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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • zeeman2zeeman2 Posts: 1
    Man I have a toyota 4runner and it makes the same kind of noise from somewhere in the dash board......any idea what the hell it is ?? Sound like something's vibrating when the car goes over 55 60 miles. Please let me know as i'm too scared to go to a mechnaic only to see a big fat bill....any help will be greatly appreciated......thanks

  • grantchstrgrantchstr Posts: 371
    I have a question (as an owner of a '91 Fj80 owner in the US) - how many miles have you put on your '94 TLC and what were the major service problems/costs and at what mileage - thats if there were any? I intend to keep mine even as a third vehicle so I am interested in whats down the pike cost-wise. Thanks in advance.
  • wokirbywokirby Posts: 2
    Hello - I'm a new user so forgive me if i've interupted an existing discussion. I last week lost my '96 LC to an oncoming driver with a blow-out. (I put 230k on it so I can offer input on that model) I plan to purchase a newer model and the '99 (with around 100k or so) fits my budget & needs. Would appreciate any input as to issues with this model or options to look for, such as optional differential locking, etc.
  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 110
    Tell us about what you were hit by, at what speed and what the damage to the two vehicles was. I hope noone was hurt. Did your airbags go off? Did you roll over?

    There is very little objective info about LC crashes out there, so anecdotal information is useful.
  • wokirbywokirby Posts: 2
    no serious injuries to 4 occupants in other car (dodge sebring). only a sore ankle here. fortunately the point of impact was driverside front corner for both vehicles. the impact spun the dodge in a circle which probably lessened the blow. the lc continued in a straight line (basically plowed through the impact and never changed course)to a stop with the wheel folded somewhat up under the driver side. i usually take that curve at around 45. the other car seemed to be coming faster. the dodge suffered a demolished front end (driver side) as did the lc. i believe i was fortunate to be in the lc given the angle and speed of impact. yes the air bags inflated. i experienced no air bag abraision or powder as in stories i'd heard. conditions were'nt right for any rollovers, and given the stability (as opposed to the typical sloppy suv susp.)of the lc suspension i feel it would require a lot to roll one.
  • toyodortoyodor Posts: 1
    Hi. I have a 05 Sequoia and have the smell. I've taken it in 3 times. 1st they said it takes 7500 miles to break in the catalytic conv. 2nd time they said it was the gas and I should try other brands. Today they said to burn premium. All BS. I believe Toyota is not going to correct this until the inevitable class action suit.
    I am setting up a website on this this weekend. Also, I am ordering some lead acetate strips to hang in the cabin. I don't think it is healthy to breathe this.
  • I wouldn't waste your time. Have had the sulphur smell for 90K miles on my '01 Sequoia. Definitely the cat converter and the way it burns off fuel to be ULEV compliant. I thought there was a campaign (TSB) in the last year to switch out the cat converters, but I did not participate. This is also not specific to the Sequoia, many Toyota vehicles have the same issue and I have smelled the odor behind many non-Toyota vehicles on the road.
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    Is there anyone in california state with this sulphur smell issue ? I believe it is gas related and some states have higher amount of sulphur in gas. This issue has been heavily debated in other toytoa forums like 4runner.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    More here, and not limited to the '03 4Runner:

    Sulfur from 2003 4Runner

    Steve, Host
  • Here's one for the experts. I am deciding between an '03 Land Cruiser, loaded w/ navigation, 28K miles for about $43K or an '05 Sequoia Limited, loaded for about the same amount? Is it just a luxury difference or just a little bigger ride in the Sequoia?

