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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    Hi Hank,

    I have about 7,500 miles on the Revos and can make a few comments tempered by the fact they are still newish and tires can change characteristics quite a bit as they wear.

    Anyway, here is how they stand now: (If you want to save yourself some reading then settle for this summary: These tires rule.)

    Quietness: At most speeds; better than the Dueler At's and the BFG AT's but about the same at the Perelli Scorpion AT's. At high speeds they are as quiet as the stock Michlein's.

    Handling: At low (parking lot) speeds they are a bit loose (the same as all AT's with large outside blocks - especially when new) but at any travelling speed they handle as well at the Scorpions. A bit more understeer then the stock tires but that can be overcome by adding 2-3 lbs of air to the rear set. There is no tramlining at all and they seemed well planted on all surfaces at all speeds. At triple digit speeds in 110 degree heat they handled like passenger car tires.

    Braking response: the best I have ever seen in an AT tire. On dry, wet, or dirt roads. Better than any LT tire I have ever had in the wet, in fact. This alone makes these tires a winner.

    Now the good stuff - Off-road: I spent two weeks vacationing in the San Juans and drove many of the trails around Silverton, Ouray and Telluride (crossing Engineer pass, California pass, Cinnamon pass, Ophir pass, and a few other lessor known places). Thundershowers every afternoon. The only thing that stopped these tires was my own fear (that and a "navigator" threatening divorce). Axle deep mud? No problem. Deep sand and a 30+ degree incline? No problem. Rain and hail-slickend shale at 12,000 feet at a 25-30% down-grade? No problem.

    Later, we went to Moab and did the Gemini Bridges trail, the Klondike Bluff Trail and a few other "intermediate" rated paths. Even when firmly resting on the skid plates these tires crawled over ledges, boulders and sand without a hitch. I think I locked the rear diff once the entire trip.

    By a large margin, these are the best AT tires I've ever had.

  • hank14hank14 Posts: 133
    HiC. Thanks for the reply.
    I'm envious of your adventures. I spent the last four weeks doing a total 120,000 mile service, finally got it all done this weekend. New spark plugs, radiator flush and fill, do it yourself transmission flush, change lube in both diffs and transfer case. Amazingly, it is still running.
    Now I need the tires. Are you running stock size? I was concerned about weak sidewalls on P rated tires and am planning on going with 285/75's.
  • rleongrleong Posts: 41
    I drive my 2000 Land Cruiser about once a week or maybe less. This morning I had to jump start the LC. I went for a short drive and came back home. I popped the hood and I looked at the battery. According to the battery indicator, charging is necessary. I decided to start the engine and it started up. Throughout the day, I didn't have any problems starting the car. Tomorrow morning might be a different story.

    Does it sound like my battery is dying or do I have another problem? I'm interested in the Optima battery. Does anyone have a recommendation?

    Thanks for help.
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    I went with the Odyessy P1700MJT, about 220 dollars. Supposedly superior to the Optima. It fits in the stock location and you just need to add a block of wood to raise it up or something because it is shorter in height. The marketing story goes like this concerning the 1700, the US Navy tested on its small twin diesel ships and after 25 consecutive starts, they stopped testing. Strongest battery in this size they had ever tested. Also, vibration test was done at sea and it pasted with flying colors. It is starting battery and deep cycle all in one.

    I can not remember the website, but I purchased it from battery barn in virginia, took about 3 weeks to come in.


  • grantchstrgrantchstr Posts: 371
    Assuming no-one has answered you question, what you need to do is to push the safety catch on the top left hand side of the Park/EngageGear Stick (I dont actually know the correct name of this stick) and keep it depressed while you turn the key and remove it.
  • 4elmer4elmer Posts: 1
    After spending months looking at all different SUV's I finally bought a 2000 LC with 38k miles. It is a great car that drives like new. Any words of wisdom for a new owner about items that need regular attention on this car. I have read a few months worth of posts on this message board to see if there were any recurring problems and didn't seem to find any (try the MB M-Class board if you want to read about problems!).
  • dabobtdabobt Posts: 28
    I posted a couple of weeks ago saying I plan to get a TLC, but need to do it soon. Was hoping someone had some info on the 2004, just to see if it was worth waiting. Main thought - some new options or other improvements I would enjoy.

