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Toyota 4Runner Vibrations



  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    Steve: I just found this posting!!! It is not my tires!! The vibration disappears when you take your foot off the gas and then re-appears when you step back on the gas. If it was the tires, it would be constant. I can feel the same vibration when I start the car up in the morning and then put it into gear; immediately get the vibration in the steering wheel and steering column. The service manager, who is pretty sharp, told me that he test drove a new 4runner off of their lot and it does the same thing and that it is definitely not the tires. When the vehicle is sitting stationery and the vibration only comes into play when you put it in gear, it seems to me that it is the engine or engine mounts. Very, very disturbing. Thanks for your input. JOE
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Maybe you could test drive one or two yourself and see if you can reproduce the vibes.
  • Update: I took my 4runner yesterday. I don't know if I mentioned in my earlier post but I also had some kind of spots all in the paint on my hood and the top of the car. They are attempting to detail the car and see if they come out!!!! Bad news....I noticed yesterday that I haven't received one piece of paper from these guys. They only had in the system that I was in for a radio replacement and an alignment yesterday. The service consultant finally took out a NOTEPAD to write down all of my complaints.... I think I am in real trouble with this car and now I have no proof to backup anything that has been done. I know they have records in their system but they are vague and don't describe exactly what I came in for everytime. I've yet to hear from them to tell me when to come pick it up. This sucks.
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    You should call Toyota and file a complaint. I did. I received a call from the service manager at the dealer, apologizing for not responding more definitively to my complaints! It will not hurt you to do so and you should be on record with Toyota regarding your complaints. They will give you a case number and they immediately contact the dealer. Having a record of your complaints with Toyota can only help you, not hinder. Keep us informed here of what happens with your vehicle. Joe
  • Update from 3rd visit to dealer - They replaced my radio and it doesn't pop/crack any longer. YAY! It doesn't pull to the left or right any longer. HOWEVER, I still have the shimmy in the steering wheel around a curve at 60-65 and their attempt to fix the paint went from bad to worse. The man I spoke with at their body shop said it was rail dust or overspray. So, the detail dept. was instructed to buff it. That led to huge buff circles all over my hood and some kind of runs down the doors and on each side of the hood. Today I had to give up the car once again. They are going to have it professionaly done now to see if they do a better job with the spots. I also informed the salesman that the shimmy effect around a curve is still happening and not to call me until the car was fixed. The saga continues..............
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Ugh, rail dust and overspray both often come right off using a simple $10 clay bar. Your dealer doesn't sound too swift. :sick:
  • Steve: Funny you should say that....that is what they told me they used this time. It feels and looks much better. I just wish they would have been smart enough to do that the first time because now I'm stuck with those buff circles on my hood. They were unable to reproduce the shimmy around a curve and suggested that it could be happening when the tires are cold. :confuse:
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    I own not one, but 2, 2006 Toyota 4runners. An SR5 V6(my wifes car) and my Sport Edition V6. I also went over to the dealer and drove another one (new) to see if it had the vibration problem and it did! The service manager drove another one and admitted that it also had the vibration problem. I am convinced that all of the 2006 4runners have the same vibration problem and it is beyond my comprehension why more people are not raising cain about this defect. Vibration almost disappears when you let off the gas, and quickly reappears when you step back on the gas. Joe
  • All 2006 4Runners do not have this problem. I have a new V6 SR5 with about 3000 miles and do not have any vibration unless it is so small it is not noticeable. I have 16 inch wheels from a Tacoma and Dunlop tires that might be a difference.
  • I agree with you Mike. I have an '06 4Runner Sport with factory wheels and Dunlop tires, about 4400 miles and no vibration at all.
    I really think this vibration issue is realated to a drivetrain problem; driveshaft, trans, motor/trans mounts, differential, axles, etc.

    Toyota (dealers) should put the vehicles in question on a 4 wheel dyno. :confuse:
    That would narrow the cause down.


  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    My 06 V8 Sport Edition does not have any vibration (9000+ miles)
  • I have the same problem with vibration at highway speed.

    I just took delivery of my 4wd v8 2006 4runner on Friday November 7. On my first joyride, I noticed a vibration in the steering wheel and also in the gas pedal. I took the car into the dealer ship and we test drove another 4runner that also had the vibration issue. Then the mechanic blew me off saying that all toyotas behave that way. The 4runner I test drove on a previous occasion didn't have vibrations in the steering wheel.

    I took my car to another dealership that ended up balancing the wheels. Now it doesn't vibrate as much when it is coasting at 30 but it still vibrates at highway speeds or when you press on the gas pedal.

    I contacted toyota and now I have a case number.

    I read all the posts in this forum about owners that experienced the same issues with vibrations that I have with my car. What has been the resolution for you? Did toyota eventually fix your cars or did you get them declared lemons? Are the 4runners supposed to vibrate? Do I have to live with a vibrating car?

