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GMC Safari/Chevy Astro Heating / Cooling



  • It's hidden back behind the flap on the pass. side tire, not easy to reach. Mine had disconnected. Also check the line running from back on the driver side in the engine compart, it runs to the front passenger side where it connects in a T to the line that runs down to the vaccum ball and I think also to the rear heat controller bolted to the a/c evap housing. Good luck.
  • the air mixture door is behind the heater core.its easy to get to ,about 15 mins.once you take out the core,look in up under and its right there.mine was stuck open and the cold outside air was blowing on the core making the heat barely warm.
  • I'm having issues with rear heat, not front. I found the issue-its the fluid valve in the engine compartment. I needa replace it.
  • I have a 98 astro, the heater is always cold, heater hoses are both hot so i'm assuming blend door is stuck? Do i have to pull the dash to replace it? If not where is it and how do i get to it? Thannk you very much. -mike
  • I have a 98 chevy astro, heater always blows cold. heater hoses are both hot so i'm assumind heater blend door? Do i have to pull the dash to replace it? if not where is it and how do i replace it? thanks so much.-mike
  • Front or back heater? Mix door is below the front heater core and on the right-the far passenger wall. Hard to get to. Front heater core is behind the passenger side dash. I think you have to remove the 2 big nuts on the bottom of the doghouse assy, then disconn. the wiring inside. Then remove the nuts holding the panel in front of the passenger and remove the panel. Heat core is behind that. If youre talking rear, its likely the same problem I have-water control module/valve. Ask a dealer where it is. It controls the flow of water to the back. Have you checked all the small vaccuum hoses? If any are bad, the system wont work...
  • i'm looking for the front temp blend motor and how to r and r
  • Not sure what u mean
  • I was wondering how to get to the electric teperature motor hot/cold onj a 98 safari. If I half to pull the dash or not. thanks.
  • Call a dealer and ask. Not sure. I do think the layout is the same as my 96 safari. 2 clips in the engine comp, way up on the left(pass) side. Then remove the panel as I mentioned in an earlier post, and remove the glove box assembly(first).
  • micelimiceli Posts: 1
    I havent seen your earlier post but it seem you have the wrong vacum line hooked up to the heater control. There are 2 kinds of vacum Ported and Manifold. Manifold has suction when the car is at idle and when driving. Ported vacum doesn't have any suction until the motor is under power. My guess would be that at some time someone might have switched the vacum lines on accident
  • Ok-I have a line that runs across the top of the motor from driver to pass side. It then connects to the front and rear heater control valves. It does have suction.

    I think one of them also runs down to the pass. side bulb behind the wheel.

    Where do the ported/manifold lines run?
  • my rear heater on my 98 astro blows cold only. i've checked the heater core vacuum lines and coolent lines, everythings seems fine. Front heat blows hot, but rear lines are always cold. if anyone can help me . just bought the van last week.
  • swainsonswainson Posts: 1
    check the vacuum line that goes from the vac switch near the right hand door under the dash to the base of the carb
  • jlk2jlk2 Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Astro with rear air. For some time now when the car sits in the heat the blower motor will not come on when I start the car. While driving at high speed cool air will come from the vents and after a few minutes the fan will work again. All speeds are out when it does not work. The fan switch failed a month ago and I thought that was my problem and had it replaced. When the mechanic put the switch in he could not get the fan to work, then all of a sudden it did and he could not get it to fail again. It was fine for a few weeks with the new fan switch but today it would not run when the car was out in the sun for couple hours. Any ideas on what the problem is? The rear fan works.
  • chuckncchucknc Posts: 1
    I have checked the vacuum line that gives most of the problems and it is ok. My problem is that only the A/C, bi-level floor and mid-vents, and defrost selections work. If I select Max A/C, floor, mid-vents, or bi-level defrost and floor, then the blower doesn't come on at all. Where do I need to start looking?
  • mb1701dmb1701d Posts: 1
    (1) Blower motor operation was intermitant, only worked on 2 speeds and finally died.Replaced it and all was well for couple of weeks, then only working on 2 highest speeds. Replaced resistor pack(from dealership) and all was well for 2 days now only 2 highest speeds working.

