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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • scifiscifi Posts: 54
    At the Chicago auto show the toyota rep said a new V-8 engine will be introduced in 2005 - he didn't talk about body redesign though.
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    I have heard that the LC will go away and the Sequioa will be the top model yota and that even the top of line lexus will be based on the sequioa. They both will have the new 5.5l v8. Imagine the profitiability of this, insane. The LC will come back as an off roader aka concept FJ.

    Frankly, I think this absolutely sucks. The LC should be offered in wagon format and we should get the world vehicle, like we do today. The sequioa is a ford expedition in toyota clothing, a LC is a LC is a LC.

    Luckily they will bring the 100 series in for 2004 so there will be used ones around for a while. The 2003 models are awesome with all the factory features that they should have had since '98.


    Raleigh, NC
    ARB Winch Bar
    OME Lift
    Sway away torsion bars
    bfg AT's 285's
    PIAA Fogs
    Black Lab hair
    baby gear
  • bryan28bryan28 Posts: 59
    let's get a look at your rig, sounds nice. What are sway away torsion bars? Where did you buy them, how much? Thanks
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    Here you go. These are some cheesy pictures taken after a snow storm.

    Mine is the one under AR-LC. There are also some other modded 100 series up there. The green one is now running 35's.

    Sway away torsion bars are heavier duty torsion bars used to raise the front in. I purchased them at, look under products, suspension.


  • bryan28bryan28 Posts: 59
    what do you know about the black one? how much lift? what tire size? thanks
  • I'm looking to buy a 1996 Land Cruiser or any other model years ranging from '95 to '97, I've did alot of research and browsing on the internet and found serveral high mileage 1996 LC's with about 90k to 120K for about $13000 to $17000. Can any one give some opinion on which is the best model year form '94 to '97. Is mileage over 100K on a 96 or 97 model worth looking into? How much should I paid for these high mileage model years?

    Thanks for the help.
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    I think he is running 305's or 315's. Same lift as mine, 1.5 inches. I need bigger tires. I did not know the bigger ones would fit. 315's barely rub at full flex.
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    O yeah, he is running 315's with GY MTRs which look much better than bfg at's.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,559

    I have the 96 and until just recently, the 97 models. I also have the 94 model. I have a friend that has the 95 model. 94,95,96,97 models have performed very very well. If you want to buy on price go for the earlier models, if you want to buy on mileage that is ok also.The 80 series has been know to consume brakes (fronts) faster than say the 60 series. I could get 60k from a 1987 TLC and for the 80 series 45 is about tops.
  • jamesbass1jamesbass1 Posts: 75
    OK Steelcruiser, looks like you're correct. Name your poison pardner.

    If Toyota wants to kill the Golden Goose that helped build the company, then so be it. I just find it hard to believe these rumors. The Land Cruiser has been winning awards, Edmunds Editor's Pick, and God knows what else acolades from auto critics. It simply does NOT make sense to kill off an extremely popular model that took many years to develop a rock solid reputation. This has me scratching my head...go figure.
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Posts: 402
    James--I'm all the way over on the "left" coast, so collecting will be hard =)

    My spin on the LC here is......lots of rumors are saying no more, but these same rumors were around toward the end of the 80 series run and we got the 100 series. And as you say, why would Toy/Lexus get rid of such a legendary vehicle? They sell lots of them worldwide, so it's not like they've got to re-tool to make just a few for the US. My hunch is, we'll see a next generation LC here with a bigger engine, side air bags, nav sys, 18" wheels, rear viewing TV camera etc, etc as an '05 or '06 model. They may dribble in a few 100s in '05 and make the new series an '06?.

    If the LC sales were so lousy, I think we'd be seeing some LC advertising and incentives. Don't know about your area, but here in CA, I've never seen any ads ala RR for the LC. Toward the end of the model year, I've occasionally seen 1 or 2 LCs discounted in a dealer's ad, but that's pretty rare.

    Another thing, I don't think that Toy would just give up the luxury SUV market to RR. I've heard talk of Toy splitting off their truck/SUV lines for separate sales facilities. To me that "FJ" concept will be another vehicle in the Toy lineup.

    I'm very guilty of inserting my own wishes here, but I hope I'm right and we'll see a next generation LC.

    Maybe the marketing "problem" here is the fact that to some shopping for a Toy SUV, there isn't anything that separates the LC from the larger Sequoia?
  • hank14hank14 Posts: 133
    With regards to tire rotation, what advantage is there to a 5 tire pattern vs. a 4 tire pattern, other than approx. 25% longer interval between replacing tires? My 99 LC recommends the 5 tire pattern. What do you do if you have to replace a blown or bad tire with, say 10-25K miles, since they should all match? Would you then go to the 4 tire rotation pattern?
    Also, has anyone tried the Bridgestone Revo A/T tires? I am looking for a more aggressive off road pattern than the Michelin LTX M/S or Cross Terrains for snow, sand, and mud in the mountains. Tirerack doesn't give many other optioins. What is the equivalent tire size for the LC in the standard measurements (ex.: 33 X 10.5 X 16) to the stock 265/70/16? Thanks.
  • jamesbass1jamesbass1 Posts: 75
    Steelcruiser, I too hope you're correct on the future of the Cruiser here in the US. How are the prices on Land Cruisers in CA? In my immediate area, we have a smaller dealership that gets in one Cruiser every blue moon, and doesn't deal much on their vehicles. I doubt I'll be buying another Toyota from them, but at least their Service Dept. has been good to me over the years.
  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    I do a 5 tire rotation to keep the tires roughly the same size. I don't want to put a new tire on after a flat and have the diameter be much larger than the other 4. It tends to make my locker and transfer case upset. It gets more interesting as I'm running directional tires.

