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Pontiac Grand Prix Electrical/Lighting



  • Figured it out. Trunk wasn't fully latched, but it didn't register on the dic.
  • My high beams work fine, just the low beams are out, anyone have this issue? the fuses for the lowbeams are ok, so are the high beams. they both have 2 fuses, left and right lamps.Is there a different one or a micros relay or something?
  • I'm having the same problem with my lowbeams, what did you do to fix yours?
  • well, I took it to the local auto parts stores, that was like talking to a McDonald's drive thru person, then I talked to a mechanic who also offered no good results, so I eventually talked to the local Pontiac dealer. We removed the fuses for the low-beams and swapped it for another fuse of the same amps...did not fix it either. THen the next day, they started working miraculously. So I really don't know what fixed them, they just work now. I fully expect them to go off every time I drive at night.
    I suggest swapping fuses out. See if it helps. No real clue here.
  • smv1smv1 Posts: 14
    Well ' I will presume that you have daylight running light's; therefore if it is not a fuse as you indicated then, it has to do with the module that controls your daylight running lights. The dealer's part's or service department may have a trouble shooting sheet / guide that will have you use a 12 volt test light to find your problem area. Or if this dealer can not help then go to the library and look in the automotive section for a Mitchell Repair Manual and go to the Electrical section.... this will guide you... best of luck and hope that this helped.... Sergio.
  • It is caused by a short in the fuse box. My mechanic had to bypass the fuse box to get the lights to work, or I had the option of replacing the fuse box for $400.
  • This problem started last weekend. When I turn off my 2006 grand prix the lights stay on and the message center displays "parking lights on" i also found out the other day that when I put the key into the Accessory position the lights come on also. Message center displays same thing. The lights will eventually go off, after 5 mins or so. Any ideas.

    thank you this is my first post.
  • I have a 2001 Grand Prix sedan, and the EXACT thing has been happening to me for a few months now, every now and then, and usualy a few times in a row when it does happen. Have you figured anything out yet>

    EDIT: This being the entire electrical system shuts off.
  • I have a 2001 grand prix and mine just started doing that! My service engine light and abs doesn't flash but my message center and fan for my heater/ac will shut off.

    I was wondering if you have figured out what makes it do that? It's completly got my mechanic stumped as well!

  • I have started looking on the internet for possible solutions to my problem due to being a broke college student.

    I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8L V6 with 97,500 miles on it. Recently my DIC (driver information center) decides to go out. When this happens my headlights flash on and off and my heater quits blowing heat. The lights on the heater still display, but flicker.

    I have been reading a lot about the ignition switch and wire harness causing this problem. I am ready to buy the part, the only problem is my father which is my mechanic does not believe that the ignition switch can cause these kinds of problems.

    Please help me should I buy the part and replace it???????
  • srabysraby Posts: 6
    Crazy as it seems, it fixed my problems. I changed a number of parts, lesser expensive before settling on this solution. My 2002 GP (3.8L V6 190,000) exhibited similar problem to what you are describing... I would apply the brake and the headlights would flash similar to a blinker indicator being on. I also noticed that when turning the heater blower on, at times the fan would work, other times not. It's not an inexpensive part, I think I paid $127 for it, but as I said, it fixed the problem. Good luck. Stan
  • Please Help..Here is my situation:

    My car is a 1994 grand prix- 237 000km. I recently had my alternator and serp belt replaced (used alternator). Since then, I have had lights on my dash randomly going on and off. The most frequent is the airbag light. As this occurs, the heat seems to accelerate for a second, along with the headlights and dashlights at night time. Other flickering lights include: ABS and battery light.

    I have taken it to 2 garages to do a charge test, and the reports have both been that the alternator and battery are charging just fine.

    I am feeling stumped! Is my car at risk of breaking down on me at the side of the road? What could be the next step? Is it time to junk it? Thank you!
  • I have a 2006 Grand Prix V6 that has a 4 amp battery drain with the engine is off. I have narrowed the problem down to the "Main Batt 1" fuse. Also the head lights have stayed on from time to time. Does anyone know what "Main Batt 1" is connected to or possible trouble shoots or solutions? I'm guessing a possible ignition switch or celenoid problem.

