and get a fun ride in something I see used on a lot. Not all bad.
  • Wow, this really gets my hopes up. ahhh. Man I dont know what I'll do. I'll need a test drive tho' and the dealer I will be ordering from is too far for that (a few hrs).
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    "As to test drives,"

    I did significant research – for months, before requesting a Corvette test drive.

    Many dealers, particularly those with low allocations, will not allow test drives. Partly, this appears to be because many buyers do not want any Test Drive Miles on the Corvette they purchase.

    Almost Catch 22.

    Yet, when I contacted the largest local dealer ( near Atlanta ) I was very pleasantly surprised when (before even meeting me in person ) the Corvette sales person responded via email:

    “We do allow test drives on coupes & convertibles. I dont understand
    dealers that dont. I wouldnt buy a $50 pair of shoes without trying them
    on, much less a $50,000 car”

    The test drives ( I wrote & posted my impressions here ) convinced me that the C6 would be an acceptable Daily Driver – as well as a fun car to drive! ( A given. )

    Good luck!
    - Ray
    Also a Leading Edge Baby Boomer (57)
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Yeah my biggest problem is getting a test drive period but its really that I'll be requesting one from a dealer I will not be ordering from. A couple dealers have better, much better prices than the ones around here. So I will have to appear like a very serious/potential buyer because the only shoes Ive bought without wearing are Jordans....
  • Thank You Ray

    I took your advice and contacted the biggest corvette seller around. They are one of the nation's largest. I told them I only need to compare seats, experience the transmissions, and hear the sound systems (and search for the antennae).

    They responded in a positive way. Great idea! The dealership is a 20-25 minute xway drive: Not bad.
  • Will you really change your mind after a test drive? This ain't like deciding between a Saturn and a Civic. Either you wan't a Vette or you don't.
  • Yes, especially for me, this is a big purchase. I am selling my current car (Infiniti Coupe, 05 6MT) and will be investing the profit (from whats owed on the vehicle) and with the return on that, I'll be able to afford the upgrade to a Vette.

    It will be like a daily driver and I will be missing out on many things the Infiniti has standard...
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    “that I'll be requesting one from a dealer I will not be ordering from.”

    Well, at the risk of preaching here, I have an issue with the strategy of arranging to test drive a C6 ( or any other car ) at a dealer where you have no interest or expectation of attempting to purchase. I expect ( in the next 30 days or so ) to give my ‘local dealer’ a legitimate shot at earning my business. If they do not meet my price and trade-in requirements, I will use the GMID certificate I have already obtained to purchase a C6 at a dealership ( way ) out of state. I have already told the salesperson that I’d prefer to purchase locally ( for several reasons ) but that if they will not meet my price, I will buy elsewhere, and specified a salesperson & dealership that would accept GMID. ( About 10 miles from where my Mom lives. )

    There is a non-trivial cost involved in stocking a selection of $50K +/- units available for sale & test drive. Working in distribution ( not cars ) for many years, I appreciate some of the economics involved. I believe that the ready availability of 2 C6s equipped as I wanted to test drive them, and a willingness to allow me to drive each – as well as the convenience of purchase and trade of my current ride to a dealer within a half hour drive of where I live combine to be worth ‘something’. Versus either selling my car separately & flying 1,000 miles to pick it up ( sales tax is an issue here as well ) , or driving 1,000 miles to trade in my existing car & 1,000 miles back in the new C6 – or arranging Museum delivery in Bowling Green. . . It is definitely worth something, to me, but there is a limit to the $$ amount I will assign to that.

    Anyway – my point is really: Car salespeople are often accused ( and rightly so, in many cases ) of having low or no ethics in their business dealings with customers. I happen to believe that deceiving a car dealer \ salesperson into an erroneous understand that you are serious about buying a car from them is not ethically OK.

    Just my 0.02 gallons worth . . .

    - Ray
    Seeing a C6 in my future.
    2016 BMW 340i
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    “Will you really change your mind after a test drive? This ain't like deciding between a Saturn and a Civic. Either you wan't a Vette or you don't. “

    In my case, the C6 will also be my only car & Daily Driver. I cannot ( yet ) afford to have a C6 as a “Pleasure Only” weekend for fun car.