  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    Everybody keeps talking about "highway speed". Both of my 2006 4runners have a vibration that you can feel in the steering column at ALL speeds!!! I am convinced this is an engine or engine mount problem. When I fire it up in the morning and put it into reverse, I can feel the vibration in the steering column. I have now driven a total of 7 2006 4runners and they ALL do the same thing. The lead technician at my Toyota dealer gave me the same song and dance: "all 2006 4runners have a vibration and it is just a characteristic of the vehicle". Under Oregon Lemon Law, vibrations are included in the list of complaints that can win you a new car or your money back after going thru the mandatory arbitration process. You have to have a Toyota dealer attempt to fix the problem 4 times before you can file and you have to do this within the first 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Toyota is literally hiding from this defect. As I stated before, "characteristic" must be Japanese for DEFECT!!!!!!!! If you hold the steering wheel in the 5 or 6 o'clock position, it is hard to feel. If you hold the wheel in the 9,10 or 11 o'clock position like I do, it is a constant vibration. And if you hold it in the 9,10, or 11 o'clock position with your left hand and then put one of your fingers on the same hand on the end of the headlight stalk, it is absolutely unmistakable. My wife at first thought that it was just "rough pavement" that she was feeling but now knows that is not the case. When the pavement changes on the road, the vibration is still constant. If enough people keep complaining, we might get some reaction. You absolutely need to call the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission (the toll free phone number is in your owners manual). They told me that if enough people complain, they will follow thru with Toyota. If not, it sits on the back burner. Keep us all posted. Thanks. Joe
  • rjrrrjrr Posts: 1
    just a got 2006 4Runners we did have this problem. I have a new V6 SR5 with about 600 miles it had bridgestones tires on it and toyota put a complete set of Michelin Cross Terrain SUV tires on and all noticeable vibration is gone
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    Mike: My wifes 2006 SR5 V6 came with Michelin Cross Terrain tires. Great tire!!! She has the same vibration that radiates thru the steering wheel that my 2006 SportEdition with Dunlop Grandtrek At20 (lousy tires!!) has. The vibration is there at all speeds. Engine vibration, driveline vibration, etc. is totally different that wheel vibration. We can get the vibration to go away by letting off the gas pedal but the minute you step back on the gas pedal, the vibration re-appears. Counting both of our 2006 4runners, I have now driven 9 of them!! They all have this defect. Dollars to donuts says that you have the vibration but have not recognized it or else you are doing like my wife first did; blaming it on road surface. The service manager at the dealer we purchased my wifes SR5 from has readily admitted to me that "all the 4runners have the same vibration". Toyota calls it a "characteristic" of the vehicle!! Hope your 4runner turns out good for you. Would be a great SUV if it were not for this obvious defect. Regards, Joe
  • I have a 2005 Limited V8. It was fine until the techs "balanced" the wheels at the 15,000 mi service interval. Finally had a tire shop balance them "lug-centric" has helped but still feel a shimmy. Thinking about buying either Goodyear or Michellin Tires and dumping the Dunlap GrandTrek AT20's. Has anyone tried replacing the tires? :mad:
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    My wife's 2006 SR5 has the Michelin Cross Terrain 265/65-17 and they are a great tire! 60,000 miles can be expected out of them. We have run Michelin LTX for several years and Michelin cannot be beat for quality. Expensive, though. Discount Tire seems to always have the best price on them. The Dunlop Grantrek AT20's will go about 22/25,000 miles and then they are gone. I have these on my 2006 Sport Edition. The Dunlops retail for about $430.00 for 4 tires and the Michelin's for $800.00, yet Toyota puts the Dunlop's on the more expensive Sport Edition and the Michelins on the less expensive SR5. Crazy. Sounds like your vibration problem is different than ours; we can feel the vibration when accelerating but letting off the gas pedal relieves the vibration and then it reappears when you step back on the gas pedal. Driveline problem; not tires. Good luck with your problem. Joe
  • Dear Friend!
    1. The same thing happened to us: your problem is one of the rear tires being unbalanced by factory defect. When it is put on the front, the front shock absorbers transmit the vibration to the steering wheel. On the rear, you don't feel it as much because the vibration is not reaching the front suspension/ steering column. -May I suggest to switch the tires to the rear and if you are satisfied, drive them for an other xyz miles before buying the Michelins. Would you consideer the smoother running Michelin XLT tires?
    2. While working on the tires, you may also want to have the safe wheel lugs installed (anty-theft lugs). Thieves can steel your wheels fast - it just happened to a friend. Think about it! Have a nice weekend: Andrew
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    Hi Andrew: The first thing I did was put on McGard wheel locks! Michelin does not make the LTX tire in the right size for the 4runner. My problem is not with the tires or wheels; my wife has the Michelin Cross Terrains on her SR5 and I have the Dunlops on my Sport Edition. If it was the tires or wheels, regardless of the position on the vehicle, the vibration would not disappear when decelerating and then reappear the minute you step back on the gas pedal. I raced cars for several years and at one time had 42 tires, all mounted on wheels, in my garage and have probably had every kind of balance problem that you can think of. The vibration that we have is somewhere in the drivetrain. I do appreciate your thoughts, though, and encourage anybody else to post here on the same problem. Best Regards, Joe
