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Audi TT Timing Belt Problems



  • im looking to change timing belt asap before mine goes south.
  • dallas7dallas7 Posts: 3
    Prolly a good idea. So it costs $700 to fix the instrument panel. Im gonna get it fixed and tell them it broke last summer and turn it in by June 16th to see if they will reimburse me. My car was officially too old in Nov '07. Go figure...
    Wish me luck!!
  • I never recieved a letter about the extention of warranty, any ways I lost the timing belt last night. My mechanic told me about the class action law suit. 2001 model was extended to 120000 miles , but the way that I understand is it was revised from 105000 to 120000 and mailed out sept. 11th of 2008, and the dead line was sept.30th of 2008 to file for damages.
    please acknowledge if you are in the same situation.
    If you have any info that will help me ,please post it . I have 110,000 miles on it.
  • I guess they did not send all of the letters out at the same time. :( Since you have to get it fixed anyway, go ahead and submit the bill to Audi and see if they will honor it.

    Good luck, Sir. I sorry your car broke.
  • Today I needed my key fobs re charged, I was told my timing belt has hairline cracks. They are replacing it now. I have learned that I should have received a notice about a year ago to have it checked, as the result of a class action suit.
    I am certain that had I been alerted, I would have been covered now rather than bearing the expense.
    Anyone have any suggestions how to pursue Audi for failing to notify me properly? I have all of 49,000 miles thus far.
  • ramoncramonc Posts: 10
    Hi. Sorry for your troubles but Audi will only cover damages caused by a failed timing belt. The replacement of the belt is an owner responsibility. It is action like these from Audi that have soured my relationship with this car manufacturer. The worse part, and I hope I am not ruining your day, but this belt was an issue on this same motor on a previous model before the TT was released. And yet, they did nothing to redesign or upgrade the material of the belt. Way to stick it to the customer. My 2001 Roadster has this belt. I had it checked for free as part of the lawsuit and it was judged OK. I will check it every year and replace when necessary. It aint cheap to own a TT. Good luck. :(
  • suzassuzas Posts: 1
    Having the timing belt changed next week @ 73K miles. (2001 TT Quattro) I received notification of the class action, can't remember when, but at that point in time the belt, which was checked for free, part of the "suit" was fine. When I went in for the 60K service they said it was starting to crack and recomended it be changed as soon as possible but by at least 75K miles....yes now I get to pay the $1400. for a new one. I guess I should have had them install a new one then...that is if they would have done it being that it was ok then....somehow I doubt they would have. :confuse:
  • I don't know much about cars but the timing belt went on my TT 1 week after I bought it 02 model with 60k miles. How can Audi sell a car with such a poor quality timing belt. I'm waiting to hear from the garage to see how bad the damage is but I'm sick as a dog. Will Audi accept any responsibility for the damage? On a normal cheap car you would expect the timing belt to last at least 100K?
  • I have been following the timing belt problem for awhile. A friend had his timing belt go& the repair cost was 10,000.00 (which included the pistons).

    I have a 2005 TT and am on the dealership to get accurate condition reports on it. They have told me that it is not the milage but the age of the belt that matters. They have recommended replacing it at the 6 year mark.

    I think there was a class action suit in the States regarding the use of milage as an indicator of when the timing belt was to be replaced.
  • ramoncramonc Posts: 10
    To those worried about the timing belt. I replaced mine after 9 years and 55,000 miles and it was absolutely fine. It was a waste of money. My mechanic informed, after changing it, that the primary reason for timing problems is lack of changing the oil at least 3 times a year. Forget the once a year Audi recommended interval. This has proven faulty. Use semi synthetic or full synthetic for best performance. Look into the oil filler cap with a flash light and if the engine is clean, you have no worries until 100K miles. the Audi dealerships are not know for the best place to take care of your car. Find a competent independent mechanic. No only are the cheaper but have more interest in keeping your business than Audi employed mechanics. Good luck.
  • My timing belt on my 2001 roadster went out last night. I have 89K miles on it.
    $950 to repair if there's no other damage.
    I read about a class action lawsuit but don't recall getting a notice. What are the chances Audi would honor my claim.
  • dlkoch1dlkoch1 Posts: 1
    I didn't get the notice about the suit/claim,and yesterday my timing belt went out at 90,000 miles. Apparently the valves are bent and basically I need a whole new top end on my engine, $5,500. Has anyone had any success through their dealer getting this covered? Or have you had to go to Audi USA?
  • matlock339matlock339 Posts: 2
    edited April 2010
    I've got a 2001 Audi TT 225hp quatro roadster with 92,000 miles. Bought it used, black on black with black convertable top. Hard to find, took forever but love the car, awesome. No problems with mine, runs great.

