Dodge Charger Routine Care & Maintenance

mm2097mm2097 Member Posts: 6
Hey everyone,

I have a Daytona and REALLY need to clean the interior. What is everyone using??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! :shades:


  • discgolfer99discgolfer99 Member Posts: 42
    A vacuum cleaner.
  • guestguest Member Posts: 770
    Low gloss Armor All, small brush while I vacuum.
  • italianmaster1italianmaster1 Member Posts: 12
    Im thinking this is the best place to ask this. Im am currently thinking of buying a Dodge Charger 2006 3.5L V6 SXT model sometime in the summer. Though the Charger has only been out in production 1-2 yrs now, is there any major mechanical problems on it?

    Reason for this is because my cousin is scaring me that this vehicle haves many more issues than the 2006 Chevy Impala LT im looking into.
    I have a Pontiac Grand Am and its nothing but problems and im straying away from GM. Just want your opinions on the Charger than from what Im reading in magazine reviews.
  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354
    I have the car your thinking about buying.I had my Charger 18 months and had so far no problems with it.I like the car very much and it has good power,fuel mileage is about 19-20 in the city.Great ride and enjoy driving it.I think its the best Dodge ever made.I been buying Mopars since '70,and hope to keep buying them in the future.Good Luck ,I hope this helped.
  • italianmaster1italianmaster1 Member Posts: 12
    thank you for your response. It was well appreciated and I will take what you said into consideration when I look into buying this beauty.
  • batistabatista Member Posts: 159
    Why a 2006? Are you looking to buy used?
    I have been happy with my SXT purchase but would buy the R/T if I had the chance to do it all over again.
    I drive in the city and with all the stop and go I have been getting 14-16 mpg.
    The V6 fuel economy savings is almost non-existant plus you have friends/coworkers saying "does that thing have a hemi"?
    There isn't much feedback with the Charger here. Check out and you will get lots of help.

    Funny you mention the :lemon: Impala. I purchased a new 01 Impala and it was nothing but problems. First the aluminum cradle creak then the steering, intake manifold and then the transmission. Even with my $1800 in GM Visa points I won't buy another GM car again.
  • italianmaster1italianmaster1 Member Posts: 12
    Because of insurance reasons. Im only 22. I really would like to get the Hemi. be sweet. But I might lean that way. I sat in a buddies SXT and he said the same thing that fuel economy on the 3.5L is non existant. Plus looking into this car I shouldnt have to worry about that. Its a sports car = gas money spent.

    Thanks for the respose though
  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354
    Why does your mileage suck?My Sxt has been great on gas and lot better then my 02 Intrepid(Sxt) with the same engine.If thats all your getting,I would have it checked out.I got 18-19(city) with my Intrepid and was pleased when My Charger was better.As for the Hemi,its a great engine but eats gas,and the Hemi is only about 1 1/2 seconds faster.Plus I don't think the price of gas is going down to soon.
  • batistabatista Member Posts: 159
    It's not only me with low city fuel economy.
    If you check out there are some members who report very similar mpg as the R/T model.
    The new more accurate ratings with the EPA shows 17/24 for the SXT while the R/T gets 15/23.
    My previous car was rated at 19/29 and I consistently got 16-18 so it's not a big deal. Plus, this car weighs 500lbs more than the Impala and more HP.
    I find the SXT model to be good in performance but not good at quick bursts of acceleration at highway speeds. I can live with this because I seldom drive on the highway. What helps is if you put in autostick mode instead of "drive" because that takes away the delay in downshifting.

    Very true about the price of gas. That is why I chose the SXT and the fact that I rarely get the chance to open it up because of the city traffic.
  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354

    I just filled my tank,and I got 20.4 MPG.This is city driving only with no/ac.My last tank was 19.8.The last time I filled up I put a bottle of STP fuel injection cleaner in which gave me the 20.4.I use the STP cleaner every 4k miles,to keep the injectors clean.If your mileage is that bad ,you should try the cleaner and see what happens.
  • batistabatista Member Posts: 159
    Hi xtec.

    That's excellent fuel economy the 3.5L Charger.
    My fuel economy is improving a bit since I only have 4500 miles on my car. My best so far has been 17.2 mpg (worst was 14.8) almost all city. I reset the trip odometer after each fill-up.
    You have an edge in fuel economy because of the warmer climate. I live in the pacific northwest and have yet to use AC because summer hasn't arrived quite yet.
    Once I have more miles I will try your suggestion of fuel injector cleaning.
  • discgolfer99discgolfer99 Member Posts: 42
    Even when I "baby" my 3.5L SXT all the way through a tank, I think the best I have done was 18 MPG (city). It's just not nearly as fun though, so "Speed Racer" it is...

