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Pontiac Grand Prix GXP 2006



  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    I've e-mailed the Pontiac site a few times, but they never have an answer. I don't think they know, personally. The fact that these have "W" rated tires, good for sustained speeds up to 168 MPH, is a little strange, if the speed is limted that low. Why not just stick a "H" or "V" rated, and be done with it? I'm guessing that these have the power to pull these to beyond 150, which is where most U.S. cars used to be limited at. I see even Chrysler has gone beyond that with the SRT-8's.
  • I've seen legit video of the car going 140+. Have yet to take mine out....yet.
  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    Ive had mine up to at least 100 mph on a few occasions. It didnt take very long at all before i realized i was at that speed. One of those times was just messing around, and i only had the pedal about halfway down to get there, so im sure they would have no problem reaching at least 140.
  • I've seen conflicting stuff on the top end. I've read where the car's computer limits top speed if tranny heat is an issue...and I've seen different figures: 143, 146...I know one of the motor mags did a test of the impala ss with the same engine and they found it went over 150. I'd be curious what the car will do on a cool day. The engine and gearing seem right to run in the mid-150s, and the car is certainly slippery enough to do it.
    Someone out there take this car to Bonneville and see what it will do :shades:
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,964
    One thing that I have found frustrating about GM is that even when I am trying to help THEM, my sense is that many at GM do not really care. At least not enough to actually do something.

    One non-GXP example:

    Heck, I have now personally contacted GM twice regarding incorrect EPA ratings for the STS-v listed at this GMBuyPower url: eId=006&identifyThumbnail=showAllMake&

    Still incorrect. (sigh.)

    Back to the GXP.

    While I really like my 2005 GXP, and admire the effort it must have taken (and $$s) for Pontiac \ GM to bring such a niche vehicle to market in these times, I am absolutely astounded that for 2006 they added no additional refinements and actually de-contented the GXP slightly:

    At least 2 reasons that I like my 2005 better than the 2006 (interior) are:
    1 - My understanding is that for 2006 they reverted to the GM corporate cruise control stalk. I like and appreciate the separate control on my 2005.
    2 - And they removed the up \ down movement of the driver's seat lumbar support adjustment for 2006.
    On long trips, I use that - a lot.
    ( Old decrepit back - sigh )

    From a product and from a competitive standpoint I actually expected that Pontiac would do something to further enhance the 2006. One possible example that would have been relatively inexpensive (since I believe that it would only involve software upgrades) to implement is a “rev match on downshift”. Since the TBW is already there, the issue would seem to be one of integration between downshift command (manual \ TapShift generated) and coordination between the PCM and TBW to achieve an appropriate amount of “throttle blip” based on the current RPM and calculated \ expected RPM after shift execution. To smooth the transition.

    Again, this would require no additional hardware components – and achieve an additional measure of driving refinement. ( This works quite effectively in the Infiniti M45 Sports I have driven on occasion. )

    Just my .02 gallons worth . .
    - Ray
    13,000+ miles and many, many smiles . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Posts: 54
    Ray's recent message got me thinking,

    2 - And they removed the up \ down movement of the driver's seat lumbar support adjustment for 2006.
    On long trips, I use that - a lot.
    ( Old decrepit back - sigh )

    What do you think the average age of the GP GXP buyer is?

    Late 40ish/Early 50s

    Food for thought,
  • billgxpbillgxp Posts: 13
    Any fellow GXPers out there live in the vacinity of Englishtown Raceway Park in NJ? They are holding the annual Pontiac Show & Go this Saturday. Typically includes a cruise style display of Pontiacs and drag racing of street muffled vehicles. Details are available at Anyone planning to attend and show their GXP? Might there be a small contingent of GXP's to attract attention?

  • gxp4megxp4me Posts: 7
    Ahh, I hope that estimate you made is slightly off otherwise I may have just become my parents! ;) LOL :P

    I am a PROUD GXP owner and I am 24 ... I will be 25 this September.

  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    I just turned 35, and bought my 05 GXP last june. This is the 4th Pontiac Grand Prix I've owned. I bought my first one in 1993, when I was 22. I made the car payments and insurance payments all by myself, only had my dad co-sign for the loan.

