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Chevy Aveo vs. Scion xA

scieduc8torscieduc8tor Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
My soon to be husband and I have been searching for a new car and have narrowed it down to two. They are the Chevy Aveo and the Toyota Scion XA both 2006. We created both on line with things that we would want and found out the the Aveo gave us more bang for the buck. Also, I found a website where I could compare both of the above on gas and crash ratings. The Scion XA is slightly better on gas then the Aveo but the Aveo did a little better on the crash ratings. I personally, feel that that the toyota scion would be more reliable (since I would be the primary driver driving over 100 miles a day) but I can't help but get sucked into the aveo's more bang for the buck thing. If any one has any word of advice or any opinions on what we should do please help!!!!


  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    you are in the same position as me....comparing and evaluating... :) as a woman, i say the scion looks a bit better but less choice of colors (6 versus 11 for aveos) and i want the spicy orange! i am waiting to see the nissan versa, i have the brochure already and it does look nice and it offer nice options also. the price should be starting at 12.000$. my main reason to buy an aveo is that we will buy 2 of them and i have a quote at 7999$ that will go even cheaper when the 2007 come conclusion: i can get 2 aveos (SV) for the price of any other similar car.
  • dca16dca16 Posts: 3
    I had narrowed it down to those two also. But after I test drove the Scion there was no contest -the Aveo was a much nicer ride and felt like it was built better. This is a lot for me as I have not bought American for almost 25 years. You have to remember both are economy cars but you get a lot for the price with the Aveo. I bought it for my son (so crash ratings were really important) but I am having so much fun driving it myself. The only thing I have to say negative would be in regards to the automatic transmission. It had a hesitation in acceration that was bad, but with a five speed you control it. But the Scion was only a little better in the automatic. I bought the 5 speed and love it! I recommend taking it on a really long test ride. My dealer let me take it out for almost 45 minutes so I did highway, city, rural. Still can't believe it but a happy Chevy owner!!!
  • Thanks for your reply!! My finance and I did some more researching (well I did while he was at work) and some more building of each online and I think we have made our decision. We went out and looked at an Aveo up close and personal tonight and we just weren't very impressed. We feel that we are paying more for the Scion but with side added air bags, a sportier look, and better gas mileage (standard of course!!) we are leaning for the Scion. I got a teaching job that is going to require me to drive 100 miles everyday so ecomomy was our first main concern!! But who knows, tomorrow I may wake up and have a dream that an aveo is the must car!! :confuse:
  • Thanks for your reply too!! That really surprises me that you found the Aveo to be a better ride then the Scion. However, the Scion we test drove was pretty loaded with all the extra lowering, strut kit, and sway bar which I am sure made a difference compared to a basic model Scion. As I have put in the previous message, I am a teacher who will be driving 100 miles everyday and with the added side safety air bags in the Scion we feel the Scion is our car for us! We of course are considering fuel economy as a number one as well!! I have had many family members who have had great experiences with a Toyota and that helps with all this uncertainty as well. Plus, as the typical girl response goes, its just plain looks sportier, I mean cuter!! LOL!! Thanks again for your response and happy aveo driving!! :)
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Check out the rate it section at the top of the forum to see what others are saying about the car and mileage. The Aveo has side air bags as well.
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    I have to admit that after driving the scion xB, not the Xa, i was happy with the standard features like power windows, doors and a/c and a kick butt have to get the aveo LS or LT to get those. :( I talked to 2 people in my little town, that own aveos for at least a year and their 1st comment was " i love it"!! ;) they are really happy with it. to me it is important as they drive in the same conditions as i will and that was good to know.
    i will have to drive at least 100 miles a day too so gas mileage was my 1st concern in picking a car, next would be confort and the aveo i drove was very pleasant and surprisingly quiet. :D and again, i have to mention that the aveo offers 11 colors compare to only 6 for the scion, and the choice isn,t that great either! unless you like dark colors or white. :confuse: about driving a chevy... i live in a rural area where flat beds and pick up trucks are kings on the road and i see plenty of chevy, ford and dodge...
    i dont recall seeing any import (maybe a couple of toyotas) but american built seems to be the way to go around here. I was a jeep driver for yrs and was very happy with them, if it wasn,t for the gas prices, :mad: i'd get a jeep again.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    You're still not buying American, but what-de-hey... the Aveo does seem to make people happier than the Suzuki Daewoos, I suspect it's because the car is simpler and Chevy has a stronger dealer organization.
  • dca16dca16 Posts: 3
    You are right! My mistake! But I was told Chevy redesigned some of the "bad" features of the Daewoos. The bottom line is I was going to buy on reputation - Toyota (Scion) - and was glad I took it on a long test drive before deciding. But one must always keep in mind the Aveo is an economy car and even if you bought two in a ten year period it would still be cheaper than most cars once. Talk to me in five years ;) !
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Even though it has a low domestic content in its build, at least those who buy the Italian designed Aveo are supporting an American company.
  • festiboi1festiboi1 Posts: 10
    I am a very happy and proud owner of a 2004 Chevy Aveo that I bought brand new (being 22 years old, it was my first new car). At the time, I had it down to the Aveo and the Scion XA on my shopping list. After much comparision the Aveo to me seemed like the obvious choice. The Scion to me didn't seem very impressive. The A/C took forever to cool the car, there wasn't enough legroom behind the driver's seat for my 6'5'' frame. the cargo space was tiny behind the rear seats (plus the pull out cargo cover was a pain in the butt), the clear plastic cover for the storage area in the console looked cheap and like it would scratch and discolor and the silly center instruments were annoying. Once I factored in the Aveo's $5K lower price, 0% GMAC financing, and IMO classier Euro-looks, it was an easy choice.
  • andy_handy_h Posts: 49
    An Aveo is as American as a Ford built in Mexico with Mexican parts and labors as a GM built in Canada with Canadian parts and labors.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Ford, Chrysler, GM, Toyota, Nissan, VW, and possibly others, have manufactures using Mexican labors. Remember NAFTA?
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    I suspect that the parts in NAFTA vehicles move over both borders in both directions. The Aveo is thoroughly Korean (I think, I haven't checked the Moroney labels lately).
  • andy_handy_h Posts: 49
    Well, Mr. Moroney: Do you think a Ford built in Mexico with Mexican parts and labors and a GM built in Canada with Canadian parts and labors, American?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    The Mexican parts thing is just that, Mexican as far as I know. Those who build in Canada are considered U.S. built and it has been that way for decades.