    (2) AC not coming on. Had this problem last spring and found that if I turned on the fan first then slid the control down to AC it came on and worked fine (worked all of last year). Now that its warming up outside I've tried this trick but no luck.
    Any suggestions much appreciated
  • tstormtstorm Posts: 10
    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I've got a 97 Safari and recently the blower motor would not work on high but worked on the other 3 settings. I read this forum yesterday on this subject and found some very useful information. I found out that the wiring harness going to the resistor was melted and burned on the red wire connection. I'm assuming the red wire controls the high setting on the blower motor. I cleaned the connections and scrapped out the melted plastic out of the resistor. The blower works on high now but I'm concerned that the problem will happen again, I'm sure there is a reason the red wire got so hot to melt the plastic in the first place. First question: Do I need a new blower motor... could it be going bad and taking more energy to turn it on high than normal? Second question: The wiring harness connector plug that is melted looks like it goes down and under the radiator, I'm not sure where it goes (haven't looked yet) do I need to change the whole harness or is there a replacement plug that can added ? :confuse: I would greatly appreciate any shared experiences. These vans seems to have their fare share of problems and now that I've found this forum I'll be happy to help others and gladly accept advise.

  • All you people with electrical problems on the GMC Van,

    I have air conditioning problem on my 2000 Astro AWL van; remote door locks problems since I purchased it; interior lights staying on and draining my battery; gas gauge that has fooled me a couple of times and left me stranded a couple of times; ABS light that will not shut off until I decided to pull the fuse off; rear defogger that does not work; radio lights burnt out; and now, for some reason, when I used my remote to lock the door, my horn comes on which, it never did before when I purchaed the van. Every two of three months, I get a call from my dealership to bring the van in for maintenance and every time it goes into the shop, a few months later, something else crops up. Something is fishy there you all.

    We should all get together and do something about this. We are being bled dry from whoever purposely and us, suckers, we're being led to the slaughter house very subtly.

    Fed up of giving the dealership my hard-earned money on a piece of crap
  • pops9pops9 Posts: 2
    changed the battery in my 2002 Astro van because it was 5 years old had no starting problems ever since I changed it the power locks & dome light go on & off when I hit a bump & the front bounces or make a turn the battery is secure and the cables are tight & clean at the battery & starter all I did was replace the battery I even took the new battery back thinking it had a loose plate but it does the same thing with the second battery any ideas
  • isrenaisrena Posts: 1
    Hi, I have water in the back of my 2001 astro. I am assuming the heater core is leaking back there since we do have to keep adding water. Can anyone tell me where it is located and is this something that someone with moderate mechanical background should tackle? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  • I have a 92 Chevy Astro . the heater vent doors are closed in all positions and the blower motor sounds like it is working in the 3rd & high speeds only. But you can not
    feel any air coming out anywhere. Where do I start and what do I do.
  • I have a 2005 Chevy Astro van and the blower motor doesn't always work, it seems good when i start the van after sitting all night it works ( all speeds ) then if i turn the van off most of the time it doesn't work when i start it back up again and this may last an hr then it comes on and once its on everything is fine untill i turn off the van again.
    any ideas would help thanks.
  • These vans require that all vaccum lines are intact with no breakdowns/deterioration. Validate all of them first. Check all fuses both under dash and under hood. Then, there are 'blower resistors', usually one near the heater assembly under the hood (my 1996 front B.R. is right in the housing for the air conditioner evaporator. It has a large wiring harness going to it. One of my leads shorted out...Take out the rear seats in the van if you have rear heat, and check the blower resister there also...
  • What is the easiest way to change out the blower motor? It is located way back in the passenger side of the engine compartment. It seems to have a plastic shroud around it. :confuse:
  • this blend door you speak of when i tore my dash apart there as a door that opens and closes when i switch the dial from hot to cold. is this it?? or is there another door behind thecore??
  • I believe that's it. My rear heat wasn't working, but finally did after I removed it and drained it out, etc. Then, I also swapped out the vaccum tube in front on the diverter...
  • I've read a lot of post, and never saw this problem. The blower works when it wants to (all speeds). Hit a hard bump and it sometimes comes on. The other day, I released the emerg. brake hard and it came on. Apparently not a vaccum problem. Air is directed to correct vents. Ground connection perhaps???
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