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Dodge Charger 2006+



  • I was passing the local Dodge dealer here in PA and he had two Charger R/T' silver and one black. The first two I have seen in person. The silver is close in color to my 05 Mustang GT. With my Stang parked next to the Charger, my wife was surprised at how small the Charger's headlights are. It doesn't look athletic at all to me (but it could have been my Stang next to it doing that ;) ) Other wise we both *gasp* liked it for what it is...a Dodge family car. It looked a lot better in person than the photos, that I will give it. I didn't get to drive it, so I can only comment on the looks. If I still had my Intrepid R/T, this would be a suitable replacement, especially if I didn't have the Stang and wanted a decent motor under me.
  • frasierdogfrasierdog Posts: 128
    I had a chance to drive a Black Charger SXT with a 3.5L.

    Front and rear seats are very comfortable with plenty of room. Nice dash and layout. I was never able to get a full view of all instruments thru the wheel. Car was very quiet on the road. Trunk was very small. Radio was average at best. Radio was hard to hear over the noisy A/C blower.

    The day was 96 degrees and after a 20 minute test drive the car never cooled off and the air blowing was not that cool.

    While at a stop light I had to lean forward to see the signal. Side mirrors were not large enough to provide a clear view. Side mirrors do not fold on the SXT. Folding mirrors are only on the R/T and up. Rear view was limited.

    Car does not have one bit of sport feel to it. The 3.5L is lethargic. This size car should have a 4.5L as the base. The 3.5L just does not have enough torque at the bottom end to move the car. The SXT is just a cruiser.

    I liked the car, but the limited visibility and weak engine make me walk away from the SXT. In Texas, if the A/C does not blow cold, the car is not worth $100. I will go back and drive the R/T with a Hemi when the dealer gets one besides black.

    I don't see how a car this big and heavy, even with a large V8 is going to feel sporty. With the low roofline and high door edges, it has more of a limo feel.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "Car does not have one bit of sport feel to it. The 3.5L is lethargic. This size car should have a 4.5L as the base. The 3.5L just does not have enough torque at the bottom end to move the car. The SXT is just a cruiser."

    Like it or not, it is in keeping with the original Charger. A friend of mine ordered a beautiful (for its day) 1974 Charger SE, red with the white vinyl top, top end white (leather?) interior, center console with shifter (automatic), and "Mag" style wheels (Steel wheels with a trim ring and a spinner). The car surely looked fast, however, when one opened the hood all one would see was that very long 225 Slant Six packing all of something like 110 hp. Yup, all show, no go.

    Best Regards,
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    I'm a tough person to please, but if Dodge does the Challenger right and listens to what the fellow gear heads in here have to say they should have what we all want. Chrysler already has a good starting point with the concept Firepower. Dodge it up and drop it down into the mid $30s and I'll be happier then a pig in ....
    Cfazzari, my fingers are crossed for this one.
  • Fell in love with looks and bought off showroom floor after sitting in it.
    Promptly drove from MO to PA putting 2,000 miles on it. Here are my feelings now.

    A/C not right. It will cool at times and refuses to work other times.
    Bad blind spot in rear corner
    No lumbar support in seat that I could find
    Windows up high so my kids can't see out
    Transmission misqued at stop sign and dropped from drive to first on its own

    Traded in 03 Infiniti G35 Sedan. Charger ran away from it in unofficial side by side run on highway against wife
    Very smooth on highway, no trouble seeing lights from windshield even with seat up high.
    Got a lot of good comments on the looks
    So far it is a keeper.

    listed at 34,755 with most options. Got 500 rebate for trading in a vehicle, and got 2000 more for trade that I expected.

    This car will appeal to many people. I am 58 and my wife is 27 and she loves it.
    No I'm not bragging--just lucky

    Hope my first message on forum makes sense.
  • utterutter Posts: 79
    Hows the Multiple Displacement System?

    This article reports that it is a better than the Mustang's fuel economy:

    "Catering to consumers' concerns about fuel efficiency in an era of $2-a-gallon gas, the Charger also has a system that shuts off four of the engine's eight cylinders while cruising on the highway or sitting in traffic. In one day of heavy stop-and-go driving, the Charger managed 19 miles a gallon, which is roughly two or three miles a gallon better than the Mustang in similar driving. On the highway, the Charger got almost 24."
  • I will say in the Mustang's or GTO's defense, you don't buy them for fuel economy. If you want fuel economy, then maybe a muscle/pony car is not for you.
  • heinzh2heinzh2 Posts: 49
    "Trunk was very small."

