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Volkswagen Passat Audio

jpbranjpbran Posts: 36
edited August 2014 in Volkswagen
Just got my new Passat on Friday. I did NOT spring for the pricey Dynaudio option, though now wish I did. CDs seem to sound more-or-less just OK on the standard stereo, but the Sirius satellite radio audio is pretty weak. Very tinny and weak. No matter how I adjust the bass/treble/mid, it still sounds kinda lame.

Any suggestions? Is it the stereo itself or the speakers? Would new speakers from Crutchfield (or somewhere) help? I LOVE the car, but am not impressed with the audio.


  • laqbnlaqbn Posts: 5
    I have the same car with the same stereo, no satellite on mine though. I think the stereo sound great. CDs (either standard or MP3) sound really great, way better than standard systems on 99.9% of cars. My settings are: treble +3 and bass +2. I am a professional sound mixer and consider myself a music afficiaonado. The only nitpick i have with the stereo is that that volume steps on the volume knob are too drastic, one click below is too soft one click above is too loud. I hear the Dynaudio system is terrific, but I think the standard system is great also.
  • jpbranjpbran Posts: 36
    Thanks! I will try that... but what do you keep the Mid set at?
  • laqbnlaqbn Posts: 5
    No adjustment for mid. Are you sure you have the stock system?
  • jpbranjpbran Posts: 36
    Yeah, it's the stock audio system (with navigation and Sirius). Non Dynaudio. The navigation moves the CD changer to the glovebox.
  • Hello Jpbran

    how to manage bass on this car?what i am trying to say is sometimes my breakers vibrate when the bass is on full.
    what to do so that my speakers wont; vibrate on this 06 2.0t passat.

  • jpbranjpbran Posts: 36
    Hmmmm... not sure exactly what you're asking, cardriver06. If you're wondering how to turn down the bass, on mine you select the audio settings button (looks like a musical note), scroll to Bass, select it, then turn it down slightly. To get back to the main screen, just press Back.

    That's how it works on the audio system with navigation... Hope this helps!
  • Well let me ask this,

    Why do speakers on my music system vibrate when playing loud music,Is this normal or not?.
    If this is normal,then how to listen music loudly without hearing the annyong speaker vibrations?

    thankd and do let me know
  • jpbranjpbran Posts: 36
    Follow-up to my audio issue (after 1700 total miles). CDs sound great. Good speaker separation, bass and treble are clear; I'm quite happy. But the Sirius is still a HUGE problem.

    It sounds like an MP3 compressed at about 48 or 64-ish bit rate, instead of 128 or 160; sounds "metallic," like it is both muffled and overly compressed. The Sirius is about 50% of CD quality.

    Has anyone else had this problem with Sat radio in their car? Specifically, has anyone heard of this with Sirius, or more with the VW audio system? ARGH!!!!!!
  • pophoppophop Posts: 2
    I was cleaning my dashboard including my Monsoon audio system face. Just using wipes, no sprays. Cleaned all the controls. When I got in the car and stated it up, I had no sound system. Won't turn on. Any thoughts? Is there a code or "secret" process to reactivate if somehow I deactivated the system? Unfortunately, I do not have an owner's manual.
  • nexxjennnexxjenn Posts: 1
    A couple of days ago my 2002 passat monsoon system mysteriously quit working for a couple of days. Then, as mysteriously as it quit, it started again yesterday afternoon. I don't know if it was the days of heat? or what? About 10k miles ago, my stereo started skipping radio frequencies and also the cd changer and in dash cd player started skipping. Took it to the dealer and they couldn't replicate the problem.
  • buddysbuddys Posts: 1
    The Monsoon radio in my 2002 Passat exhibited a similar problem on two occasions in the 4 plus years I have owned it. On both occasions, the radio locked up, the red LED light continued to flash after the key was inserted in the ignition and the car was started, and the radio was completely dead - - the LED screen was blank, as it is when the radio is turned off. On the first occasion, the radio mysteriously started to work normally the next morning. I had no such luck on the second occasion, so I disconnected the negative terminal from the car battery, waited five minutes before reconnecting it and the radio worked normally after the reconnection. Apparently, disconnecting the radio from the battery reset something in the radio. The only downside with this solution is that disconnecting the battery also meant deleting all information from the car's clock, trip computer and odometer.
  • pophoppophop Posts: 2
    I posted the problem, and found a solution. Instead of disconnecting the battery, I popped the fuse to see if it was fried. Fuse was good, popped it back in and - voila - works fine and didn't require a radio code. Weird.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    I've read of people doing this with the same results.

    Yours was a better anwer than disconnecting the battery - funny things can happen when the juice is cut to the entire car. The throttle body might need to be reset after a battery disconnect.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,282
    Hi all. I just got my 3.6L 4Motion wagon yesterday, and I'm having probs w. the XM radio.

    The XM radio was working fine last nigth (I activated it online). However, this morning the XM radio wasn't even available when pressing 'BAND.' I went into settings, and the 'XM' line was greyed out. I couldn't even select it. Any help is appreciated.
  • My best friend has a 2006 Passat 2.0T and has sirius and sometimes his display on the radio displays "No Sat Radio" The dealership has changed the radio and it is still a problem for him. I like his car so much that I jut purchased a 2007 Passat 2.0T and I just had the same thing happen to me tonight. I traded in a 2006 Jetta 2.0T and I had no problems with the radio. Hope this can be fixed.
  • hi all, i have a problem with my 06 Jetta sound system. It goes up and down as im driving. my dealer told me it was some kind of security thing but i was wondering if he was right or just blowing me off. I like my music loud but when i turn it up it turns back down. if anyone has any type of solution please let me know.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I answered your question in the other forum that you asked it in. In the future PLEASE do not double-append. It forces us to re-read stuff over and over and is also considerd poor forum ediquete.