  • njpaguynjpaguy Posts: 55
    Dealer source reveals the LC and LX due for increased HP VVTI engine in June 05.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Great news !!. I have been waiting for this. Since I sold my ML320, I have been in the market for LC. Since I had to deal with this winter's snow, I picked up a used 2000 RAV4 AWD. I never thought I would own one of these cute utes, but I got to say, it is a handy thing to have in New York City. It handles good it the snow and gives about 26 MPG mixed driving. I may hold onto it as a second car after I get the LC. I liked the 2006 Jeep Commander too. You can see it at the NY Auto Show.
  • shutoutshutout Posts: 5
    I have the exact same problem on my 2002 Land Cruiser. Not only is the coating worn off in the location as you indicated, but is also worn off in the spot for the climate control fan (first box on left of display) I am bringing it to the dealer and will keep you posted
  • shutoutshutout Posts: 5
    I was in the same position when I purchased a new 2002 Land Cruiser. I was looking at both a new 2002 Land Cruiser and a new 2002 Sequoia. I test drove both and there is a huge difference in the ride. The Sequoia is built on a Tundra truck chassis and is built in the U.S. The ride feels like a truck and the craftsmanship is not as good as the Land Cruiser. The Land Cruiser ride is quiet and smooth. Additionally, the Land Cruiser is built in Japan and is extremely well made and has a proven history since they arrived in 1957. This may explain the big price difference. The Land Cruiser will also hold its value better. Go for the Cruiser!!
  • grantchstrgrantchstr Posts: 371
    Its my understanding that the main reason for the price differential is the 25% (?) import duty or tax on passenger SUVs/trucks of this size. I am sure others have more details on that...
  • I appreciate the feedback. It's a tough call for me because I have a 10 year old SUV with 240K miles so anything I drive feels tons better than what I have now. It's hard to be objective between two awesome vehicles. Any more info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • njpaguynjpaguy Posts: 55
    We have a '01 TLC. Celebrating its 4th anniversary with 115, 000 miles...and no problems other than a squeaky serpentine belt pulley bearing. We too shopped the Sequoia vs the TLC. The Sequoia, while excellent, is not in the same league as the TLC. It may be larger yet cost less than a TLC, but driving dynamics alone make the TLC worth the extra money. And then there's the extraordinary build quality of the TLC.

    After walking the NY Auto Show this past week, my sons and I went out for a few test drives on vehicles that interested us. Know what? We're spoiled...we won't give up our TLC. Except for maybe a LX470.
  • grantchstrgrantchstr Posts: 371
    I have similar mileage on a '91......I just wonder how you can get that many miles in 4 years......
    If I was to buy an SUV now I would get the Sequoia for reasons of affordabilty - it is after all a cousin of the LC. But I am keeping mine and not getting anything like an X5 which I regard as a pseudo LC..................
  • steenh1steenh1 Posts: 28
    I had an Expedition until 2yrs ago and had the same dilemna... New Sequoia or Used LC. (definately was not going to be another Expo) After a couple of test drives, I made what I think was the easy choice to go with a 99 LC for a lot less than a new Sequoia, and it drives MUCH nicer even with 100k miles. I liked it so much that I bought a 97 to round out the garage... love them both and not a single problem other than a bad "CAM sensor" on the 99. Ended up with two used LC's for the price of one new Sequoia and they will both last longer than I'll probably want to own them.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    There have been a lot of posts over the years comparing the cost/benefits of a used TLC with some miles vs. a new Sequoia. Various factors like resale, quality, etc. are mentioned as determinants of the decision.

    But maybe the real variable is the bling/bling factor. Look in your closet: do you have one pair of New Balance running shoes or two Nikes? Look at your wrist: would you see a Rolex in terms of a fine watch or jewelry? When you buy a battery for a car you are going to dump two years do you go for the Interstate Megatron or just an Interstate with a 3 year warranty? Do you still run synthetic in the car even though it's end is 24 months away?
  • bcb1bcb1 Posts: 149
    I got to thinking about blckislandguy's comment about the "bling bling" factor in choosing a TLC. I wonder if the average buyer that has the resources to buy one even cares about such things?

    I would think that the younger buyers (in other words, mostly male buyers in their 20's) would be the stereotypical "bling" buyer - driving the flashy Mercedes, Tahoe with 20" wheels, souped up Honda rice burner, or whatever the fashion of the day happens to be.

