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Infiniti G35 Brakes and Rotors

Ok, I'll be next:

I have a 2005 G35x

6,000 miles - Front rotors resurfaced due to severe grinding when stopping and scored rotors.

7,000 miles - Front brakes and rotors replaced as grinding continued and rotors were scored again.

10,400 miles - Front and Rear brakes and rotors replaced due to grinding and scored rotors in front and loud squeeling from the rear. Had to get regional Infiniti rep to inspect car for them to cover it. Infinti Consumer Affairs jerked me around for 2 months before the dealer helped out was able to get rep to look at car. Hats off to the dealer for this. Also told by rep that is was my driving style. Funny, I've been driving the same way for over 20 years and never had brakes wear this quickly.

22,000 miles - Front and Rear brakes replaced and all 4 rotors resurfaced. Brakes were worn down to sensors. At least this time the brakes almost lasted 12,000 miles but this is still about 1/2 as many miles as I should have gotten out of them. Dealer was able to get Infiniti to cover front brakes so I only had to pay for the rears.

Not looking forward to having to replace brakes 2 or more times in the next year and a half until my lease is up.


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We can certainly have a discussion about brakes and rotors, but we can't use it to solicit for a class-type action according to the Membership Agreement. Please do not invite people to other websites or post email addresses asking for responses.

    A couple of posts had to be removed. Email me with any questions. Thanks!
  • Ok, so I am reposting my info since my previous post didn't conform to the forum guidelines.

    2005 G35X had to have brakes & rotors replaced at 16,500 miles. The rotor replacement is what particularly galls me. And when I asked 2 technicians at Harte Infiniti about it, they both said "well, the rotors are a little thin to begin, but really it's how you drive".

    Is that the standard line that everyone else is getting. Making you sound like it is somehow your fault? Do they have no integrity to mention the problems on the 03-04 models and the fact that the warranty was extended to cover rotors as a result?

    Has anyone successfuly received compensation in some form for these problems on a 2005 or later model?
  • Damn, that is really bad!!!!

    I have 05 Sedan and 41,000 i am still running on the original pads and rotors not problem at all just recently changed tires and the guy told me i got about 10,000 left on it, and i am not easy on my G so you guys should have dealer take care of you, that sucks.

    I heard they had problems with 03 and 04 models, that is why i waited till 05 to buy it. I guess i should feel lucky
  • dkmdkm Posts: 19
    It is only the 05x models that have the problem. All 03s, 04s, and 05 G35x's only
  • Do you know if they have fixed the problem? Do you think that 06 or 07 G35x will have the same issues?
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    The '06 X's have the larger brakes so there should not be as many problems. The '07's are a complete redesign. Hopefully the brakes were better thought out so as not to have problems. Remains to be seen.
    BTW, I have an '05 X with 38K miles. I'm on the original rotors, never resurfaced, but I did change the pads at around 22K miles for PBR Axxis ones to have less dust. The original pads still showed about 5mm of pad left. It was a good change for me. There is virtually no brake dust and the performance is superb for my driving style.
  • dboedboe Posts: 69
    Dealer just replaced my front pads and rotors under the old warranty for 03/04s.
    SA said the new pads are better than the new. Well, I don't know what better is. They do stop great. I did 'bed them in' to avoid any glazing, etc. Made a world of difference when I did have to stop quick.
    Now about 1000 miles later I notice the same scoring on the rotors I saw on the old ones. Not THAT bad, not yet.
    The rears are still almost like knew. He said 6 mils left on the rear pads and recommends check them again in 6 months.
    When the rears go bad I will likely just put in new pads myself.
    And unless the rotors are bad, just leave them as is.
    When the fronts go I will get my own aftermarket rotors and pads. I think the stock are fine up to the point you have to pay for them. :)
  • hello,

    I need to get new brakes and rotars for my G35 2004 Sedan. As most of you know, the brakes on these cars don't last long and Infiniti should be ashamed of itself for not taking more responsibility. Nonetheless, I need to replace them.