    Thank you
  • When i get into my car at night, i get in and everything is fine as far as dash lights goes. then about 15 to 30 sec later, the RPM guage and the Fuel Guage lights go dim to where i can barely see them. The other lights are just fine. I thought it may be a bad fuse, but if that was the case, all of the lights would go off. Wondering if anyone has had this issue. its as if half of my dash lights (rpm guage and fuel gauge) bulb goes out for some reason, or seems as if there is a short on that part. cuz all of the other lights are working fine. PLEASE HELP! this is SOOO anoying! :mad:
  • I had a intermitent on my '01 GTP which I finally traced down to a bad contact in the ignition switch. I would lose the headlights (under DRL mode), driver info. center DIC, Rear Window Defogger, Air Temp Actuator Left and Right, Driver Heated Seat and HVAC Control. Problem was carbonized contacts on the ignition switch. Replaced with Ignition Switch AC Delco#D1419D and solved problems.
  • After doing hours of research trying to find my specific problem I have decided to try and explain it as best as I could at a forum where it seemed people knew what they were talking about (This forum obviously :)) Hopefully someone can save me money because I'm trying to avoid taking her to a mechanic.

    Its a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1l
    176,000 Miles
    Spark plugs and wires changed 9-1-10
    Oil changed every 3000 as well as any typical maitenance that is required. basically I babied this
    Belt was changed at the same time as the plugs.
    Transmission flused 8-1-10

    My issue is this-

    When my car is on, I go to turn my a/c on and the headlights shut off as well as the a/c. The a/c comes on for a split second and then bam, both running lights and a/c shut off.

    I only noticed the headlight part of this problem a week ago when I was driving home in 95 degree weather at dusk and almost hit some dude in front of me because I had turned my a/c on which stayed on for about ten minutes before shutting off as well as the headlights. I realized that I could turn my headlights to "on" and they would work. On Auto they do not. They break lights go out as well.

    If I turn the A/C on BEFORE I start my car, it works. But only on the lowest setting. If I try to turn the A/C up the A/C shuts done with the headlights.

    Am I making any sense so far?

    I currently have a Service Engine Soon light. Which stays on for a day or so than shuts off. I'm pretty sure that means something with the emission system. Gas cap was changed as well as the fuel filter, no dice.

    The dash also is displaying an outline of a car, do not know what that means. :)

    When I start the car and idle, I can fill it shake very softly. Almost like its going left to right. I changed the serp belt and it stopped...for a day.

    I really do not want to drop more money into this car. Its just a daily driver that collects the miles so my beamer doesn't.

    Thanks for your time people! I hope I made sense explaining my problem.
  • I have the same problem did you get an answer?
  • What color is the accessory wire that controls the radio in the ignition harness? I know that it isnt orange because that is the A/C. Im trying to make a switch that turns the accessories on without the key in the ignition in a 2001 model. Any help is appreciated.
  • Hi, my name is Ivan and I had the problem of my 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8L brake lights not working. I had no idea what to do. I finally came across this website and found out how to fix them. Thank You very much.
  • The lights on the heated seats buttons and driver side temperature controls are out. Are they seperate bulbs? Where are they and how do you get to them?
  • I just experienced the same problem, but I don't think there are bulbs that are replaceable. I believe you have to replace the complete HVAC head, because the bulbs are soldered to the electrical board in the head. If I'm wrong someone let me know, cause I hate to replace the entire head for this problem. Thanks! Don
  • Hi every one,I,m new to the forum and really could use some advice on my wifes car,it all started when her a/c quit blowing then she noticed her driving lights went out, when the cold hit she noticed she had no heater and the rear window defroster don,t work,one day she noticed the driving lights was on again so she turned on the heater switch to see if it would work,by doing this the driving lights went out again,I dont know where to start,does this sound like an ignition switch,or a bad ground? maybe some weird relay switch?Help any advise is extreamly appreiciated,again thanks for any input to this weird problem.
  • I had the same problem on my '06. Drove to my friends house during the day. Left to go home at night, no lo beam lights. My hi beams worked fine. Checked the bulbs about two weeks later, blown lights. Hopefully this helps with you Grand Prix owners. Check the simple stuff first, eh.
  • My radio stopped working along with my cruise control. Are those two related electrically.
  • tombert3tombert3 Posts: 1
    SOLVED: Take the plastic dash bezel off. Remove the instrument panel with two screws in the top left & right. Remove two wiring harnesses and note orientation. Unscrew the PRND123 circuit board using a Torx bit, and remove from ribbon cable. Now look for a burn mark in the trace to two of the ILL (illumination) lamps. I soldered a leader wire around the burn to complete the circuit. While it's apart, replace the ILL lamps - $4 each from NAPA.[email protected]/5521239573/
  • lowfat46lowfat46 Posts: 1
    2008 Grand Prix with the key in the Acc. position and listening to the radio then turning to start (and some times while driving) we hear a static sound in the speakers and the information center resets to Jan. 1 2000. The dealer has changed the radio 3 times, saying the radio is the problem. That makes 4 radios counting the original. I don't think the radio is the problem. Has any body else had a similar problem?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    I would like to set up a case with GM Customer Assistance. Could you please email me your complete contact information (including full name, mailing address and telephone number), VIN, current mileage and involved dealership? Also, please include a brief description of the issue you are experiencing.

