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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Engine Questions



  • prdmprdm Posts: 145
    Also, it has been shown in many tests that you do get better gas mileage with higher grades.

    Absolutely false!
  • While it is not much better mpg (a few percent)it is actually true. Higher octane does give better mpg. I have seen the test results in the past when my job was in transportation. It is not enough to make up for the higher cost though.
  • All right, I was told to leave the Malibu Maxx discussion with this side-bar on fuel octane. Here was my last post:

    "I guess I started a good thread with my initial reply on octane. I agree pretty much with all the threads, and will probably go to regular instead of mid-grade on our Malibu. However, there is still a detergent difference between grades on at least SOME gasoline. I do not know for sure on Top Tier, and the earlier post may be correct that all Top Tier has the same. I will investigate further with those I know in the oil industry. I do know something from my own experience. With my Volvo turbo, if I do not use premium, I get carbon deposits on the valves which cause a problem. And the car does lose power. Engineers I knew at Shell years ago had told me to watch for excess carbon build-up with lower grades on some engines. With that in mind I used nothing but premium on my 1971 Pinto (yes the exploding car) for over twenty years. Got 325,000 miles on it and only did one valve job, at 190,000 miles. So there is evidence that still leads me to higher grade gas. Also, it has been shown in many tests that you do get better gas mileage with higher grades."

    What do others have to say about fuel octane. As discussed above, I really do believe octane makes a performance difference. I have primarily used premium in all my cars, and have obtianed better life that "normal" life on cars for more than 30 years. What do others say?
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    As I said before we were all so rudely interrupted by closing down the general Maxx board. No real advantage, especially if you use a top tier fuel. I find BP to be especially egregious in trying to pimp high octane fuels by cutting detergency on regular.

    Now for the real reason I responded again. I don't know about the rest of you but splintering all of these forums is a big mistake IMHO. What kind of legs will this board have? Ten posts and it'll drop off the page in no time.

    The big mistake is when the new 'Bu and the old Classic model were mixed on the board. That plugged up all of the non-Maxx boards with comments about 02 classic bu's. At least the Maxx board stayed pure.

    By mixing the Maxx and the sedan 'Bu you no longer have access to the Maxx through hatchback or wagon boards. I've fought over Edmunds decision to make the Maxx a wagon instead of a hatch. Whatever it is, the mixing of the Maxx and the failure to recognize it as a hatch was bad marketing on the part of GM and (now) Edmunds. I want my Maxx board back!
  • marlapmarlap Posts: 18
    going to pick up my 05 maxx for the third time at the dealership tomorrow for the same problem with the starter hanging up. on the 2nd visit they ran the new program to correct the problem with the computer. it was okay for awhile then slowly but surely it has started again. Not as often as before but still doing it. does anyone know it this will tear something else up on the car if it continues. of course it would not do it for them as it never does. as least my husband had heard it so i am not some crazy lady!!!
  • Can someone please clear something up for me and settle a bet. My father-in-law says that because the manual for my Maxx says not to use methanol for fuel, I should also not be using ethanol. I claimed to him that the two are different but he says that the ethanol blend fuel here in Iowa has the same negative effects on my engine and fuel systems. Can someone please clear this up for me?
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    Hello fellow Iowan! I am in Waterloo. But, I haad used ethanol (10%) in our Maxx, and I got about 3 or 4 mpg LESS than the regular 87 gas. Even with 87 being a few cents more, it is still cheaper for me to use the 87 NON ethanol. I tried the same test on my previous car, and had the same results. So I don't use ethanol. Where ya from?
  • I live in Ankeny. Actually my wife and I just traded our two vehicles for two new used ones last Thursday night. She used to drive a '00 Ford Windstar SEL w/ 118,000 miles, loaded w/ leather interior. I was, and always have for as long as I have known my wife, driven the "beater" car. I have driven many different ones, but this one was a '95 Ford Contour w/ 90,000 miles. I got the Maxx, which I LOVE!! '05, dark metallic blue and loaded. The only option I don't think it has is the 6 disc changer. It only has one disc capability. She got a 2003 Toyota Prius, loaded. Toyota of Des Moines made us a pretty sweet deal on a two car trade, especially since one was a domestic and they don't have much market for them since most people who go there are looking for a Toyota.