    Next month, she'll be 2 years old. As of today, I wouldn't trade this car for ANY other car on the market (in the same price range). Now, when the new Challenger comes out, I may have to seriously consider getting a two door. That thing looks awesome...

    As for the Hemi, when I bought my Charger, the only version they had with the Hemi included Nav, steering wheel controls, and some other features, all of which I would love to have gotten. The only thing was, it was $5500 more than the SXT, ant they were not willing to take ANY $ off the sticker. I left, hoping they would stop me on the way out, which they did not. I went back an hour later to "negotiate" on the SXT, and managed to get $2000 off...

    CHARGE ON !!!
  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354
    I do have a advantage like batista says I live in AZ and its been in the 90s the last month or so,now its in the 100s and that I run premium.I'm going to have to use my A/C so that will drop it around 1 mpg.Plus I drive like A old lady.With the price of gas im driving like there is a egg under my gas pedal.
  • batistabatista Member Posts: 159
    Why premium? Do you notice a difference?
    When I purchased my car the dealer filled the tank up (cheapskates) with regular and I wasn't happy about it because I had read that these cars require mid-grade. Have been using 89 almost all the time.
    I tried a tank of 92 and it felt a bit smoother but no difference in fuel economy. How about you?
  • discgolfer99discgolfer99 Member Posts: 42
    I used to put 89, since the owners manual said too. But when gas went "RIDICULOUS" (here is So. Cal), and I had also read some 'expert' say you only need to use >87 if your car "pings" with 87, I tried the 87, and found no noticable difference or pinging...

    At least gas is back under $3 ---> YEAH !!
  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354
    Yes I notice the differance,and I seen hot rod books which ran a car on all three grades, and premium had the best performance.The 3.5 is a high output engine,so you should use nothing less then 89 octane.If you have a engine thats not high output,premium would be a waste.I do recommend going up one grade to get better mileage,and performance.I proved it with my wife's 03 Mazda Tribute.It calls for regular,but I put in mid-grade.This is the 3.0 liter V6.Its mileage is rank 19city from the factory.I'm getting over 20 with A/C.little over 21 without A/C.Plus higher grades have more detergants to keep the inj. clean.And STP fuel Inj. cleaner every 4k miles.If you have a K&N get rid of it.It dragged my mpg and performance down.The stock filter is a high air flow and I found it was better then the K&N.
  • batistabatista Member Posts: 159

    9 RWHP
    17 RWTRQ

    Xtec what do you think? Worth getting?
  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354
    It looks pretty good and good price.Add that to your duals and you will see a improvement,and it should help with the MPGs.I'm done putting money in mine,but if you have the bucks i think it would be beneficial.Let me know if you do it.The duals give you 10 HP and 6lbs. of torque.Add the headers your talking about 270 horse,not bad.
  • batistabatista Member Posts: 159
    Some R/T owners have reported error codes showing up when having headers installed. Not sure if its worth the trouble.
    Also, I am not a mechanic like yourself so I would have to pay for the install.
    I will consider it when other owners are satisfied with their results.

    Also, a few people have superchargers installed w/3.5L engine. A manufacturer in Florida claims 65 rear wheel horsepower increase for $2500.00. Not bad but not worth it because it would void your warranty.
  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354
    I'm retired now with a bad back,so I would have to pay to get the headers put on.Thats whats kills me,I have to pay for things I use to do for a living and now only make sure I don't get ripped off ,like couple places tried to do to me,but caught them ripping me off.I still have the knowledge.As far as the codes showing up, they would have to reprogram the computer.Advance the timing,and adjust the fuel ratio.I would like to know how the 3.5 with the supercharger runs.By the time you put all that money into it,you could get the R/T.
  • batistabatista Member Posts: 159
    By the time you put all that money into it,you could get the R/T.

    A dealer in my area had a brand new 06 Charger R/T with the road and track package for $10K off MSRP. However, he wanted to charge me $12K plus taxes for trading up from my 06 SXT. I told him forget it.
    I am happy with my SXT but was curious as to how much it would have costed to upgrade.

    Sorry to hear about your bad back.

    I could afford the $2500 supercharger cost but the reliability would probably be affected. Don't need the hassles for some fun.
  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354
    That was A bad deal.I'm very happy with my SXT.The duals helped alot,and it sounds nice.I had my car a year and a half and glad I have it.Its the best Mopar next to my '68 Road Runner I ever had.I'm also happy with the MPGs.I think a good deal would be your car plus 5k.Thanks for your concern about my back.I worked on one to many vehicles.
  • discgolfer99discgolfer99 Member Posts: 42
    xtec, I remember when I put the dual exhaust on my SXT, and posted here, mentioning that I also had a K&N filter on order. I believe you stated then, that (at least in your opinion) the K&N negatively effected the MPG and performance. Having already spent the $$, I had to put it in when I got it, and I always felt afterwards that performance was worse, although I think I was somewhat in denial...

