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Does anyone know how much your Volvo dealer charges for labor? I just bought a volvo and would like some things installed, and I got quoted $115/hr. That seems very high to me, but I know it's an upscale car.

1) Has anyone had a trip computer installed? Is it expensive to do? Does it take a long time? Can I take the parts to a non-volvo dealer, and see if they can install the software? (Aftermarket car accesorizer?)

2) Would I be able to install mud-flaps myself? or would the dealer also need to do that?

3) Are daytime running lights standard? Can they be turned off without deactivating the automatic headlights?


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    Most Volvo dealers charge over $100/hr.

    To answer your questions.
    ANY Volvo part that requires software can only be done by a Volvo dealer. The software is downloaded from Volvo for each application.
    Mudflaps can be installed by anyone. Instructions come w/ the parts.
    Daytime lights are standard. They can be shut off by the dealer, but then you have to turn the lights on and off.
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    Hey Volvomax,

    Is it possible to change the normal rearview mirror for an electrochromatic one? I know the volvo dealer won't do it because of safety issues, but if I order the OEM mirror that comes in the convenience package, can I install the mirror myself? Thanks in advance for your replies, as they are very helpful.
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    Its not really possible. Someone(I think on this forum) has claimed to have done it, but it requires alot of work and expense.
    Its not simply a case of putting a mirror on the roof, you have to power it.
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    Actually, the power source is just up above the mirror under some platic. All the wiring harnesses are the same. They just did not install the mirror at the factory. Same goes for the HomeLink visor.

    Head on over to They are several people on that forum that has installed both with no issues.
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