    There were therefore several issues that I wanted to evaluate that 1) I could only evaluate in a test drive and 2) were issues that would have been of much less importance if this was a second or third car and not used for my daily commute, etc.

    I have enough experience to understand that my priorities and my perception of ride characteristics ( for example ) are not exactly the same as anyone else who test drives and publishes reports. And the behavior of the new A6 trans. was of particular interest to me – and I have seen only one published report of this version.

    A test drive is also the only way I know of to evaluate several other dynamic options, such as the differences between the Z51 and F55 – and whether \ how much they matter to your taste, in the context of what they cost compared to the Base suspension. Or even to judge whether or not you’ll require the telescoping steering wheel – only available with the 3LT package, at almost $5K, and including a bunch of other stuff you may or may not want or need.

    But that’s just me.
    - Ray
    Odd in some respects, I’ll freely admit.
    2016 BMW 340i
  • toquinhotoquinho Posts: 28
    GMIDs continue to be the big mystery in this discussion group. No one ever describes how to 'obtain' one, though many posters mention they did. Rayainsw and others with GMIDs -- how did you obtain one? How can others obtain one? Are we breaking ethical boundaries by obtaining one? Please share your stories and insights!

  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    Every GM employee can give away two certificates per month for about 8-10% off MSRP depending on model. There is another program called GMS which offers better pricing but is open to employees and immediate family only.

    The GMID certificates are easily available, but it may be against the rules of Edmunds to post details here. I obtained one easily for my 2006 Corvette.

    If explicitly allowed by the host here, I can post details of how to get one if anybody's interested.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    " ... I have already told the salesperson that I’d prefer to purchase locally ( for several reasons ) but that if they will not meet my price, I will buy elsewhere, and ..."

    With Corvette it is not as simple as with most other cars. Dealers have allocations based on prior sales, if you didn't sell it before you don't get one now even if you have dozens of willing customers. So, it isn't a question of what is a good deal in the market, it is a question of what is best for that local dealer. If they only sell 6 to 12 per year and get impulse buyers then they know if you don't buy the next allocation it will sit for a month or so and someone will pay top dollar. It's only the large volume dealers that know they have to move all their allocations that have a need to really 'deal'. This then continues to keep them at the top of the supply chain when the new models come out and they get top dollar for every one they move through the lot. FWIW
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    Randy -

    I am aware of the allocation issues unique to purchase of a C6.

    And I agree that there certainly are ‘small allocation’ dealers, with limited stock and few to sell each year.

    And there are clearly a ( relatively ) few dealers with very large allocations of Corvettes – and they typically have stock & can order with reasonable expectation of having the ordered car built quickly.

    The Dealers that fit into this high volume category, though, in my research, do NOT “. . .get top dollar for every one they move through the lot”.

    The ones I am aware of ( Les Stanford, Kerbeck, etc. ) actually offer significant discounts on their C6s – not selling them for “top dollar”, compared to dealers that try to sell their allocation for MSRP – or even more.

    Kerbeck, for example, I see is currently offering $4,500 off MSRP on in stock 2007 C6 Coupes – with a couple of dozen available at this pricing. A link on Les Stanford’s web site says they honor GMID as well as GM Supplier & GM Employee discounts. And I believe that discounts to ‘others’ are similar to Kerbeck’s.

    Am I misinterpreting what you wrote?

    My local dealer does not accept GMID, but my “GUESS” is that $3,500 to $4K off could be done on a 3LT A6 ( MSRP over $52K = what I want ) but perhaps a bit less on a 1LT w/manual trans. And a greater discount is likely for the remaining 2006s they still have. They currently have over 35 2006 & 2007 C6s in stock ( excluding Z06s ).

    Note that in some cases, at some dealers, obtaining the ‘best’ discounted prices require that you contact a particular salesperson. Likely because that person truly does specialize in selling Corvettes. My salerep does – and knows much more about the product that most typical sales dweebs. Though if you require a Tahoe at some time, that’s OK too . . .

    I have done a fair amount of research on the C6 and the purchase process.