    Thank you and have a great weekend!
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    2006 GPGT is on it's 4th battery at 57,362 miles. No malfunctions noted on information panel, no red lights, just dead..Purchased car used from local Caddy dealer w/4300 miles on 6/30/2007..Original battery was replaced @75 miles, and I had that battery replaced at Darby Buick around 30k, and now it is gone..Car is driven about 40 miles daily, garaged, and not abused..

    Having owned 53 cars in my lifetime, this car is a pain..My 1998 Olds Intrigue which GM repurchased at 26k miles was less of a problem..My 2002 Intrigue original battery died around 100k..The hot Florida weather takes it's toll.

    Update, car started, charging at 15 volts..had to reset the year, month and date..It sounded a little wimpy on the cranking cycle, so something on the charging side is probably amiss..

    Darby Buick in Venice, Fla was my dealer until they gave me a "freebie alignment check", installed 4 new Hankook and the rears flat spotted within 6000 miles, and I junked the tires. Installed 4 new T-rated Michelin Harmony tires and had the local Chevy dealer realign the car, of course the rear struts had to be reslotted.. The Buick dealer would not take the responsibility for the "phony alignment" causing the rear tires to "flat spot" they are on my list of dealers to avoid.. They also do "Road Force Balancing" which requires skill and their lack of skill in conjunction with the alignment fiasco cost me a few hundred bucks..

    The Grand Prix GT comes with H-rated tires due to the 135+ top end, however the Harmony tires inflated to 36# cold handle the high end and last alot longer..50k+ miles...

    When the 2nd battery failed, I was at a cemetery on a late Sunday afternoon and GM road service did the scene, and I was able to drop the car off at the dealer Sunday evening..Left instructions and Darby service mgr wanted $300 for the battery when I arrived to pick up the car..Not a chance of getting any money out of me for it was totally covered by warranty..When the 2002 Olds Intrigue battery died, AAA picked the car up and took it to Palm Chev in Ocala on a Saturday morn and I picked it up couple hrs later with a new GM battery installed for less than $200..

    I think the Pontiac is up for disposal if a quick solution isn't found for dead batteries, ain't worth the grief..Sold my 2010 Mustang GT last week for I want the new 5.0 Stang Conv w/track pkg..About 60% of cars owned have been GM, however, times are changing..Electrical problems are best left to the next owner to solve..for it is usually a series of check writing paying for another "bad call"..
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    Darby Buick installed the last 2 batteries both with 7 yr Warranties, however the previous battery installed @21,500 miles was free, so I paid for the 7yr deal this time, today..The upside is the next battery is "free"..The outgoing 7yr battery lasted 34 mos..GM's quality shines again..

    The heat in Florida is a killer, and most of my driving in retirement is not freeway speeds, but local stop & go..with the average around 40 miles daily..

    All electrical systems are good, no problems, a/c is great, and the supercharged 260 hp V-6 likes to rock and on I-75..It gets the triple digit speedo test every available opportunity, so we shall keep this car for a few more thousand miles..The truck holds 4 golf bags whereas the Mustang truck is not that roomy, but offers positive vibs in the driving area..Nothing beats a V-8 upfront and RWD, the rumble is pleasing to the ears..

    Heads up all you Grand Prix fans, don't spend alot of money chasing problems on old cars, sell it and update your ride for driving pleasure and piece of mind..Compared to the great Pontiacs of yore, the W-body version is a joke..I had 3 GPs of the mid-70's era with big-block V-8s, and they were movers..The old 3.8 engine doesn't compare..The S/C 3.8 is okay and comes alive at the higher end...

    Good luck on the finding the cure....................
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I understand and apologize for your frustration. Have you spoke with Customer Assistance? Has the dealer involved technical assistance? I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
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