    I check each day - they have info on several other 2004's, but nothing on the LC.

    I phoned my salesman who says the toyota reps tell him there aren't any changes for this coming year, but the car will be vastly different in 2005.

    I wish someone new about the 04's! If no changes, I would just get an 03 now.

    Anybody heard anything else? Bob.
  • dabobtdabobt Posts: 28
    I just found this at (two paragraphs relating to the LC):

    Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., announced manufacturer's suggested retail prices (MSRP) for the 2004 Sequoia full-size sport/utility vehicle, the 4Runner mid-size SUV, the Land Cruiser full-size SUV, and the Celica sport coupe. All four vehicles go on sale at the end of August.

    The legendary Land Cruiser carries over largely unchanged for 2004. Like the 4Runner, Land Cruiser's optional navigation system will now be equipped with a rear back-up camera monitoring system. The Land Cruiser will carry a base MSRP of $54,225, an increase of $270, or 0.5 percent.

    Here is the article:
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    The rear view camera could probably be added by a local electronics shop. The value of the 2004 is the fact that it may be the last true Land Cruiser to come to the states and that is sad. Rumor has it that Toyota will have the Sequioa has the top of the line vehicle, the LC will go back to its roots on a tacoma platform and Lexus will try to pull off the scam of the century and offer the sequioa as a Lexus VX550 to compete against the escalade and navigator. A sad day indeed if this happens, the real LC or 100 series replacement will still be sold around the world just not in the U.S.

    I will just keep buying used 100 series for the rest of my life if this happens. I hope this does not happen but there are way to many Americans concerned with the bling, bling image and not real SUVs! Real SUVs will become a thing of the past.

    ARB Winch Bumper & Warn 12,000lb
    OME Lift
    And a bunch of other stuff!
  • rugetirugeti Posts: 54
    dabobt: You're my hero. I've been dying to get this same information myself as I am doing the exact same thing as you are. I'll go ahead and wait for the 2004 since I'm in no real hurry.

    fj100: I'm new to Land Cruisers, but have admired them for a long time. It's a real bummer. This reminds me of how I felt when the Japanese did away with the great sport coupes some years back.

    Oh well, once we get one we are going to keep it for some time. Hopefully by then Toyota will have come to its senses and will have resurrected the LC as we know it.
  • hank14hank14 Posts: 133
    As I'm sure you have read, everyone here reccomends following the scheduled maintenance to help ensure longevity. That includes periodic inspection of body parts, hoses, wiring, etc. The only problem I've seen with my '99 (119,000 miles) is some interior issues- loose screws and panels. The cover for the center console cup holder came off after the screws fell out. Checking these things periodically would be a good idea.
  • dabobtdabobt Posts: 28
    Glad to be of service!

    My salesman (25 yrs at one dealer) says Toyota is telling him that in 2005 it will be an altogether different vehicle. My bet is something like the concept machine they showed a couple of years ago. Rough and tough, wash it out with a hose kind of thing. Hummerish.

    Go after a different demographic altogether (ie. younger).

    Coming from a Navigator, I have no interest in the Sequoia.

    Seems like it would be good to have the last model year of such a successful model run.

    Good luck to all. Now, what color to get?

  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Hope this link is not too long. Just saw this on Auto Spies web site.

    If this is what the next generation looks like, it matches the description I got about 18 months ago from my local Toy GM who said he'd seen it and it looked somewhat like the current generation.