    There are too many teens out there today that dont know the value of a dollar, esp. if they dont have to earn it themselves. I think a lot more parents should make it a requirement that their kids at least pay some portion of a vehicle if they want one bad enough.

    I was 17 when i bought my first vehicle. it was in 1988, and it was a full frame-off restored 1965 chevy pickup, customized with a nice 350 cid, AT, wooden bed, etc. I bought it at a car swap meet for $7,000. My dad paid the owner for it, but i repaid him every penny over 3 years. He didnt charge me interest, but at least i appreciated and took care of the vehicle more, knowing that it was mine, and everything that went into it i had to make the money for. he owned 2 gas stations, but i still had to pay for my own gas. im thankful i learned about purchasing, and the upkeep of cars that way. it makes owning your own much more fun.
  • You said it well! When something is just handed to you, why take care of it when you can just get another from mommy or daddy? Earning it and appreciating what you have earned really teaches you the value of the dollar, which lessons go far beyond the automobile.
  • smallegansmallegan Posts: 10
    I am really interested in finding this out too. I just got my GXP a few weeks ago and I have had it up to 120 but then backed felt like there was quite a bit of power left but I was a chicken :blush:
  • Better a little chicken, than smashed road kill twangled with plastic and steel. hmmm might make a good fortune cookie. Chinese anyone??
  • smallegansmallegan Posts: 10
    Hey we aren't all old :-P

    21 years old here and I am on my 5th pontiac! What can I say, I just keep coming back for more!

    Bought a 96 Grand Am SE when I was 16, totaled the car when I was 17 and got a 99 Grand Prix GT. Kept that for a couple of years and then got a 2001 Aztek Sport. Gave the Aztek to my fiance last July and got a 06 G6. Then about a month ago the Aztek started having gasket problems around 80k miles so I gave my fiance the G6 and I took ownership of the greatest of them yet the GXP!!!

    Has anyone added aftermarket audio to their GXP yet? I find the bass to be rather weak compared to the G6, anyone else notice this? I may go check another GXP just to be sure that it isn't something wrong with my car.

  • smallegansmallegan Posts: 10
    haha yeah! I think I will stick with being a chicken :-)
  • gxpjoeypgxpjoeyp Posts: 38
    If i do try and see what she will do i will do it under a controlled enviroment like at the track...i wouldnt want to jeopardize anyone on our expressways! :)
  • Hmmm, in dog years I'm......

    In human years I'm still young enough to slam a basketball (but old enough to think of my 501k)...
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,964

    Some time ago (oh, back in early 1998, I guess) I ran my 1997 GTP at Maxton-Laurinburg (North Carolina) in an ECTA sanctioned top speed event. If you live anywhere near this venue and are serious about a safe and legal opportunity to test how fast your GXP (or any other car) will go, I highly recommend this as the best possibility East of the Mississippi. (More information / link below.)

    Point here is that with my S/C 3.8 GTP and only a 3.5” pulley, I was right at the speed limiter at the 1 mile mark (from a standing start) where the timing is done. My best speed was 126.761 mph – an E / prod record at the time - coasting through the end of the speed trap, with the motor disabled by the limiter.

    If you have never done anything like this, it is a unique experience. Many of the participants (and their vehicles) are very interesting - and many will be helpful to anyone there for the first time.

    I found it very interesting, at the time, that I had previously run 95+ mph in the quarter, and it took nearly another three ‘quarters’ to hit 126 and the limiter in my ’97. It took a lot longer to build the second 60 mph than it did the first 60! Running on the highway at 80 or so and then punching it, can certainly bring up 100 pretty quickly, but only the most powerful cars keep accelerating at a really brisk pace beyond 120 or so. And IMHO the public roads in the US are not the place to try this . . .

    But I would be very interested in seeing results from anyone with a GXP and with access to such a venue as the unused runway ECTA uses . . .

    - Ray
    Addicted to Torque – and speed!

    2016 BMW 340i
  • gxpjoeypgxpjoeyp Posts: 38
    Is that 501k something new..... :P
  • smallegansmallegan Posts: 10
    Hehe yeah I think it is about 100k better :-)
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