    Some here may not find $50K to be enough money to bother being an informed buyer. I certainly do. In spending $50 to a hundred bucks on a small household appliance ( a small microwave or a toaster oven, for example ) I will typically spend a small amount of time to try to insure that what I choose will function as I want & not break Day One. Because of the inconvenience & time involved in replacement.

    At something approaching 1,000 times that amount, I am well motivated to do much more significant research to insure both that the item will be what I expect & that I pay a reasonable price – and that I understand the process to some level.



    - Ray
    Trying hard to avoid even the slightest case of “buyers remorse” . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    As stated elsewhere GMID ( GM In the Driveway ) is a programs that allows ( encourages? ) current GM employees to provide an opportunity to friends to obtain a GM product at a substantial discount.

    No intent ( on my part, at least ) to be mysterious.

    Personally, I happen to live across the street from a guy that has worked at the Doraville GM assembly plant, just North of Atlanta, for many years. I talked with him....

    - Ray
    Not very mysterious...
    2016 BMW 340i
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Ray, for the full quote:
    "This then continues to keep them at the top of the supply chain when the new models come out and they get top dollar ... "
    The big dealers were getting MSRP for the first year of the new c6 model, which for them is top dollar. Then as the model ages, as you note, they discount to keep up their allocations and not sit on inventory. The cycle is long but that gives them good return over the long haul, I presume. Mid volume dealers, like Fichtner in Montana, goes with MSRP or just $1k off early on and then matches the big people during the run while picking up a few extra units from places that find themselves with inventory going into winter and want to unload it. That's how he built a respectable allocation.
    I agree with you about research, that's why I didn't buy local and got our second one for almost $12k off at the end of the C5 run. That might be when I get a C6 :)

    PS Thanks for the GMID input, I didn't really understand it compared to supplier discount, etc.
  • The best way to test drive the Vette is to get on the mailing list on GM's website and specifically state that you are interested in the C6. I was invited to their demo event that had Vette's on demo. The 6-speed has a great shift (not too short/long). Only thing I had to learn was that it has a quick clutch. It shifts smoothly between 1-2-3, but the test track was too short and did not get to go into 4th. Either was I love this car and plan to get one soon.
    Jayelleseven, I know how you feel. I am a 27 year old CPA here is SoCal and no dealer would give me the time of day when I showed up at the dealer and was looking at the one Vette in the showroom. Good thing I had a connections with the owner of the dealership. Well I plan to buy in about a year with museum delivery, 6 speed convertible. :D
  • Vcheng, I am serious about purchasing my first C6 and would really like information on how to get a GMID. In addition, any information on dealers that will accept them in the West Coast (I live in Washington). Or do I just call each dealer and ask them if they accept it? THANKS!!!
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110

    I am in the same situation. Have a 2001 S2000, 15K miles, silver/red interior, mugen hardtop. Thought I would keep for life but now interested in the Vette Z with the 505hp.
    Have to say, these post are making me a little nervous though. My S has never once been in the dealer for a repair. I know most the happy owners don't post vs owners with problems. Anyway, keep me posted on your buying search (which is always half the fun for me). I am looking to buy another silver with red interior, but like the Honda, I won't pay over MSRP. Dealers in St. Louis wanted 5K over for the S2000 in 2001, I found one in Souix Falls, SD and paid $800 under sticker and they shipped it to me for $400 bucks.
    Autoweek has many ads in the back for Vette's so don't get taken in by your local dealer.
    Anyway, keep me posted on your decision. I am a manual transmission guy. Think automatics are for mini-vans. Not a physician, but have been in pharma for 30 years.
    Best of luck to the both of us. I know I am paying double for the Vette, hope the quality, build, fit and finish are just par with the 32K honda?

    St. Louis
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    “ Think automatics are for mini-vans. “

    You are not alone in that sentiment.

    Corvette stats for MY 2006 indicate a LOT of Vette mini-van demand . . .
    According to the Bowling Green plant web site.
    Coupes built with the new A6 automatic: 10967 = 66.1%
    Verts built with automatic: 8127 = 72.9%
    More roadster mini-vans than coupe mini-vans – percentage wise.
    ( Z06 = 0 & 0% )

    - Ray
    Expecting to order a coupe mini-van within 30 days . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    Unless permitted by the host, I cannot post details here. However, please look up my address in my profile, and send me an email for details. I bought my first Vette three months ago, and couldn't be happier. I got a good price with no haggling, and the car itself is fantastic.