    I'm a little confused on your "review" comment? The Chargers trunk is (16.2) cu.ft ... which for starters is larger than the 300's. But is also larger than a Toyota Avalon (14.4), Maxima (15.5) and for lack of better family car titles ... "benchmark" Accord (14.0)! :confuse:

    The only other you choices you have left concerning the truck size is the Magnum, Ford 500 ... yuk, and a range of Buicks. From there you might as well go SUV ...
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Trunk size is one of the criteria that the wife and I are taking into account as we shop. The trunk in an Intrepid has spoiled us, at nearly 19 cubic feet. The manufacturers have gone to smaller trunks (except Ford--where the Five Hundred has 20 cubic feet). Our biggest concern about the 300 is the trunk size. The Charger's is slightly larger. The biggest disappointment about the Avalon and the TL are the small trunks. Lacrosse has an 18 footer, but the back seat was taken away from to do that--seemed cramped to us in the back. All of this might lead us back to the Magnum, although right now the Charger remains at the top of the list. :shades:
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    "Transmission misqued at stop sign and dropped from drive to first on its own"

    I wonder if that is really a mistake by the transmission computer. The Autostick in my Intrepid automatically drops to first when one comes to a complete stop. It was designed that way.

  • frasierdogfrasierdog Posts: 128
    I think that too many people shop for a car by the numbers. My old 91 Cougar had a fair size trunk by the numbers. However, the trunk was very deep and very short. It would barely fit a grocery sack high under the rear deck.

    The Ford 500 trunk size is equal to a Crown Vic, but you could never put a dead body in the back of the 500 and you could put 2 to 3 bodies in the Crown Vic. The Crown Vic's trunk is tall, not deep.

    Same goes for legroom. The Charger has loads of leg room. More than the numbers would suggest. More than Camery or Accord or Sonata.

    The Charger trunk is small by my estimation. The wagon area on the Magnum is too small to be worthy of a wagon description.

    The Charger and the Avalon are much different cars. They don't look similar, they don't drive similar and they don't feel similar. They both have 4 doors and that is about it.

    I urge you to go try the vehicle with an open and skeptic mind.
  • cfazzaricfazzari Posts: 77
    Jim: If DC didn't learn anything from the WILD success of the Mustang then they deserve an ugly fate. Look at how dismal the GTO has been. I've already seen one new Charger on the road this past month, versus 3 GTOs in two years....In Florida every other car is an '05 Stang. Hopefully the new Challenger does just that - Challenges.

    That being said I am somewhat concerned with what some of the test drivers of "our" new Charger are writing - A/C blowing warm (and loud), a lack of balls, etc. I'm more than a year away from buying anything so I hope they straighten out whatever bugs their $32,000 car comes with by then.
  • petshoppetshop Posts: 2
    It seems like the dealers are not helping dodge move cars through production. I thought I had seen it all with a $5000 markup until I saw an RT recently with a $9995 markup in the SF/bay area, putting the total at $46K . I had to do a name check to make sure it said dodge and not lexus on the back of the car
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    Yeah, I agree. Although, I wonder about the A/C issues, my parents have the Hemi Durango and we thought the air was broken until we all realized that the recirculate feature wasn't on, this will take the cold air from the cabin and recirculate it through the system rather then bringing in hot outside/engine air to keep cool. Lack of balls, I think the driver complained because of the V6 that was test driven, haven't heard that complaint with anything equipped with the HEMI, even in the Heavier Magnum and Rams.
    Hoping that the Challenger Challenges, just confused and disappointed by the proposed car being built on an LX platform, HEAVY?? I like the new Stang, just can't buy one knowing that a higher horse power version will be coming out later on, don't want to have the slowest horse in town ya know? I like the Charger for what it is, a rear drive V8 with a HEMI, I don't like it because of what they made the Charger into. I don't mind the 4 doors, after all the 99 concept was just that, just that big flat truck grill and shared parts with a wagon. Aside from that I'm waiting a while before buying anything. The Challenger intrigues me so I doubt I'll consider the 300 C SRT unless a really good deal comes along. I live in Jersey and have yet to see a Charger on the road. I have seen very few at any dealers.
    One thing that I loved about going to FL was all of the hoped up cars, was down there last summer and every Ram, Magnum, Durango and 300C had wheels and exhausts on them.
  • utterutter Posts: 79
    "I will say in the Mustang's or GTO's defense, you don't buy them for fuel economy. If you want fuel economy, then maybe a muscle/pony car is not for you."b>

    But the MDS would improve fuel economy. Any experience with how much?
  • heinzh2heinzh2 Posts: 49
    The Charger and Avalon are different cars? Really? Please, the question and comparison was on the trunk space of the vehicles ... not on anything else. Nothing against Toyota since they do built good vehicles, but they do not build anything at all worth my interest in visual appeal ... nothing. They use to make a Supra that was worth looking at, but that was "long" ago.