    So the 10% ethanol isn't "bad" for my engine, but it doesn't have the performance of a non-ethanol gas?

    Talk again later!! Go Hawks!
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    You got it! There are some benifits to ethanol in the winter I guess, but I have had better luck with the 87 non ethanol. Nice cars ya got! Congrats!
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,798
    with the recent lukewarm-start programming fix.
    Engine seems to start more reliabily, but it's still early into the repair.
  • jmax4jmax4 Posts: 22
    I have 01/2004 Maxx and today I tried to start the car for about 10 minutes. I have tried to start, but the result was just the silence. Then I was waiting and trying again and again. Usually, in the cases like this, the car started on the second time, but not today. Finally, I added some gas after 10 minutes and it started.
    Does anyone have a solution to this what is wrong with the car? I had the car at the dealership a few times before, and they did not find anything. :sick: Should I say goodbye to my 2004 Maxx? :cry:
  • Hi,
    My 2004 Maxx LS has been pretty great for me. Its build date is January 2004 at the Kansas City, KS facility.

    I bought it new in '04, and the only troubles have been a need to replace the steering and an intermittent starting problem (which began in 04 about three months into ownership). I've taken it to the dealer for everything, even oil changes, and I took it to the dealer for this about a year ago when I got stranded for 20 minutes. The car refused to start. They couldn't find any problem.

    Lately, the intermittent starting problem has gotten a lot more frequent. Starts usually take two tries. Also, the past couple months an odor of gasoline inside and outside the car has gotten stronger. If the car sits for a day, the odor is mostly gone, but once it's started and runs again, it's back. It got so strong that a week ago I took it to the dealer. They said the ECM needed to be reprogrammed with some update for the crank sensor. I got in the car and it still smelled a little like gasoline. I figured it might take time for this to go away.Two days later, the gasoline smell was still there -- and the car still takes two attempts to get started usually. I've got an appointment at the dealer for tomorrow. Does anyone have any suggestions that I might be able to pass along to them?
  • Just as an update. This time around the dealership found a leak and ended up replacing the fuel pump.
  • lne216lne216 Posts: 13
    I hate this car!!!!!! Seriously! I just went outside to start my car and it won't. It was driven all day mind you. The key is not turning well in the ignition and when it does the lights go on and the doors lock and it does not turn over. I can't start it with the car starter either. I only have 39000 on a 2005 bought in 2004. This car is a lemon but GM won't do anything about it. One dealer told me to buy the extended warranty which we already had, but still. Makes me mad as I need my car tonight!
  • I have a 04 MAXX it's always giving me starting problems.It finally died on me.NEED HELP
  • This car really is a lemon.I have a 04 malibu maxx that always giving me problems it died on me in traffic.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    while I had occasional starting problems...I found that when I finally replaced the battery in my 04 Maxx LT...they seemed to go away......I also have a habit of resetting the ECM or BCM by simply disconnecting the battery cable about twice a year......121K on my Maxx.....and no mechanical problems at all.....other than wear and tear items....
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    I know what you mean about the battery being a possible source. I had a Dodge Dakota that would crank over fine, but still have problems starting. I read on a newsgroup that that's a sign the battery is on the way out (I tried just resetting things
    by disconnecting the battery, but it was only a temp cure, forcing the vehicle into a learn mode), New battery fixed it in my case. (evidently the ECM was real picky on
    the minimum voltage, more so than the starter).
  • drejdrej Posts: 119
    No one should have to be worried about a new car starting! someone said,
    Well I have them now on my 05 w/ 48K miles and "of couse out of warranty!"
    Has anyone found a fix.
    My column wheel control buttons are going bad too! lost my cruise and radio chanel select.
  • drejdrej Posts: 119
    I have some of the same exact problems as