    The Aveo has 6% domestic content similar to the Nissan and Toyota's sub-compacts.
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    it has been awhile since your 1st post...but i was wondering if you finally bough the scion or the aveo?? :)
    mind to tell us?! and i am interested in your feedback!!!
    my husband wants me to get the scion xA... i almost eliminated the aveo after reading all the post in the aveo forum...seems there are a lot of problems with it...i haven't seen anything about xA having many problems. i do like the rio5 hatch and the versa that is apparently a better car than the scion, according to new owners. i will have to see for myself ;) but my husband is sold on the scion and i have to admit that with scions, you dont need to consider which trim you want, power this or power that, it is all there already! you can add air bags and some cosmetic stuff but everything else comes with every scion.that is a selling point for me ;)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,579
    Seems like the only persistent "complaint" of sorts with the xA is that for some people the AC doesn't cool down fast enough on a really hot day. Mine's pretty good but you do have to use the MAX FAN setting, which is loud. Once you've driven 10-15 minutes I can cut down to #2 setting on the highway and #3 setting on city streets.

    I'm sure the Aveo is a swell car. I only bought the xA because of reliability concerns as the car aged a few years.
    I figured "Toyota? What can go wrong?"

    Also my local Scion dealer is outstanding, He wears suit and tie and clicks to attention as I walk in. My Chevy dealer has his feet on the desk and is smoking. :P

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  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    i cant' help but laugh... ;) the scion dealer here was outstanding too. very helpful and was wearing a suit :) the chevy dealer was not smoking but was a lot more relax, no suit or tie and we felt like we were wasting his time because we were not ready to buy that husband and i agree that we would buy from the scion guy and the good thing, that dealer sells, toyota, scion and chevy!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,579
    You know, if you shop car but don't shop service, that could be a mistake.