    First question, what is the cost for a a set of four new brakes and rotors from the dealer?

    Second question, can I get a better price with the same quality from another store such as Sears?

  • dboedboe Posts: 69
    Are you sure you need rotors at the rear too?
    If you can find a very reputable tire/brake/alignment shop I am sure you could do better cost-wise. They will replace with an OEM or equivalent rotor, and probably give you some choice as to the type of pad you want. You may want to get some quotes against the dealership's.
    Personally, not too hot on getting work done at Sears. I guess I am one of those scared off by the big service problem they had some years ago, although I never used them.
    Don't know where you live, but if anywhere near the SF Bay Area you can hardly go wrong with Wheel Works. Ask friends, neighbors for referrals. An independent mechanic specializing in Nissan/Infiniti cars, another one.
  • I'm in the same boat. 2004 Sedan with 50K miles. I recently had my tires replaced and NTB told me I needed to replace front and rear pads and routers. They quoted me $930.81 for parts and labor. That seemed a little bit high. I called them today and they said if I bring in my own parts they would install them, but I have no idea where to begin to look for parts or what would be a good part. Any ideas?

    Thanks for any input,

  • For those of you with 2003 and 2004 models, I've read on numerous message boards that, in response to numerous complaints and some lawsuits, Infiniti extended their warranty to include rotors for your model years (unlike us stuck with the 2005 year). Do a websearch for infiniti g35 brake warranty and then call you dealer back; get them replaced for free. Of course, they will be replaced with the same lousy pads and rotors that will wear out too quickly...
  • dboedboe Posts: 69
    This is true and might as well get the freebie as long as you can. The brakes do work very well though.
    Fortunately there are less expensive and likely better alternatives the next time around. There are probably not too many 03 or 04s left that have not gone over 36K miles or 3 years, but if there are you should take advantage of it.
  • I took my 04 G35 Coupe in for an oil change and they give me this same old S&D, second verse, that my brakes are almost in need of replacement AGAIN. They were replaced at 18K, these lasted 20K. So I emailed the SM and said it was interesting that they didn't check my brakes at 33K, while I was in warranty, but now that I am out of the brake warranty, they check them. The reply was that Infiniti doesn't want them to "look" for warranted items. But then of course when the warranty is up, they look all they want.

    I think INFINITI has a ways to go if they want to play in the same league with Acura and Lexus.
  • Our G35x had its front brakes and rotors replaced at 9000 mi. The Dealer fixed the brakes with a 'new design'. Now at 18000 miles the front are half worn out.

    Thanks Infiniti.
  • i bought my 2003 G35 few months ago with 43000 miles- 2000 miles before warranty expired. i took it to the dealer before purchase for a checkup especially because brakes did not feel right. they told me that nothing was wrong.
    ofcourse, 5 months later, the "slip" light comes on and i called the dealer today. he tells me that the brakes probably need replacment. ofcourse, the car warranty ran out at 45000 miles........
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Since when are brakes included under the warranty?
    Aren't they considered a wear item? :confuse:
    Is this special warranty coverage to compensate for the G35x brake issues of the past?
    If so, I call BS.

    Do you have a slip showing you went in a few months ago?
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    Off topic a little - Anyone have any experience with Burtman Industries brake products? They have a cadmium coated set of rotors and brake pads that are ceramic for under $700.
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    I have a 2006 G35 Coupe with about 12500 miles on the odo.

    Car is developing a new brake symptom. When I release the brakes, as at a traffic light, they grunt as they let go. Don't know how else to describe it. It's as if the calipers stick a bit when the rotors start to turn and then let go.

    No other sounds or symptoms. No grinding, pulling, pulsing, squeaking, or spongy pedal.


    The grunting is annoying though.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    If it is a sticking caliper, it could be the caliper, and it could be something more critical, like a kink in a brake line.

    Options would be having someone look at it, or doing it yourself.
    Certainly doesn't sound normal though.
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    I realized for the first time I guess... it only does this when the calipers are wet. ie in the rain.

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