    I can also give you useful pointers, such as courtsey delivery to any dealer you choose, and my personal impression if you are interested.

    I will publicly stress that I am just a fellow car enthusiast like other forum members and not related to any aspect of car selling with any entity, so please take my statements with a healthy dose of skepticism..
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    If you go back over many years you will find that 60% auto's is very common for the Vette. After being in it for just 5 years I find that the number of owners with bad knees that don't want a clutch is amazing. Not my problem so I didn't consider any thing but the 6sp in 2001 when I ordered. Good luck with the new ones and the future ones and don't forget to wave. Still enjoying the C5 ...
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    Buy what you like, don't let one guys posting get your shorts all bound up there junior. Don't be ashamed you got an automatic, enjoy it. No need to be so defensive. I have many automatics in my lifetime, just not in a sportscar. I think you will find many end performance cars without auto transmission though. Plus, you left out the St. Louis Corvette statistics for auto/manual? Poor data analysis. Whats the gender breakdown? Got a lot of woman buying vetts or driving them? I am talking a car that a man drives. Ask Jay Leno if he's got an automatic in his vette, he would laugh at you, "Girlee man" There is a lot of enjoyment and handling of a car that a four/five or six speed gives you, but maybe your right and we should all switch to automatics for thats want the plant is building. Should we also all switch to Malibu's cause Chevy is selling more of those too. Should we all get blue ones because the plant paints more that color? Thats it, whatever sells the most, we all should buy. Lots of times it's simples engineering young fellow, a manual will handle the large HP engines much easier. Sure you can get your cruisers with auto, but start pushing the envelop of engine/transmission power and torque you have to go with manual. Maybe you need to see what they put in the big blocks back in the sixties and early seventies?
    See any Vipers with auto, lets put that at a 100%. A Z06, nah lets go with 100% manual. See any S2000's with an auto, no, to much engine displacement to the tranny for an auto to handle. 100% manual. And Please, Don't think those paddle shifters are the same as in the Indy cars either my friend.

    Anyway, that was a sidebar of my topic, so I go down to Elco Chevy (one of the largest Vette sellers in the Midwest) today, they say there is a two year wait list for the Z06, strange that I can go over to Ebay and buy one tonight with less than 10 miles on it, for less than over MSRP than the dealer wants? Then I go into the garage and talk to a vette mechanic. I ask him how about reliability, he says, stay away from the 2005's which have problems all over the place. He said that about 60% of the common problems were fixed in 2006 and he is hoping in a further reduction for 2007. Said he would wait at least two years before getting a Z06 before the bugs are worked out. I told him that my little S2000 has never been in the shop, granted its a 2001 with only 15K miles. He told me, don't even expect that with a vette.
    I understand that, I think the car is more high performance, but when your talking a second or two difference, similar road test parameters and the fit and finish of a S2000, I think I will sit back and wait awhile. Then I arrive home a look at todays Consumer Reports dated October 2006; two cars rated POOR in reliability were the Chevrolet Z06 @ $76,730 and the Chevrolet Convertible @ $57,020. PG Though I love the car (I am sorry I prefer manual and do believe automatics are for minivans) and its your best performance for the dollar, I don't like sitting in a shop waiting room eating donuts and coffee. Consumer Reports also gave the Z06 thumbs down for fit and finish. To me, at over 50K, you need to get the fit and finish getting a decent grade, also the interior, though now better and different than my Suburban (have an automatic there), its still below par for a 40-70K car and no better than my Honda @ 32K.
    Just my thoughts, I love the Vette, would like a Z06, maybe I will get one, but from the post, mechanic at Elco and Consumer's reports I will wait.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    "I ask him how about reliability, he says, stay away from the 2005's which have problems all over the place. He said that about 60% of the common problems were fixed in 2006 and he is hoping in a further reduction for 2007. Said he would wait at least two years before getting a Z06 before the bugs are worked out."
    Now you are talking real confusion. The Z06 didn't come out until 2006 so there are no 2005 Z06's. Since the C6 did have issues in 2005, that's ok since it was the first year of production and most know to stay away unless you are committed diehard, same would be true for 2006 on Z06. As to wanting same fit and finish you are doomed to be disappointed, it's getting better but what it's trying to catch up with is getting better as well. Then again even a 350HP stock C5 has more than can be useful on the street, unless you plan to take it to the track or do driving classes the 505HP/470torque are more likely to get you in trouble than not.
    Also don't get why you say to not consider one off experiences here and then conclude that some mechanic and Consumer Reports are a good basis for a decision. Hummm....
  • Aww man, you are 27 and they wouldnt pay much attention to you..? Damn. Well, I dont know if there will be a demo event soon enough but ill check it out. So I should contacted GM and perhaps ill be invited right?