    Got to admit after reading everything online I had gotten paranoid about even driving the car without having the timing belt checked. Though I had no problems I went ahead and bit it yesterday (3/31/10) and put a new timing belt on mine. Belt was the original and was fine. Could have gone another 10,000 miles easily. Looked like a 10 year old belt but had no signs of possible failure. Cost me $1,050 which included the water pump and all parts. Pump was also fine, plastic impeller was good too, no missing parts. Plastic was used apparently to save weight in the engine.

    My Audi guy said it has nothing to do with oil or anything. Said it had alot to do with how the car is driven and how well its been maintained. He said if someone had driven the car hard, it will almost always shorten the belt (and everything else) life. Course, could have been a batch of bad belts manufactured too. He said he has never seen a TT motor sling a belt in 12 years but he has seen the tensioner fail and allow the belt to come off and then cause the problems with timing. My tensioner had just started to show a very small amount of leakage of hydrolic fluid but nothing major. Not bad after 10 years.

    He told me too that the primary symptom was a rattle noise or clicking in the passenger side of the engine, near the cooling resevior which is the tensioner beging to relax and fail which will eventually allow the timing belt to flop, dismount and be torn in half. If you hear a rattling/clicking noise on the passener side of the engine, CUT IT OFF and TOW IT to the mechanic and have the belt and tensioner checked.

    Also remember that the timing belt is a dry system, oil has no contact with the belt so changing the oil won't make any difference. One more thing, he said belt failure could be caused by someone cheaping out on the gas. If they are filling the fuel tank with 87 octane, you can get back pressure in the chambers and valves that puts ALOT more stress on the belt and especially the tensioner. This will wear the tensioner arm out early and cause preamture failure. Use the 93 octane to extend the belt life, the engine is so small and so tight in there, early compbustion can really stress these little engines.

    Bottom line is that its how it was treated and driven. Good gas, driving normal, your belt should go 100,000 but when in doubt, check it, $1g is better than $5-10g's. He also said to be sure and change your fuel filter once a year or every 3 to 4 oil changes, the fuel line is so small and your fuel pump is so small that the filter can clog easily. I change mine on all my vehicles about every 25k to 30k which should be sufficient even on a tt, cost is about $75 to $100 if you let someone do it. My Audi guy worked for a dealship for 10 years so I trust him, take it or leave it...

    By the way, read the lawsuit yesterday, and all claims, inspections, etc. dealing the the class action had to have been filed and done by August of 2008. I would still try though, get you an aftermarket warranty if you are worried, that would catch most of the damage if you did have a failure.

    Matt, Birmingham, Alabama
  • I've had my 2002 TT since 2003, when I purchased it slightly used. It's had regular maintenance and not been driven hard, and it spends most of its time in a nice, heated garage. On Dec. 20th, the timing belt went at 59,000 miles and took out my head - 46,000 miles short of the 105,000 mile scheduled replacement in my owners manual. I was without a car for three weeks, waiting for parts during the holidays and blizzards. The first I learned about the class action suit was when I called Audi's customer service four days ago, which was suggested to me by my mechanic, who is, by the way, excellent. At any rate, two different customer service reps have now made excuses based on the "age of the car" and the fact that once it was off warranty, I chose to have service done by an independent - instead of the local over-priced dealership. The long and short is that I doubt they're going to accept any responsibility for this.

    I'm hardly ever out with the TT without getting a compliment on the car. I've come to think of it as a piece of road sculpture. Well for a few bucks at, one can design a custom magnetic bumper sticker. Normally, wouldn't put a bumper sticker on my car, but I think "Audi SUCKS!" plastered on the back of it would be an appropriate way to tell the world what I think about the treatment I'm getting right now. Just thought I'd pass this along in case anyone else is looking for a creative way to vent.
  • I just purchased a 2001 TT Roadster with only 4, 700 original miles. I live in Colorado and the car is in Missouri so I'm driving it back later this month.

    I talked to 3 different mechanics who said they would not drive the car a long way without investing in the timing belt service. Even with low mileage, these can get brittle and crack over time. So I'm going to make the additional $1,100 investment to have this service done before I drive it back.