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  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,919
    it kind of makes me wonder how a person is to tell that their local Scion dealer will give them good service, in advance. Basically, I feel that if you are shooting straight with people you'll get the best possible service from them that they can give.

    A person has to be realistic, too, about just how good of service one can expect. If the Scion you want isn't available right when you want it, you're gonna have to wait. I mean, some of the criticism against new car dealers is just not justified.

    Some of it is and that is my point. Word of mouth is one way and looking at Internet opinions of new car dealers wouldn't hurt, if you can find ones for the exact new car dealer you're going to be dealing with.

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  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    i am with you on this one!
    i am still shopping (little delay for my purchase :( ) and the service I am getting in person or by email is important!
    for example, i am still waiting for 2 reply to my email asking for a new car coming out next 2 dealers, selling the same brand are not giving a very good impression so far..makes me wonder...
    as for the scion/toyota/chevy dealer, he keeps in touch with me, in a very polite, non pushy manner, obviously, i know he wants my business and that is ok with me. there is a fine line between being pushy and business oriented and he is doing just the right thing.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,579
    I think the sales experience does reflect your potential service experience, definitely!!!

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  • Give it a rest. Making decisions about products being built in America is like refusing to shop at Wal-Mart, Target or any department store for that matter. Read the stats, the percentage of 100% American made products is insignificant enough to stop stressing those of us who don't care. Do you watch food labels for nitrite? Further, if you are so concerned about buying American...don't buy gas for your car. Where do you think the oil/gas comes from people?
  • Buying a 2006 or 2007 Aveo doesn't support an American company at all. The AVEO is a GMDAT product produced in Korea and sold in over 140 countries around the world. GM is a world-wide automotive company with PACAT (GM China), Holden (GM Australia), Opel/Vauxhall (GM of Europe) all involved in the development of the new '07 Aveo. GM USA was not part of the redesign of the new Aveo sedan.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    "Buying a 2006 or 2007 Aveo doesn't support an American company at all."

    How do you figure that. GM is an American company and they own the majority of Daewoo. So any Aveo sold is more money for them. Any Aveo sold in the U.S. makes GM and the dealer more $$$. Why would they sell it if there wasn't going to be a profit?
  • GM is not an American owned company - it's an international company with brands Holden, Daewoo, Opel, Vauxhall GMDAT, PACAT and others. Profit will go back to all of GM not just GM of USA with the majority of the profits going back to GMDAT in Korea and PACAT in China.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    GM not an American company? Are you new to the automotive world? They are and have always been based in Detroit Michigan. Just because they have other divisions throughout the world and do business internationally doesn't change their nationality. One of their brands is Saab which is and was founded in Sweden. They are still a Swedish company though they share components with other divisions in other companies, countries. Toyota is a Japanese company and have always been based in Japan though they now build elsewhere and share parts with other companies. The name Toyota is Japanese just like Nissan, Mitsubishi, etc.
  • here in az it was 116 today
    I own an 2007 aveo :shades: and my friend owns a 06 xA and we went to the movies. when we got out of the 2 hr movie.
    my aveo always takes about 5 minutes in the summer to cool down even when it has been sitting outside all day during school.
    his xA :lemon: took and i'm NOT joking 15 minutes to get cool enough to drive that is appalling
    on mine i dont even have to roll down the windows he had to put all his down
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    "his xA took and i'm NOT joking 15 minutes to get cool enough to drive that is appalling."

    It sounds like your friend should visit his local dealership to have it checked out. That would not be acceptible to me either.
  • Sorry but I don't agree with you when you call GM an American company. They have divisions all around the world and design centres in Asia and Europe as well as USA. GM is an internationally run corporation and not a company.

    The new AVEO is not American in any shape or form. It was designed at GMDAT in Korea with help from Chinese partership PACAT, Daewoo and Holden of Australia.
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