    Steering wheel buttons going bad too. I have no cruise.
    Will call the dealer today. I see a mention of

    TSB #05-06-04-076B did this help anyone? With Vacation season I can't believe I lost my cruise!
  • cannon989cannon989 Posts: 1
    I have just bought a used 2005 Malibu Maxx LT. It is a 3.5L V6 with around 32,000 miles on it. I love the car, it is very nice and roomy and has plenty of power when needed. The only problem I have so far is that when I get the car to 5k or 6k rpm I hear a hissing noise and the car loses power. Does anyone know what this is or has this happened to anyone else. I checked out the vin before I bought the car and it said that the car was in no major accidents or anything else. Does anyone know what this may be.
  • vasy1vasy1 Posts: 3
    ****get the car to 5k or 6k rpm???****
    This is not a race car. It is shutting your engine down as redline is 5500 or 5800 RMP, yes, there is no "red" marker on the side to tell you that.

    Let off the gas and you will be just fine.
  • jeamoonjeamoon Posts: 1
    i don't know if anyone is still having issues with their malibu starting.. i bought a used 04 malibu maxx ls about a week ago and ever since have been having issues with it starting, it has been in to be fixed twice without good results. i was doing some research and also talked to a certified chevy tech...

    Identifix said... An occasional problem on this vehicle is failure of the Ignition Lock Cylinder. This failure will prevent the vehicle from starting. The cost to repair the Ignition Lock Cylinder is estimated at $63.34 for parts and $91.00 for labor. All prices are estimates based on $65.00 per flat rate hour and do not include diagnostic time or any applicable sales tax.

    and the technician i talked to said... The most common problem with these vehicles and a no start condition is a bad passlock security sensor. The passlock sensor is built into the ignition lock cylinder. The lock cylinder will need to be replaced to correct this problem.

    the tech i talked to was thru his name is Dave Nova and has over 1000 positive ratings.. he answered my question very quickly and seemed to know what he was talking about.. i would recommend this website to anyone in need of some help... btw.. they do charge.. but not much

    i read all of the fixes that have been tried on this forum that haven't worked and noticed that this isn't one of them.. i am taking my car in on wednesday to have this part replaced i will let you know if it works.
  • 2005maxx2005maxx Posts: 1
    My 2005 MALIBU MAXX is pretty quiet except an engine noise at around 1500 RPM. Could anybody give me any info about this problem?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,202
    Is it valve noise? (check the oil level) Sort of a rattling like a loose heat shield? Try to be a bit more specific about the noise and maybe even when you hear it. Is it at 1500 RPM every time you're at 1500 rpm? Only under load, only when you're stopping and the engine is winding down?

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  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    the Maxx tends to have slight rough idle and ticking sound when the A/C compressor isnt running.....but at 1500 shouldnt be idling that mentioned above...more info is needed on your noise???
  • I'm currently experiencing the same issues with my 2004 Malibu Maxx. It has stalled out three times but both NTB and the dealership can't pull any codes on it. The dealership has had the car three days and it has worked fine the entire time. Argh!

    Anyway....did changing the Ignition Lock Cylinder work?
  • my check engine light is on recently when I turn the key into stage 'II', which is the last stage before turning to ignition, after I turn the key and start the engine, the light will be off. The dealer told me this is normal. Really? Is this a big deal?
  • My 2004 chevy malibu maxx LT V6 used to start by the remote. I tried it recently and the lights flash twice, but the engine doesn't turn over.. Does anyone know why this is happening?? If I play with "turning it ON and OFF" by the dash, it will sometimes start, but I've done that recently and the lights flash twice, and nothing. ????? I NEED it fiXED!!!!! anyone??
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    You need to search this list some more. My wife and a few others had this problem and it turned out to be the hood safety interlock switch which you can bypass.
    Pardon me if you've already done this and the symptoms aren't exact with the light flashes, but it does sound the same to me on my quick read. (I would find the article after mine and short out the wires as described by someone else and see if that fixes it..try searching on articles I posted )
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