    Anyway, that was some time ago, and after you posted this again on Wednesday, I went home, dug out the old filter, which I had kept, and put it in.

    I TOTALLY agree that the K&N had a NEGITIVE effect on my performance. I was always dissapointed when I would "STEP ON IT", and there was a long hesitation before anything kicked in, and even then, it was "disappointing".

    Now with the standard filter back in there, I definitly notice a difference for the better. What a "crock" that filter is...

    Thanks for the advice...
  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354
    I was dissapointed with the K&N,I read on other forums that they didn't work that good.I dropped almost 2mpgs with the K&N,plus the power.When I looked at the stock filter it said high flow,and its the same one for the Hemi,and you know they wouldn't put a junk filter in the Hemi.I bet you'll see A improvement with your MPG.I have a test spot on one of my roads,and thats how I knew i lost power,plus my mileage.I sent my filter back to K&N and told what I thought of their filter.At least I got a refund.I hope it works out for you,I'm happy with the stock filter.
  • xscoutxscout Member Posts: 141
    My wife just bought a 2007 Charger SXT and I was curious what type of oil and filter everyone thought was the best for this vehicle. I have been using the Purolator pure one filter and valvoline 10-40 synthetic mix oil in my Jeeps with the 4.0 L6. I haven't even read the manual yet as far as what they recommend.
  • batistabatista Member Posts: 159
    I purchase Quaker State Full Synthetic (10W30 is required for the 3.5L engine) and take it in to the dealer to change. Not sure who makes the Mopar oil filter but I have read that Wix is a good brand and Fram is one to avoid.
  • adorunrunrunadorunrunrun Member Posts: 2
    a bit bigger than a puddle but not something i wouldnt have driven through , but last night i did and my 2006 charge staled, when i started it back up it was clacking as if i through a rod or a lifter, let it sit over night , still doing it this morning, any ideas or suugestions?
  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354
    I hate to say this,but I think you got water in your intake and hydo locked your engine.This is when water gets into the cylinders and water cant compress so it locks up the engine ,which may have bent a rod.I wouldn't drive it because it may cause more damage.Get it towed and hope for the best.Good Luck.
  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354
    Did you get your answer to whats wrong with your Charger?
  • afvetafvet Member Posts: 2
    A friend if mine retired and bought his company car, a 2006 Charger with the 2.7 v6 and 4 spd auto. A mechanic? told him that the 2.7 Chrysler v6 had an engine "blowup" problem caused by the coolant pump being located in the fuel tank and leaking
    coolant into the fuel, thereby ruining the engine. I have heard some off-the-wall things, but a coolant pump in the fuel tank??
    Any of you fine fellers (or gals) heard about this one?
  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354
    I never heard that one,but the 2.7 has a history of sludge build up in their engine that will cause alot of engine problems.I read that the PVC system has a problem that cause the build up of sludge.The fuel pump is in the gas tank,but never heard of coolant in the tank,doesn't make sense.
  • danb315danb315 Member Posts: 3
    I popped my hood yesterday in my 2007 dodge charger and ran the engine, all the while i was hearing a constant clicking noise, i wasnt sure if that was normal or if my fan was lose or what?
  • danb315danb315 Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone ever heard a constant clicking in the engine while looking under the hood? I'm growing somewhat concerned.
  • batistabatista Member Posts: 159
    Which engine? 2.7L, 3.5L or 5.7L?
    The 5.7L has a tick that can be heard with the hood open. Not sure if you will get much help here. Chargerforums will be your best bet and if you search the forums in the problem section it is discussed quite a bit and sometimes the dealer will say its normal.
  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354
    Why don't you go to a garage get a opinion,then take it to your dealer if there is something wrong?It could be anything making the noise.
  • smithedsmithed Member Posts: 444
    try lxforums.

    lifter? timing chain?