    Stock tire size is ~31x10.5.
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Posts: 402
    James. Prices here are pretty steady, in that you can find a particular year is generally within a fairly standard range. e.g. 00s 30 to 33, 01s 34 to 38, 02s, 39to 43 etc. 94 to 97s 9 to 19 or 20K. This a generalization based on asking prices that I see in the LA Times. Again, LCs seem to be in their own "world", as ads for new or used ones are (relatively) few. LCs have (IMHO) a strong and loyal following. New or used, they don't seem to last long. The market, at least here, is very strong for them within the context of the "loyalists". Hopefully, the Toy marketing types know and realize that. My impression is that LC fans tend to snub newer LC models--at first, then to embrace them near or at the end of the model run. The 80 series is becoming more and more popular with long time LC people as they learn of their capabilities. I suppose the 100 series will be getting more attention now that it's almost at the end of its run.
  • bryan28bryan28 Posts: 59
    My manual calls for 90w for the diffs, all I see at the local part stores is 80-90 or 75-90... Do I need to buy from Toyota? I even went on the Amsoil site and found 80-90 only. Any help would be great, thanks.
  • bryan28bryan28 Posts: 59
    Thanks Steelcruiser, I guess pure 90 isn't out there...
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    Hank, I think a 5 tire rotation is the better way to go: if you blow one then go to a 4 tire until replacement time. I wish I had gone to a 5 tire from the start, actually. A recent shredding of a Perelli Scorpion with only 25,000 on the set necessitated a complete set (4) change over. Oh well, rocks happen. Am now running the AT Revo's but they are still too new for me to provide any feedback of value. Heading to the San Juans and then Moab in a few weeks and I'll have something to say about them after that. Hopefully something good.

    BTW: 275-70/16's are stock. You can run up to 285-75's without any suspension changes. No reason to go to flotations since there are quite a few decent off-road tires now available in LT metric.

  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Posts: 402
    Bryan. I haven't found a straight weight gear lube oil in synthetic or blend.

    Also, a tip on changing out the diff/Tcase. Loosen the fill plugs first, then the drain plugs. You don't want to drain the oil if you can't get the fill plugs loose. =) (24mm) As mine is lifted, I can access all of these without jacking, though the front one's pretty tight.
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    Hey guys,
    The best FREE off road mod for the 80 or 100 series is having a driver selectable center diff lock. Go under the truck, unplug one wire on top of the transfer case, tape up the end of the wire and tape up the connector on the transfer case.

    This mod allows the driver to select center diff lock in high range or low range. In low range with the center diff unlocked, the vehicle turning radius is just like normal. This is crucial in tight offroad spots with these large vehicles.

    2 Notes

    1. Do not forget to engage the cdl when in normal low range situations.
    2. If your 80 series did not come with cdl button, it can easily be added. The switch is $50 bucks and the install takes about 10 minutes, just make sure you tape up the end of your flathead screwdriver before prying the dash apart.


  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Posts: 402
    This is std on my ('02) 100. Didn't have this feature on my ('94) 80 though. It's a great feature.
  • bryan28bryan28 Posts: 59
    thanks for the tip! It looks like I have to pull the plastic under engine cover for the front. Thanks again, Bryan
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Posts: 402
    bryan--yep. The tip is something I learned the hard way, which is usually the way I learn most things =))))
  • hank14hank14 Posts: 133
    HiC and Joeeblo1-
    Thanks for the response. That is exactly why I asked the question and the benefit I see of 5 tire rotation. I will probably try the Bridgestone Revo's unless something better comes along.
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    Here are some pics from yesterdays lunch time wheeling. There is a powerline trail about 2 minutes from my office. There are two good ditch crossings and the rest is pretty tame.


  • dabobtdabobt Posts: 28
    Andrew - thx for putting up those pics.

    What is the brand on the boonie bar or whatever you call the black metal bar on the frond of your LC?

    Thx. Bob.
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97

    It is an ARB Deluxe Winch Bar.

    CHeck it out at
  • bryan28bryan28 Posts: 59
    Thanks for the pics and the link. ARB makes the best looking gear from what I've seen. Did you order through the internet or did you find a local retailer? Bryan
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Posts: 402
    Bryan. Man-A-Fre in Simi Valley is an authorized distributor for ARB, OME etc. That's where I got my stuff.

    They're on the web too.
  • 03cobra03cobra Posts: 37
    Anyone ever had a sound like an "spitting" noise heard outside the vehicle while the engine is under load. It sounds like an exhaust leak to me. I hear it either with the window down as I am starting to accelerate, or standing on the drivers side away from the vehicle as someone else drives away. I saw some info on a manifold problem, and was wondering if it included any strange noises. The dealer looked for the cause and couldn't find anything, so they called it normal. It is not normal. Thanks for any help.
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