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Lexus ES Tires and Wheels



  • MikeMike Posts: 13
    Some really good points have been made in this discussion about pros and cons on changes from the 215/55/17 tire size. I too am shopping for tires for my 08 ES350 with 30K miles. Sad that the Michelins were so inferior that 40 or 50K is not achievable! (even though, driving was not spirited, but, highway cruising) Although I will trade off optimum fuel mileage, I would like to go with 235/55/17 sizing. This would give the car a slightly more muscular look. These are nice looking cars with a very weak looking, skinny tire. This can be fixed! However, I do not want to encounter any clearance issues at the extreme ends of suspension travel. Once I "over-tired" a Celica GTS and when I hit a somewhat serious bump in the road the tires rubbed inside the fender. So, anyone with 235/55/17s...please assure me that there are no issues of this sort, if you can. Since the 235/50/17 is a smaller diameter, it may clear, but I want the "55" diameter. Thanks for any help.
  • While I have a 2007 Honda Accord I too have the high pitch whine that sound like a gear noise with these tires. I have about 7,000 miles on them. The tires tend to sing a little louder if the blacktop is damp or wet....
  • Sears got a customer satisfaction discount and returned them for me and I now have Bridgestone Turanza Serenity tires that i LOVE!! Quiet, nice ride, great wet we will see how they wear...but my sanity was saved to not have to listen to that darn whine...good luck!
  • My ES350 had only 29K and the dealer told me there was a bubble on the from passenger side tire. I decided to change 4 instead of 2- but was disappointed with the quality of the original tire. The car was driven and taken care carefully and there was only normal wear.

    The Lexus dealership quoted me near $ 1200 for replacing 4 Michelin tires. I bought instead from 4 Michelin Primacy MXV4 215/55-R17 $144 each with no shipping and tax and a local garage installer did the installation for about $65. Bought TPMS kits but installer did not need them. With the $70 Michelin rebate the total cost of replacing 4 tires is roughly half of the dealership quoted me for the exact same tire.
  • I have a 2008 ES 350 and had to replace the Michelin tires at 23000 miles. Never again Michelin and probably never again Lexus because of other problems I have had. I just don't see how Lexus can advertise this as a quality car. It is certainly not worth the money. I have had problems with the windshield wipers, tire pressure monitor, chipping paint, and, most recently, the starter in addition to having to replace the tires so soon. I think my next car will be a Ford.
  • What are the thoughts about having to purchase tire sensors for the TPMS when buying wheels for snow tires? Except for the dash light staying on, are there any other issues with the 2009 ES350 if the senors are not added to the new wheels?

  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    I recently purchased a 2013 ES350 which has Bridgestone Turanza tires. Does anyone have any experience or comments on these tires vs Michelins as far as the ride or longevity of the tires. They are on 18" wheels and the ride seems a bit harsh?
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