    My 5.7 is not that smooth at idle, being a pushrod engine, but smooths out progressively as the RPMS go up. :shades:
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Could be noisy injectors as well.
  • spikeschargerspikescharger Member Posts: 1
    Hi everyone....I just bought a 2008 Charger with the 3.5 L Se plus the car so far ...except for just one thing....there is a whistling noise coming apparently from the exhaust in front of the left rear wheel...its sort of loud.....sounds like a jet engine ....its constant when idling, and I cant hear it inside the car.....its not unbearablely loud....but it sounds like an air leak of some this normal??? The car runs fine. I bought the car two days ago, with 20 miles on it. Thanks!!!
  • wterrywterry Member Posts: 1
    Hey I think I have the same problem, I also have an SE plus, let me ask you this, do you hear it when your driving and the radio is off? I think the noise gets louder when I accelerate.
  • lvmychargerlvmycharger Member Posts: 1
    Have a question for other Charger owners. Recently bought a new Charger, owners manual says to change oil every 6,000 miles. In my other vehicles, I have changed oil every 3,000. I just don't know if I should follow the manual's recommendation for every 6 or if I should still go ahead every 3. 6 would be great, but is it too good to be true or what? Any advice? Thanks!
  • batistabatista Member Posts: 159
    I change the oil every 6 months because I use synthetic.
    Based on the owners manual you can't be denied warranty work unless you exceed the 6 month maximum.
  • wwhitejr75wwhitejr75 Member Posts: 1
    Are you still having this problem? I love my Charger SE Plus, but I am hearing the same noises. I think this happens the worse when I am driving at constant speeds. I have to increase the speed of the vehicle in order for the noise to go away. The constant whistling noise outside of the vehicle is the fuel pump (at least this is what the Dodge technician has told me). We compared four Dodge Chargers and they all do the same thing, BUT the whistle noise while I accelerate cannot be normal. If I take my foot off the gas, the noise goes away. If I continue to go at a constant speed, the noise returns. This is embarrassing! If anyone has any feedback or updates on how they resolved this issue...please let me know. I am taking this vehicle back to the dealer until I get a resolution. I will keep the forum posted. Thanks!
  • aeroman10aeroman10 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem on the 2008 SE Plus 3.5L
    Many other people have this issue on their cars and it seems like its not just the 08 models. Owners of 2006 and 2007 models report the same issue.
    This seems more of a design flaw than a problem.
    Check out the thread regarding this whistle here:
    Charger Whistle -

    Hopefully the manufacturer will find a resolution and release the information to the service departments at the dealerships because it does not seem that anyone had this fixed yet even though the service advisers can hear the whistle.
  • rainysunshinerainysunshine Member Posts: 2
    This morning, my lovely Charger stalled while turning into a parking lot at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. I cranked it and it started right away.
    I drove to the dealership and it did not stall again. The dealerships' service department thinks I need a tune-up and an intake & throttle body cleaning.
    I would rather not spend the $$$ right now...
    I asked around and some people say it sounds like bad gas, so my next plan is to replace the air filter, then add fuel injection cleaner with a tank of premium gas.
    Does anyone have any other suggestions????
    2006 Charger R/T (Daytona: 5.7L, 350 HP V-8) with 43,000 miles so far.
  • discgolfer99discgolfer99 Member Posts: 42
    Rainysunshine, FWIW, I have a 2006 SXT (3.5L HO, 250HP V-6). I experienced that same thing, twice. The first time was about 2 years ago, I pulled out of a gas station, after just filling up, went about 200 feet and then turned into another driveway, and the car stalled. It started right back up and all was well after that. I did attribute it to the gas at that time. The next time was about 3 or 4 months later (i forget the circumstances, but it was NOT just after getting gas). Anyway, I told myself that if it happened again, it was going into the dealer (still in warranty). It never did happen again. Now have 44,000 miles. STILL LOVING THIS CAR!!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    An advertising agency would like to speak with satisfied Dodge Charger drivers. If you own or regularly drive one of these vehicles, please respond to [email protected] with your daytime contact information no later than Friday, October 31st.
  • rainysunshinerainysunshine Member Posts: 2
    Update on stalling Charger....
    I changed the air filter, put premium gas and fuel injection cleaner and she's running smoothly again.
    During my investigation, I found out that my friend who has a 2006 Jeep Liberty had the same issue and was fooled into spending $300 by the same dealership... in the end and after she had taken her Jeep up there 5 times in 2 weeks, it ended up being bad gas...
    They tried the same gig with me, but I decided to research it instead of just taking their money hungry advise from the beginning.... I am soooooo glad I decided to join the forums and investigate myself and I STILL LOVE MY CHARGER! ;)
  • discgolfer99discgolfer99 Member Posts: 42
    That is good news, rainysunshine...

    There has not been another car to come out since April 05' that I would consider buying over my Charger. Best looking sedan on the market, hands down !!

    By the way, check out these pics of the Navigation system I installed into my dash.
    It is a Garmin Nuvi 660, and fit in quite nicely...
  • lifeisgood2lifeisgood2 Member Posts: 1
    I understand i need to replace the spark plugs, but is there anything that i should be concern about before doing this? is there a recommended brand/make of spark plugs? is there anything else i should know before starting this task?
  • dbo1dbo1 Member Posts: 1
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