  • Just a suggestion you may have already considered. I once had a car with a similar vibration that was caused by undercoating overspray that had gotten on one side of the driveshaft. I doesn't take much to get it out of balance.
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    I never thought about something like that, but that could not be the problem. If it was the driveline, the driveline continues to turn at 30 miles an hour and letting off of the gas pedal would not totally eliminate the vibration, which is what happens to us. The minute you step back on the gas pedal, the vibration reappears. Can't be the driveline because the driveline would continue to turn even when you release the gas pedal. This vibration is present when I am sitting at a dead stop also, and that tells me that it is definitely engine vibration. The service manager at my dealership, who has driven several of them now, agrees. Toyota does not agree. Toyota still maintains that this is just a "characteristic" of the vehicle!!!!!!!!Very frustrating and if you read this forum, you can see that we are not the only ones with this chronic problem. Thanks for your posting. Joe
  • Last week i got in touch with KahnandAssociates,Lemon law attorney.
    Lawyer said that because of Law company's "reputation" toyota first of all would not want to fight the case and even if they do then 99% chances are that this lawyer would win this case.
    So if Toyota buysback my shimmying junk(4 runner)then i would pay 1/3rd of (settlement money-market value of vehicle).But in 99% cases manufacturer ends up paying the legal fee as well. So that is where i stand now. I think i am going to hire Kahnandassociates and file a case against Toyota.
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    I have not contacted the Oregon State Attorney General's office of Consumer Protection yet, but that is what my first step is going to be. They may tell me that I have to hire a private law firm, but I am first going to find out because the State Attorney is free. This problem is not confined to me alone; it involves all of the 2006 4runners!!Please keep posting here so we know what is happening. There is strength in numbers!! Thanks. Joe
  • :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
    I thought that would appropriately represent my car. I was just checking in to see if anyone had any luck on this topic as far as a resolution. I am still driving my brand spanking new 2006 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V8 hunk-of-junk! YAY for me! haha My dealer has no idea what to do for me nor do they really care I'm sure. The last thing they came up with is maybe it vibrates when your tires are cold.....Don't you think I would have figured that out by now!? They are so helpful. I'm so bummed to be out $32k for a sucky car.
  • Since the problem stop when you let off the gas pedal it cannot be a balance problem in the engine, drive train, or wheels. It has to be either an intake air or spark problem causing a misfire. I would look at the wiring to each plug and inspect each plug for carbon buildup to try to identify which cylinder is causing the problem. It could be something like the throttle position sensor or timing pickoff on the crankshaft damper that are changing the timing or air/fuel mixture. I don't have any problem on my 2006 V6 so it isn't characteristic of all 4Runners.
  • I have a 2006 Limited V-8 with the same issue. I can feel the vibration in the steering wheel but only between 1500 and 2000 rpm. It stops at 2000 (or when I take my foot off the gas) but it seems the engine spends a lot of time in the 1500-2000 range. Since the weather has turned colder, the severity has decreased but it is still a nuisance. I will have it looked at when I take the car in for its first oil change.
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    Mike: Thanks for your thoughts. I will pass this along to my dealer, but judging from their attitude so far, they will do nothing. They keep telling me that this vibration is present in all of the 4runners (so far I have driven a total of 9 new ones and it IS there!) and so it is just a "characteristic of the vehicle", not a defect. That is just so much BS it isn't even funny. There have been a couple of other people post here that say they also do not have this problem so I don't have any explanation why all of the ones that I have test driven do. Just getting the dealer to admit that it is there was amazing to me!!!!!! They have the attitude that Toyota can do no wrong. Thanks again. Joe
  • robm2robm2 Posts: 53
    Is it possible you're over-reacting to a little vibration? I've had lots of vehicles that vibrated for a number of different reasons, (bent rim, unbalanced tire, warped rotors, etc). What's wrong with a little vibration?

    I mean, if you really wanted a super-smooth drive, why would you buy a 4x4 truck?
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    I find this posting almost unbelieveable!!! Over-reacting to constant vibration in a brand new $36,000 automobile!??? Bent rims, tires out of balance, warped rotors.? What kind of vehicles do you drive? I have personally owned 3 Chevrolet Suburbans, 2 full size blazers, 2 cj5 jeeps, a Chevrolet pickup, and 2 Isuzu troopers, all of which were 4 wheel drive!!! I raced a cj5 for 3 years and have never had a "vibration" problem that could not be fixed. You sound like the kind of customer that Toyota is depending on to purchase these new "vibrators" and accept it as "normal". Owning a 4 wheel drive does not mean that you have to have any kind of vibration or other annoyance that should not be there. Over-reacting??????????????? Come on.
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