    Like new, black with baseball optic leather seats. Beautiful! I've owned several Audi and VW cars and while I can't say I'm impressed with cost of ownership, they do know style!
  • atomicbatomicb Posts: 1
    Ok I just test drove a TT and loved it. Now I'm researching the vehicle more and see that there is a timing belt time bomb. With all things being equal if I'm willing to invest in the timing belt change and the cost of the vehicle is this car otherwise the little ballsy panty dropper I test drove?
  • yojomoyojomo Posts: 1
    Ok, lets start it off. I'm a women, bought a 2002 Audi TT Quattro last June! Yesterday the timing belt broke, valves bent, needs new water pump, and god know what else once they get in, massive engine work, 6500.00 for starters...Hell I only paid 10,500 for the car plus tax, had new racing rims put on for my birthday and NOW I am perplexed. Just 1000 miles shy of my 80,0000 mile maint. Would they have caught this????? I need advice, WHAT do I do. Thats more than half the cost of the vehicle...It was a play car that I haven't had for a year yet. Ok so we get emotional, My feelings are really hurt! Its a beautiful car. To Keep or Let Go? Thats the Question. If I let go, any suggestions on how I can make some $$$$ and not sustain total lost. This SUCKS!!!!
  • matlock339matlock339 Posts: 2
    Pretty complex as I see it and I am not afraid to repair something myself. Whole Passenger side of Motor has to come off to access the belts, tensioner, and water pump. Looked doable if you have a lift but forget it without one.

    For the money, a shop can do it for probably close to what it will cost you in time, tools, and aggravation. Just my two cents.
  • anndavanndav Posts: 1
    Yojomo, what did you decide to do with your car? I have been looking for a Audi TT to convert to an electric car.
  • Ok. Where do I start? First of all, I fell in love with a picture of an Audi TT and had to have one. After 3 years of searching for one I could afford, I drove 4 hours away to pick it up. It was in EXCELLENT condition when purchased with only 40,000 miles on it a year and a half ago. However, since purchase, I have found that paying cash for an Audi is great, but you had better go ahead and pay a car payment to yourself each month to cover maintenance and all the things that are going to break down. After about 3 months, started hearing a squeaky noise on the left front of the car. Took it to the Audi dealer - needed a new rack and pinion. Couldn't afford the Audi dealership price to replace it so I took it to a local big time suspension specialist and had it replaced for $1800 after three weeks of waiting for it to be shipped here from Hungary. Wow. Replace the battery at $150.00, brakes throughout for $1200, tires $1200. The electronic thing a ma jig on top of the battery at $300.00. (sorry for the language but I am at a loss for part names since I am a female). Ok, got everything possible replaced, or so I thought so I am good to go. Oh no, a clutch, are you serious? $4,000. At this point it is paid for and I am thinking, ok, whatever. I took it to a friend of mine who owns a performance clutch store who sold me the part only for $600 and had it put in by an Audi mechanic on the side for $1800. Great, back on the road. By the way, I LOVE MY AUDI TT. I actually cry when it breaks down because I love the car so much. However, I am beginning to have my doubts. Sooooo, another month goes by. It is about 12 months after having the rack and pinion replaced. Guess what? hearing that noise again so I take it IMMEDIATELY to the place that put it in. Looked it over really good and it is only a "non oiled bushing". They can replace it for $400 or the tech said it would be fine to drive it just like it is but its just noisy. OMG. Ok, broke at this point so I choose to drive it since the tech said no big deal. Another month goes by, guess what? That noise I heard was not a "non oiled bushing" it was the freaking rack and pinion- IT WENT OUT AGAIN - AT 13 MONTHS! - By the way, the warranty for a rack and pinion is only 12 months. Another $2000 spent on the rack n pinion. OK back on the road again. At this point with the price I paid for the car and the repairs, I am thinking OMG time for a new one. But I am on the road and happy. I took the car in the dealer on Monday last week, they had it for three days looking it over because I had hit a huge pothole. Guess what - $1800 worth of damage to the wheel and muffler but still driveable. While at the BLUEGRASS AUDI dealer, I told the service manager that I also heard a loose sounding noise on other front of the car. They had the car for three days and did not find anything wrong with the car other than the muffler and wheel being bent. Last night on the interstate I lost all function of the car. Belt Broke. Who knows what the crap that is going to cost me now. ANYBODY HAVE ANY INFO ON THE DEPENDABILITY OF A NEWER AUDI TT??????
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