    Also, thanks for the "urge" offer, but I have "been there", "done that" ... and ... "got the T-shirt" in seeing the vehicles first hand, and since I own one of them too. I do know what you mean by the numbers, and you are correct in the visual factor, but in my opinion the truck size is still large in the Charger. Maybe just a difference of opinion, but I think you took your over-skeptic mind maybe too far in making the trunk space sounding like it was the size of Aveo or something. Speaking of a skeptic mind ... you should have known I had one already since I was already questioning your review comment about the Charger trunk space.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I had to laugh - you said:

    This car will appeal to many people. I am 58 and my wife is 27 and she loves it.
    No I'm not bragging--just lucky

    I presume the "not bragging" part is about the Hemi R/T Charger. Out here in California, we all have 27 year old wives. :)
  • frasierdogfrasierdog Posts: 128
    Total trunk size is not USABLE size.

    Try to put a 24in x 24in x 24in box in the Charger' trunk, or most other cars for that matter.

    Putting 100 shoe boxes or 25 bags of groceries is not much of a test.

    Can you go to the store and buy something in a fair size box and put it in the trunk. In the Charger I say no, in a Crown Vic I would say yes. I am not saying buy a Crown Vic. But the Crown Vic trunk has a real usable volume.
  • tacoboytacoboy Posts: 25
    I'm trying to get rid of the minivan and go with something a bit sportier, but it still has to handle the family functions. Has anyone put 2 child seats in the Charger yet? How about 3? Also, I'm not rich by any means and would be looking at an SE. Has anyone driven this model? Impressions? FYI I'm also considering a Ford Freestyle, Mazda 5 and Saturn Vue Redline.
  • When I test drove the Charger SXT, my wife and I quickly fell in love with the car. The trunk is big enough for me. I love the design of the car, it looks very intimidating. Even though it sports a V6, it still takes off. If you want to take off like a muscle car, turn OFF the ESP. The A/C works fine, you have to put in the recycle position. I find every excuse to drive my Charger, even if its a very short distance. The 2006 Charger is the best vehicle and the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven, and I have driven many vehicles.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    It looks like a car you can spot a mile away and has character. :)

    Also, it is not a 'Pony car' or a GTO competitor. If it was "the new Intrepid", it wouldn't get alot of attention.

    And, to counter the quote, "Look at how dismal the GTO has been". Sale are way up this year, and meeting GM's target. It is selling hot in So. California where GM needs to make a statement. It was not meant to sell more than 15,000.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    We were in the same position as you, coming out of a Town & Country minivan. We went with the Magnum over the Charger or Chrysler 300 due to the cargo space issues. The Magnum has so much more cargo space than either the Charger or 300. We love the Magnum in every way. You can still likley find a 2005 Magnum at end of year pricing and with the 7/70 powertrain warranty that the 2006 models don't have any more. The end of year pricing might let you step up to the mid level car with the 3.5 V-6 instead of the smaller one.
  • Looks like we"ll be moving west.
    In Missouri I'm just a dirty old man.
    I still feel lucky to have her and a Charger R/T.