    I think I will go to my local dealership and hope they at least let us sit inside one of them....
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    Correct, we know when the models were introduced, the C6, the Z51 package and now the Z06. I am interested in a Z06. Maybe you did not read my original post. The C6 was new in 2005, reduction in problems in 2006 and 2007 should be better. The mechanic stated he would wait on the Z06, a year or two. The story from the Elco corvette mechanic seemed to be verified in the most recent CR. Seems that they are saying the same thing? POOR RELIABILITY Do you disagree with Consumer Reports? Go argue with them, not me.
    At 50-60K, first year reliability should not be POOR with your flagship car, or maybe you accept that build quality.
    You won't see that in the Vette's competition and this will hurt the brand. You don't put a 50K product on the market and say, "Ya, everyone knows we will get it right in two years", this is not 1973 or for GM, maybe it is.
    If I want a Z06, just let me spend my money how I want to.
    If you want whatever model, great for you, I am not going to care what you do with the car. The beauty of the Z06, is that your getting supercar performance at a good value, you can argue that if you wish. I do feel consumer reports is a good basis for decision, maybe you don't, maybe you have not read the magazine article, but its not good and the C6 and Z06 are both rated? Read, then comment on the facts. The mechanic in "just his experience", seem to verify the data from CR. Maybe you can not put the two together. You will have to tell me what the "P" factor is? The is a Corvette Certified Mechanic at Elco Chevy, one of the largest Vette dealers in the nation,is it Jim Hill, no. Also, you can get into trouble with any car you don't have the ability or maturity to drive. If its a horsepower cut off that you deem that one gets you into trouble, above a certain point is for the track, then your missing the point of the design and build of the car, versus the competiton, go get yourself a vega. People are not spending 70-85K for track cars, please.

  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Awww, I hate to get into the manual vs automatic or A vs B discussion....

    People should buy what they like.

    But, I just have to mention a few things.

    I've NEVER seen an automatic 'miss a shift'.

    In years of driving an automatic, on 2 lane roads or any such driving conditions, I can easily mash on the accelerator, change lanes, and be around a car much quicker than someone can decide to downshift (and how many gears), lift on accelerator, get to the clutch, get to the shift, make the shift, release the clutch, and back on the accelerator. In ordinary driving, an automatic just does the job much more efficiently, and most of the time, quicker. An automatics' mechanical reaction will, in general, beat most of the manual drivers out there.

    Just how often do you really ever need to 'keep those RPM's up', 'push it to the redline', 'shift down to help braking', or any of the other things that might only be done in a manual.

    Drop it into 'D' and drive. If you must keep playing with your toy, get that manual.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    I agree. Today's automatics are technological marvels that will hold a gear through a turn, blip the throttle before a downshift, and shift faster than any human could shift manually. And you can have manual control over them.

    Take for example, Porsche's 997 911 turbo. The Auto is faster than the manual 0-60. Or the SLR Maclaren. You can choose to shift it yourself, but (at least the car mag editors) couldn't match the computers (launch control) shifts and look longer to get to 60.

    Unless you are Michael Schumacher and terrible gifted at driving (although even he uses SMG in his F1 car) I doubt most of us can really consistently do better than the modern automatic transmission. In a minivan or in a sports car.

    I agree, it's fun to drive stick, and for some people it makes them feel more 'manly' and that's fine, we all have reasons for buying our 'toys'. But some of us buy autos because it makes the car more pleasurable for us (some of us live where there is a lot of traffic!) so please don't disparage us as 'minivan drivers'. ;)

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