    I have a John Deere tractor - but not because of what my neighbors think about it (I hope they have better things to do than worry about what I mow my lawn with) - I bought it because it's dependable, and it NEVER breaks down. Same goes for my reasoning with buying a used LC - if we buy one, it sure as heck won't be because we're worried about what the neighbors think - it will be because it's roomy, quiet, comfortable to travel in, and reliable.
  • bcb1bcb1 Posts: 149
    My wife's Intrepid has been a great vehicle, but we'll soon be in the market for a new vehicle for her. My '00 Yukon has 100K on the clock and still looks and runs like brand new, and I just can't bring myself to get rid of it...but that's another story.

    My initial thought it a '99 or '00 Toyota LC for her. However, I'm also considering an '01 Sequoia and a BMW X5.

    Land Cruiser - seems to be best deal for the money. $17.5K to $21K for '98, 99, or 2000 model. Have heard very good comments.

    Sequoia - '01 models still go for $20K to $24K depending on miles. Larger size would be a plus. But we think the styling is rather bland compared to the LC.

    BMW X5 - Comparing apples to oranges, I realize. Much smaller, couldn't haul more than 4 people, probably couldn't haul a bunch of bags of mulch or junk from Lowes, but probably a LOT more fun to drive to the ski resort! Reliability really concerns me after reading some of the X5 owner groups. I have heard enough horror stories to just about scare me away from buying one.

    Any comments on any or all of the above would help us. We're still in the deciding mode....
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    As someone in the market for an LC, I can say that the last thing on my mind is bling bling value. I dont' even know if the LC has any bling bling value at all. Why would you give up a Cadillac Escalade Platinum to buy an LC if you wanted bling??

    The reasons I am buying an LC are:

    LC Heritage
    Off Roadability
    Right Size for me > 4Runner < Sequioa
    Full Time 4WD.
    Toyota dependability

    I have done a lot of reasearch and the LC/LX470 gets excellent reviews from owners. In most message boards LC/LX average above 9 on 10 for consumer ratings vs 7 on for Amercian SUVs and 8 out of 10 for German SUVs.

    Honestly, I think the styling and amenities in an LC are dated compared to what the competition is offering now, but I still woudn't get anything else on the market now.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Sorry, guys. I wasn't clear. Mercara is right. I meant that those interested in bling bling would probably NOT buy a TLC but a new Sequoia. I tried to illustrate it with running shoes (New Balance is about as far from bling bling as you can get) and using synthetic oil in an older car (to even be concerned with oil is not bling bling). Sorry for the confusion.
  • grantchstrgrantchstr Posts: 371
    I dont have the faintest idea what bling is, or supposed to be...I presume you mean flashy? :)
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Yes, flashy. Maybe as Jeremy Clarkson would say in Top Gear, something a punter would buy.
  • I have a 1991 landcruiser and a new 28ft boat. Can I improve the capacity of my vehicle from the original tow package? I need about 9000 pounds of capacity for short runs of 5-6miles. Please help I want to go fishing.
    Thanks from Maui Dave
  • shutoutshutout Posts: 5
    My dealer is attempting to contact the manufacturer of the nav unit in an effort to work out a core exchange but it may take several months. The screen on the nav system is not separate but part of the whole unit. What did you end up doing with your problem with the anti-reflective coating coming off the screen?
  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 110
    Are there hills or is it flat?
  • uwahuskyuwahusky Posts: 17
    I'm going to buy a TLC. I would also like to know when Toyota is planning the next body upgrade for the TLC, as this may effect my decision.

    I know about the new FJ Cruiser, but from what I've ready, this is a different car than the Land Cruiser and it doesn't appear that this new FJ Cruiser will, in any way, effect the body of the TLC.

    Has anyone heard when Toyota is planning on making changes to the existing TLC body?
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