    Of course this doesn't answer the question of whether or not we'll see this vehicle in the U.S. 2K,a1chH8qW
  • rugetirugeti Posts: 54
    we're thinking galactic gray with a gray interior. We want a dark color, but not black and the ivory interior is too light for our kids.
  • Hi I recently got a 1998 LC with 62K miles on it and it drives superb. I wonder what routine maintenance is needed now?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97

    They are finally bringing these to the states. Toyota has been offering something similiar to this in Australia for sometime.

    This means any double din vehicle can have indash, cd, dvd, stereo, tv, back up camera (optional) and nav (optional). All in one. This is at the top of my xmas list.

  • rugetirugeti Posts: 54
    I'm really beginning to wonder about AutoSpies. I went to the Club Lexus site and found the posts with that picture. Some of them were from as early at 2001!

    Guess what, that picture is a picture of a Hyundai that appears to have been modified. No joke! I copied the link, but lost it. If I could find that out, why couldn't AutoSpies? Their credibility is falling quickly in my mind.
  • rugeti. After posting the link, I went back and checked the pic more closely and it looks to me like it's really a GX, not an LX. So, my thoughts now are that someone just doctored a GX photo and posted it as the LX 500. I've been looking all over for pics of the next generation LC/LX and I've come up empty handed so far. Toy/Lex must really be keeping a tight lid on this.

    I remain optimistic that the US will get the new LC
  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    Maybe you guys didn't read the text . . .

    "We thought this was funny…someone photoshopped this but it’s a good effort…note the third mirror on the hood.
    Unfortunately, that’s not what the car will look like…
    But, while we wait, it’s fun to dream..."
  • jb. They have those mirrors on Japanese LCs, don't know if they're on any in other countries or not
  • I have a 97 LX 450, 55,000 miles, exc condition. While shifting into drive a very obvious delay occurs in the driveline engaging, kind of a "clunk". Sounds like some "play" has developed somewhere. Extended warranty in effect - will call dealer tomorrow. Any ideas? Thank you.
  • idahodougidahodoug Posts: 537
    For starters, DON'T bring it to the dealer until you can verify the oil levels in the transmission, differentials and center differential are all at their proper levels. You wouldn't belive how many warranty claims get kicked back to the owner because a dealer tech writes "trannsmission found to be 1 quart low on fluid, rear differential slightly below the full line". Drop $30 at a quick lube place if you cannot verify this yourself, because if low fluid is not the cause of this clunk, someone's gonna be writing a very big check soon. Don't let 'em hang it around your neck.

    Just in passing, does it do this in reverse as well? How about when you're in low range? Ever had the drive shafts greased?

  • Does this occur when you shift from P to D after starting on an incline?
  • thanks I will check fluid levels right away. the noise is not present going into reverse, only drive and it does occur on flat ground.
  • The transfer case was slightly short of fluid, noise (looseness), clunk is still present. Could there be slack in the chain in the transfer case with only 55k on vehicle? If the transfer case is the problem, do you think they will replace or repair it under their warranty?
  • maccmacc Posts: 11
    Does anyone have suggestions about where to buy a used land cruiser...preferably a 2000 with low mileage? I've looked in the area where I live and haven't found anything and need one soon to replace car totaled in an auto accident.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    We have a buying link off the main page. Then there's eBay Motors. Some independent mechanics sell cars on their lots or have customers interested in selling (especially a 4WD specialist in your area).

    And you can always cruise the Wal-Mart parking lot and ask an owner if they are thinking of trading in on a new one. Sometimes that triggers the new car reflex if they know they have an easy sale of their old one.

    Steve, Host
  • rleongrleong Posts: 41
    It's really difficult to find "good" used car in a limited amount of time, especially a Land Cruiser with low mileage. I used to read the classiflieds in our local paper every morning. If impossible go check out the car right away. That's how I purchased my Land Cruiser.

    I let friends and relatives know I'm interested in buying a certain vehicle. You never know.

    Good Luck.
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