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Acura RL vs. Acura TL



  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    The advice about checking tire pressure is good advice - tires significantly affect road noise, handling and comfort. In fact, it might be worthwhile to review your window-sticker to see if you got a tire package (knowingly or unknowingly) - that might explain the different feel with the different RLs.

    I never test-drove the RL, so I cannot comment on that car, but if you can't resolve this issue easily, you could try replacing the tires. Tire Rack is the only online tire info source I know, and you can get tires that fit your vehicle that are geared towards noise reduction, I think.

    If you have a 3-yr lease, you'll probably go through a set of tires, so buying your preferred tires now and putting the originals back on when you unload the car shouldn't cost you more in the long run, but you would need the space to store the unused tires.
  • Everyone's opinions would be appreciated! I have two options right now.

    2006 TL with Navi, Bluetooth, etc. (25K miles)


    2005 RL with Technology Option? (55K miles)

    Both are priced at $27,000 +TTL.

    Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Have you driven them? You need to do that to find out which one feels right to you. Your gut will probably tell you which one you want the most.

    But based on the limited information you've provided and assuming all things otherwise are equal, I'd go with the newer car with fewer miles.

    You may want to get an assessment of the relative value of each in our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion. Be sure to provide all the information requested in the list just above the post box.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  • Yes, I've driven them both.

    RL has much a smoother "luxury" feel. It definitely is my preferred style.

    However, I also don't mind, and like the sporty feel. If they both had equal number of mileage, I would pick the RL.

    But considering the fact that the RL is 1 year older, and has 30K more miles, but equal in price to the TL, what does everyone recommend?
  • I would go with the RL because its got more features, is slightly bigger, and is built in Japan. I've had both an RL and a 04 TL and for me the build quality is night and day. I also would prefer the smoother ride after having the TL. Both are fine cars, but the mileage is a non issue for me with the RL. The only negative to the RL is it being the first year of the redesign and lots of electronic gizmos to possibly malfuntion.
  • Thanks for the feedback?

    Do you think 2005 RL is built better than a 2006 TL?
  • You can purchase a new 2008 tl w/o nav. for $29,600.
  • The thing to remember with all of the responses that they are just generalities based upon individual experience. One person may have a better experience with a TL vs RL. The next guy just the opposite. I saw your post at Acurzine asking the same info. It's really your $ and you have looked/driven both cars in question. Only you can decide if this RL is better/worse than that TL.

    Generally speaking, the 05 RL is a first year model of a major redesign so there will be a number of TSB issued to address some bugs. That's to be expected. The 06 TL should be free of some of those issues because it's the 3rd year for that model. As far as build quality, you have to be the judge of that. I would closely examine both cars and look for small things like fit and finish on interior/exterior. Are the gaps consistent on sheet metal parts, glove box, dash trim, etc? Quality of materials on both vehicles, feel and look of materials, paint quality and finish, etc. I see more gap inconsistencies, fit/finish issues, and overall material quality issues with MY TL versus MY RL, but that's only me. You need to come to your own conclusion by looking at the cars that you're considering.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    i'm comparing TL-S vs RL. I'm looking at used cars.

    I can get a used 07 TL-S in the high 20s. That's about what I will spend for a 05/06 RL. I have seen a TON of 05s off lease. there are still quite a few 06 models, they are around 30k. low 30s for sure.

    so while the RL is still more expensive - the used car prices are VErY close. close enough that they are both ont he table for me.

    I have test driven both - and I like them both. the TL-S feels sportier, but I really did not like the torque steer. when i got on the gas at lower speeds the steering wheeljumjped out of my hands... i did not like that.

    the RL feels a bit more sluggish perhaps...but nothing is smoother riding, and lacks the "sporty" feel.

    i've seen some threads on another forum where you can add an aspec kit to the RL to tighten up hadnling.

    have any of you people who have switched from TL to RL - done the aspec upgrade to the suspension, or changed out wheels, or done other suspensio mods to an RL.

    my gut tells me that I could buy a used RL - and then aspec the suspension and upgrade to 18" wheels, and improve the handling aspect of the suspensin, remove some of the softness, and wind up with a luxury sedan that has as much sporty feel as a TL-s.

    anyone here have an opinin on that? my only complaint with the RL is it lacks the "fun" factor..and i think with suspension..that would do it.

    there is a used RL for sale with the FULL aspec kit - body kit, wheels, and suspension, but it's about a 2 hour drive - too far to go JUST to test drive it....
  • jyo22jyo22 Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    I cannot decide...have 3 options -

    2009 RL Tech Pkg - $34K +Tax etc (13,000 miles)

    2010 TL Tech Pkg - $34K + Tax (Brand New)

    2009 TL Tech Pkg - 30K +Tax (13,000 miles)

  • I researched, drove and investigated the hell out of the cars you've posted here. The RLs' tech pkg is dated
    I finally decided on the TL AWD w/tech new because incentives and rates were better than a used.
    Leasing is always less but, when you compare new vs used financing costs, new is less.
  • sweendogysweendogy Left lanePosts: 1,299
    Why go Acura? Infiniti has a better one 2 punch plus they give u a V8 option and more sport- plus a coupe option and better looks
  • Acura RL and TL were having same kidaaa working. TL is bit advanced. I drove both RL and TL, but I still stick with RL which Im using.

    I own RL 2010 Model :shades:
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