    BTW: The person you talked to at the dealer is full of [email protected] This feature has nothing to do with security.

    For your convenience, I am re-posting the answer below (just this once)
    The radio in my 2003 Jetta has a "feature" that changes the volume with roadspeed. The intent of this feature is to overcome the noise of the tires and wind as you go faster. There are several "adjustments" for this feature. It can even be turned off if you dislike it.

    As for most of the "complaints" in these forums... the answer is READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL FROM COVER TO COVER. I am certain you will learn a lot about your new car that you did not even know existed.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Since this is not a Jetta discussion, let's ask that any further replies be posted at this link: kiyahflt, "Jetta Audio/Entertainment Questions" #26, 29 Oct 2006 5:39 pm.

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Pat, the VW sound system is the same so the answer applies just the same.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Understood, but it's already in a Jetta Audio discussion and that's where further responses should be made. :)
  • Ok. For the passat, can you tell me which fuse it was? When I opened the fuse box, I saw this little card with numbers that did not match up with the fuses on the box. They all had numbers repeating. So, how can I know which one goes to my radio? And is the fuse somethign I can find at an auto part store?

  • I have the 200 watt Monsoon in my Passat and it gets plenty loud, but I don't like the bass. The stereo seems to have the bass up ridiculously high when flat (I guess this is to compensate for the fact that without trunk-mounted speakers it's hard to get effortless natural bass). But even when I tone it down, it's never clear - this is a consistent VW problem and again probably has to do with their decision not to use the trunk. My question: is there an easy way to drop speakers in the back dash to use the trunk? Have others done this and does it sound better?
  • Looking for someone who knows what's possible about non-invasive upgrades to a not so good stereo - I posted the #25 of 25, but no answer.

    My 1999 Passat's stereo just doesn't hit the low lows, because there's not chamber to resonate, and unfortunately VW appears to try to make up for this by over amplifying the 200 to 300 cycle range. Do I have to get a subwoofer? Is it easy to run the back speaker wires to the back dash and cut holes - and if I do will the crossover foil me?
  • Anybody have this system in there 2006 plus Passat? I'd like to learn more about the system, but VW doesn't offer much information.
  • I have not received my 2007 VW Passat Wagon yet -- I ordered it end of November06 with a delivery date sometime around the end of February 07....but I did order the Dynaudio system because a high quality sound system was VERY important in my 8-plus month search for a new vehicle. Please check out this web site (below) I was blown away by the quality of the sound when I spent an hour sitting in a 07 VW Passat last October listening to my CD's on a Dynaudio system. When I went to the web site I found out WHY! explained the impressive and sophisticated engineering that went into designing this sound sure and check all the links as it explains in detail each design element...Dynaudio played a critical element in my decision to go with the Passat and I can hardly wait to take it on a road trip next Spring...Dynaudio is worth EVERY PENNY of the extra charge it you appreciate high fidelity music. ENJOY. PS: I also had someone advise me to get the Dynaudio system when I asked him about his new Passat I saw his wife drop him off at the subway last fall
  • I have a 2003 Passat Wagon with the factory-installed Monsoon stereo. I bought it used last August, and in October the CD player stopped working in the midst of playing a CD. The radio and tape players still work. When I insert a CD, it ejects it and displays an ERR message. The dealership I bought it from and the VW dealerships around all told me they are not certified to repair Monsoon systems, and independent car audio shops are not authorized to look at them. Any idea what might be wrong with it or where I can get it fixed? Thanks.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    CD players are delicate precesion devices. The aiming of the lazer is very precice. We have become accustomed to CD players being reliable... but there is a lot that can go wrong with them. Noone actually "fixes" a CD reader... the guts are simply replaced.

    You may be better off looking for a "used" Monsoon system from somone that upgraded theirs.

    IMPORTANT: Make CERTAIN you get the "code" that goes with it otherwise it will be unusable.
  • So what if they are not a certified Monsoon system repair center! They sold you the car! Do they expect you to remove the radio and wear it around your neck? Are you going to just lay back and learn to like it? They are in the business to answer your questions about a product they sold you. Ask them. If that doesn't work ask them forcefully. I don't believe the meek shall inherit the Earth.
  • bavbav Posts: 1
    Evening Folks,
    I've just purchased a 2001 Volkswagen Passt which is fitted with a 'Gamma' Model radio which i think is made by Blaupunkt.

    When i purchased the car from an auction, everything worked apart from the radio which i assumed didnt work as the battery was almost dead so i assumed it must've gone into shut-down mode and didn't start due to insufficient power in the battery.

    now the car is working fine, starts ok, but their is still no power to the radio and cd player (separate units as i've got both tape & cd).

    i cant work out the fuse layout as the fuse layout card doesn't tell you what fuse it should be, and the fuse reqd.

    any help in sorting out this issue is very very much appreciated.

    thanks in advance

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    As I recall, there are some "tricks" to resetting the radio after the battery dies.

    I think it involves pulling a fuse for awhile and perhaps even holding down some sequence of buttons on the radio.

    I know that does not help you much... but there is hope for your radio 8-)
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