    Averaging 23+ mpg in mostly highway driving. A/C now working fine.
  • wacowaco Posts: 2
    Ok, so I was just messing around with photoshop a little to show what I think the new Dodge Charger should look like. I'm more of a Mopar fan than I am a Ford fan, but I gotta admit, Ford did the new Mustang justice in every way imagineable. When I heard Dodge was bringing back the Charger I had the highest expectations. Never in a million years did I expect a 4 door sedan. I love the styling of the new Charger, but common...4 doors? Something with the name "Charger" was not meant to have 4 doors. The Charger is the epitomy of the Muscle Car. So yeah, like I was saying, I love the styling, but just lose the 4 doors, shorten it up a bit and voila!!! Who out there agrees with me? Image hosted by">
  • Looks nice with 2 doors, but I prefer 4 doors. The Charger loses nothing with 4 doors. The new design is meant to have 4 doors, and besides, it still looks like a bad-[non-permissible content removed] muscle machine with 4 doors. I have kids, I need the 2 back doors. It is easier for them to get in and out because they are older (12 & 15). Also, I can be driving other adults with me, need the 4 door sedan. Another thing, it's easier to clean the back seat floors with a 4 door sedan. The 4 door muscle car doesn't bother me one bit. Maybe you can write and beg Chrysler to make the 2007 Charger with both 2 and 4 doors. Car makers used to do that. I had a 1972 Chevy Nova, 2 door coupe, but a friend of the family had a 1970 Nova 4 door sedan. Maybe they can make the V6's and R/T V8's with 4 doors, and the SRT and Daytona's V8's with 2 doors. I don't think Chrysler was looking at the 20 year male when bringing back the Charger, they were looking at older guys/ gals in their mid late 30's and older. Anyway you look at it, the 2006 Charger is the most intimidating and best looking vehicle out there, and has the muscle to back it up.

    BTW, you can insert at least 2 child seats in the back. If the Charger were a 2 door, this would be a pain in the butt.

    I've seen a few GTO's riding around the DC and Baltimore metro areas, but not many. They are OK looking, but they don't impress me at all. The new Stang's looks are appealing though. First thing Ford has done right in 35 years. But like the Intrepid, every other car I see is the new '05 Mustang. I do not wish to own one, especially with a puny V8 in it.
  • Who knows the "limited" production numbers for the Daytona R/T. What "status" should I look for one to be in if I am want to put a deposit on an order for one?
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    When I hear a personal review that sounds "too bad to be true"--I feel compelled to reply. My 75 year old mother decided to replace her 1994 Intrepid ES (with all of 47,000 miles) and was immediately taken with the Charger. She had NO interest in the 300 or Magnum. Took delivery of an Inferno Red SXT with no significant options just last week. My 2000 Intrepid ES was having routine maintenance and some detailing done, so I drove her new car for two days.
    The driving position is roomy and comfortable (at 6'3" and a solid 250). The seats were supportive and adjustable and had plenty of lumbar support--lumbar adjustments are standard on both front seats. The rear seat is roomy--though perhaps not quite so much as the 300 and Magnum--perhaps due to the roof line of the Charger. The two female passengers I had back there had sufficient room for themselves, their swim gear, and a gaggle of Barbie dolls, Kim Possible spy gear and assorted "stuff".
    The trunk is roomy and deep with access through the rear seats. No, it's not quite so deep as the Intrepid; but you can argue 4 square feet one way or another for days if it toasts your bagels to do so.
    The 3.5 V6 and 5 speed autostick are a nice combination--clearly as quick or quicker (according to reviews) than the 3.2 in my Intrepid. Car and Driver recently clocked a 300 Touring with 3.5 and 4 speed to 60 in 7.3 seconds. When you run the gears you get some nice induction and exhaust noises as well. This was an added bonus! No, you won't peel mileage from your tires at take-off, but as the revs rise so does the thrust.
    As ALL Autosticks have done since their creation--this one also drops to 1st gear after a complete stop. While coasting with the Autostick in 3rd, it dutifully remained there as my speed decreased (and I didn't apply the brakes) until I accelerated.
    The A/C worked fine--never needing to go above the second fan setting to keep us cool. Even with temps approaching 90 here in PA. When you first start the car and engage the A/C it did blow warm for several seconds. I'm assuming this is simply the compressor kicking in as opposed to some horrible Daimler design flaw just waiting until 36,001 miles to self-destruct (sarcasm intended).
    The stereo--both radio and CD--worked well and the Boston Accoustic speakers standard on the SXT are clear and crisp, if not overpowering.
    A good job done I think....
  • heinzh2heinzh2 Posts: 49
    Waco ... Great job with the etch-a-sketch!!! It's great to see what the Charger would look like with just 2 doors, but I would imagine the same length of the vehicle, but with longer doors. Would be great if Dodge could come out with a 2 door version quickly to compete with the Stang ... rather than waiting so long for the Challenger. Would be funny to see an aftermarket part to hide the rear door handles :P
  • utterutter Posts: 79
    "The Charger loses nothing with 4 doors."

    As evident in your photoshop, The Charger as it is, is very close to a coupe styling but with the added practicalness that comes with 4-doors.
  • wacowaco Posts: 2
    But isn't that what the Magnum R/T Hemi is for? Why have two muscle sedan like cars?
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